The newspaper had excellent news that $1.25 million in grants had been distributed to several nonprofits in our county to help with food and needed services for our people in most need ("Nonprofits receive $1.25M in surprise grants," The Daily News, Oct. 7). Our agencies were surprised and so pleased with the funds and the many ways they can now help our neighbors.

I also read about the state having $7 billion to distribute from the same American Rescue Plan passed in March by Congress ("Bonnen bill proposes splitting up billions in state COVID relief," The Daily News, Oct. 7). It appeared Judge Mark Henry and other commissioners and state Rep. Greg Bonnen and other Republican legislators quoted were so pleased with their benevolence in making decisions about these funds.

A strong reminder to all — this $1.9 trillion bill was conceived of and passed entirely by the Democratic Party to help our nation begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Not one single Republican voted for any of it. Don't let them take the credit at the state and local level. They're generally opposed to providing help to our lowest income and neediest folks.

Remember this when you have an opportunity to cast your next vote. All the good these funds will do were made possible by the Democratic Party.

Carole Gard



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Carlos Ponce

The bill in question was H.R.1319 217th Congress (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021).

It was full of pork.

"Democrats’ $1.9 trillion relief bill is poorly targeted and sends billions of dollars to pet projects, including a bailout of union pensions that were insolvent long before the pandemic. It would send relief checks and tax breaks to the wealthy, and fails to ensure that schools use the billions of dollars sent their way to reopen for in-person learning this year."

With the "good" in the bill there was a lot of BAD.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wrote:

“We could address the remaining needs through a similar, bipartisan approach. Unfortunately, President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats chose to cut Republicans out of the process. After claiming on the campaign trail that he would be a “President for all Americans,” President Biden has made zero attempt at bipartisanship. They are using the coronavirus as an excuse to justify funding pet projects. For example, this bill calls for $100 million to fund a tunnel right outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district. Other “urgent needs” include $50 million for Planned Parenthood, $685 billion that isn’t scheduled to be spent for another two years - about a third of the entire cost of the bill, and an additional $1,400 per week, up to $21,000 total, for federal employees who have kids out of school, but ignores millions of parents outside of D.C. who are also suffering through school closures, a crisis that has already forced one million American moms to leave the workforce. Worst of all, the Democrats’ bill fails to provide families and students any assurance their public schools will reopen full time.”

The only way Democrats could get this bill passed was through "reconciliation". Republicans were denied input into the bill. No reaching across the aisle.

But since Texas received the money, it is best to spend it WISELY.

Carlos Ponce

The bill was so bad that even RINOS Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney voted against it.

Paula Flinn

Liz Cheney & Mitt Romney are true Republicans. Trump supporters are the RINOS. I’m afraid we will never see true Republicans like Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower again.

Mitch McConnell has said that Republicans will not vote with the Democrats, slapping the hands of those Republicans who might want to reach across the aisle, but don’t out of fear.

Just remember when you vote, that only Democrats passed this bill to release the money to help needy people. If the bill is so bad, why are local and state Republicans trying to take credit for it?

Does anyone believe Kevin McCarthy anymore after he completely flip-flopped on his criticism of Trump about the happenings and fear on January 6th?

Carlos Ponce

Paula Flinn is stuck on the "To the left, to the left" part of "Cha Cha Slide".

Bailey Jones


George Laiacona

Wait until just before the next time to vote. The Republicans will try to convince you that all the good things happening today was their idea. That way they can get your vote for doing nothing to be of value to the lower classes of Americans.

Carlos Ponce

Democrats have claimed victory in Afghanistan, a return of all Americans from that country, 500,000 jobs created in September, inflation doesn't exist, tax increases only for those who make over $400,000, etc. ALL LIES! But the useful pawns will claim Biden is doing a good job.

Ted Gillis

No George, they won’t even be that crafty. They’ll just bring up some old Hunter Biden laptop crap or heck they may even reach back to Hillary Clinton and her private email server.

Talking about the economy is just too hard for them.

Paula Flinn

Carole Gard, excellent letter.

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