Wearing a face mask protects people around you — from you. It shouldn't be mandatory, but common sense should be used.

Protecting others from you should be the right thing to do for your neighbors. So, wear a mask and be safe.

Adrian Domingues

League City

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Robert Braeking

Perhaps the shoe should be on the other foot. If YOU are concerned then YOU should be the one wearing the mask. Why should the rest of us suffer to protect you when you do not protect yourself?

Bailey Jones

What's your rationale for not wanting to limit the spread of the virus you're carrying?

Robert Braeking

Point the first: I suspect I have already had the virus therefore am not contagious. Where can I get an antibody test?

Point the second: The virus exhibits either no symptoms or mild symptoms in 90% of the population.

Point the third: The 10% of the population that is vulnerable should be the ones who are protecting themselves.

Point the fourth: The 90%, once infected and recovered will protect the other 10% but, if and only if, they are allowed to contract the virus.

Penalizing the 90% who are not vulnerable is like not allowing 90% of the population to drive to protect the 10% who will crash.

Bailey Jones

So, basically, you don't care whether the 10% of the 90% of the 90% (let's call it one person) dies because of your actions.

Carlos Ponce

Many who die contracted the disease in NURSING HOMES. Dr. Armstrong speculates it was brought in by staff members who work in more than one home. But now staff members are frequently tested.

Wayne D Holt

"So, basically, you don't care whether the 10% of the 90% of the 90% (let's call it one person) dies because of your actions."

Bailey, this argument isn't reasonable for flaws easy to unearth.

What you are saying is that we have some kind of responsibility to go to whatever lengths required as long as it saves one life. To put it succinctly, no, we do not.

Why? Because life would grind to a halt if that was the standard of human behavior. It would require every can of fruit, every package of meat, every carton of milk to be certified as pure since we can't know unless individually tested if there is an impurity. It would mean we would not be able to use a car again since we know not driving would 100% eliminate the possibility of vehicular mayhem on our part.

I believe you were an engineer by training if I recall. If so, you would have to be 100% certain that anything you designed would never fail and harm/kill someone. You would never be able to have children because you couldn't be sure they wouldn't grow up to hurt others. If you want to see where this winds up, review the practices of the sect of the Jains in India. They are so averse to harming life they strain their water glass to avoid accidentally swallowing a tiny insect and sweep the sidewalk before them to avoid stepping on ants. It is a totally harmless lifestyle and one we would be required to follow if we accept your thesis.

We have an obligation to protect our own health and to be considerate of others needs and even sensibilities if we can reasonably do that. We have no reason to expect the vast majority of others should take responsibility for our welfare. That's not the way the world works, nor could it work that way.

Bailey Jones

"What you are saying is that we have some kind of responsibility to go to whatever lengths required as long as it saves one life. To put it succinctly, no, we do not."

No Wayne, that's not at all what I said. You're argument is a straw man. I'm not advocating "going to any lengths", I'm advocating wearing a mask, an imposition no more onerous than "no shirt, no shoes, no service".

Let me turn the question around - is there ANYTHING you and Robert would be willing to do in order to save a life that's not your own?

Isn't the real issue here that you just don't like being told what to do?

Gary Miller

If healthy you can not infect anyone, with or without a mask. Face masks have been used to protect from dust, smoke and industrial pollution. The can't protect from a virus that is so small it can go through fabric six abrest.

Gary Miller

If healthy you can not infect anyone. A mask protects no one.They work good for smoke, dust or industrial pollution but can't stop a virus so small it can pass through any fabric six abrest. The only thing a mask stops is things big enough you can see it.

Bailey Jones

Gary, a mask is some protection, not perfect protection. A cloth mask will not stop something as tiny as a virus, but viruses ride on much bigger things, like globs of spit and mucus - which a mask can block, or at the very least slow down. Simple test - put on a mask and try to blow out a candle. There's a reason why you can't.

You're like the guy who won't wear a seat belt because it might not save his life. Don't be that guy.

Robert Braeking

If one person dies because I did not wear a mask? Really? Why did that person not wear a mask to protect himself......And if he did wear a mask to protect himself then why did it not work?........And if it does not work on him how will my wearing a mask protect him?

My point is that those who are vulnerable should protect THEMSELVES.

Kelly Naschke

Bailey ....wearing a seatbelt and being mandated to wear a seatbelt are two different things. I don’t need the government to tell me that riding around in a 6,000 pound metal and glass projectile might be dangerous. Some of us are actually smart enough to figure it out on our own and wear the seatbelt without big brother creeping over our shoulders. Which category do you fit in Bailey?

Bailey Jones

Kelly, or Leroy, whichever it is this morning, I'm in the category that believes in taking personal responsibility for my actions. That includes doing simple common sense things that save lives - whether mine or someone else's.

Robert Braeking

I believe in personal responsibility. I don't need seat belt laws or a HOA telling me when to cut my grass. Not wearing a mask is not like taking an AR-15 and shooting up a Wal-Mart. It is only the nanny state trying to control behavior. It is tyranny and oppression in its raw form. Putting a hairdresser in jail and fining her when she is just trying to make a living is stupid.

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." - Thomas Paine

Gary Miller

Why do places that require and enforce wearing face masks still have higher infections and deaths than places that don't?

Terri Abraham

Which came first?

Charlotte O'rourke

Think of it this way.

A surgeon wears a mask during surgery to protect the patient. Would you say naw, no thanks? I’m good without you wearing that mask thingy for my sake. What good is it anyway?

Once upon a time, hand-washing was considered controversial advice.

Carlos Ponce

"Would you say naw, no thanks? " The anesthetist has knocked you out so you couldn't say a thing.[beam]

Ted Gillis

Gary, are you really that dense? Do you like.... live in the 1960’s?

Why don’t you run down to Henke’s and get us a case of Falstaff. Then I’ll be glad to sit around and talk with you about in our own little Pleasantville.

Otherwise I’ll I’ll start treating you like I do Charles and use that scroll wheel like Bailey suggests.

Carlos Ponce

" run down to Henke’s and get us a case of Falstaff'"

Not a good idea. Drinking beer from Henke's you Pillot!

If you bought alcoholic beverages from Krogers you will see Henpil Inc. was the distributor. Henpil is short for Henke-Pillot.

Falstaff Beer hasn't been produced since 2005. Probably wouldn't taste good today.

Bailey Jones

"Probably wouldn't taste good today."

Wasn't all that great then.

Ted Gillis

I remember that Henpil label. Some things just keep hanging around like us old guys.

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