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Jack Reeves

If you weren't in the military Ms. Kumelski, your opinion is not founded in credible data for my purposes. Back up your erroneous comments with fact while I dust off the 3 Honorable Discharges that I earned while giving you the right to make foolish comments like this.

Charles Douglas

Amen Mr. Reeves! How could I come close to what you stated here? I can't, and I wont even try! You KNOCKED it clean out of the Park! I know exactly what you are talking about though brother, because I was with the Famed 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles serving 35 mile from the DMZ South of the 5th Mech Division in Vietnam! Our enemies didn't need an incentitive to kill us then and they for sure don't need one now, neither did we need incentatives to lay them out! All this is just a second round booster to the FAILED RUSSIAN HOAX perpetuated by the Deep State, never TRUMPERS, RINOS, and the Democrats in a desperate attempt to discredit Trump while hoping voters will hold it against him! So to all of them, I say ....TRY AGAIN!

Claudia Burnam

Great retort Mr. Reeves! E G Wiley

Gary Miller

Jack> Not known for mincing words. If it ain't true he doesn't believe or say it.

Stuart Crouch

All this makes about as much sense as having been a Webelo in the Boy Scouts. Anyone's PMS (prior military service) has zip.zero to do with legitimately countering the points of this article, but if that's all you got, pound your chest and go with it. The HMS Trump-itania is listing and taking on water. It won't be long now. [beam]

Carlos Ponce

Teresa writes, "In fact, he has done the opposite and courted the favor of Vladimir Putin at every turn." Oh, you misinformed anti-Trumper! That is not true.

On those "bounties":

The CIA finds no credibility in the accusations you post.

The Pentagon finds no credibility in what you post.

And Teresa's source? Three anti-Trumper NYT writers who often cite nameless "sources" and have been proven false.

Robert Braeking


What in the wide world of sports is the goal of the enemy in a war zone? Bounty or not, the bad guys are constantly gunning for the good guys.

Just because it is not plastered all over the NYT, does not mean that the President is doing nothing.

Your ignorance of things diplomatic, military, and political underwhelms me. But that is to be expected.

Gary Miller

Robert> Thinks before he talks.

Connie Patterson

Foolishness. Your outrage at the pseudo event reveals all we need to know...

Mike Zeller

Trump said he knew nothing of the bounties (yeah right). Well he knows now, lets see what he does about it.(I'm not holding my breath) [angry]

Carlos Ponce

If the CIA and the Pentagon say there is nothing to substantiate that rumor would Mike suggest nuking Russia?

Gary Miller

He could offer bounties on Democrats.

Lorna Presswood

This ridiculous "opinion" piece just proves, for the millionth time, how the general population are mindless lemmings. Anything you hear on CNN or see on your social media, you believe. No one can ever give these idiots facts, they don't want to hear facts. It's really getting old. Try thinking for yourself. Listen to the actual evidence, the real people involved in this intelligence. Stop getting your "information" from propagandist. You followers will not win. Keep making fools of yourself, we normal people with sense will all see you at the polls...to beat you...again.

Gary Miller

Lorna> Hear! Hear! & ditto to.

Charles Douglas

The thing about putting your [censored] on the line in war, protecting & fighting for the country, you love and live in, while protecting it from the fate other nations and their surrogates disguising themselves as citizens here, is that it gives you a bright perspective of what it means to be an American, living free In in a free nation! He helps in defining what loyalty means, along with sacrifice! It lends credibility to a person deciding to step up and do his/her part in a time thrir country needed them! I applaud those who gave of themselves for the security and ways of life we enjoy, especially those who perished doing so! I will add that the decision made by every American down through the history of America to serve this nation, or to die for what this nation stands for, does not have to be ALL WE HAVE, ...but If it was,.. we as well as many others, with sober minds, think that would be enough even if others don't.

Ted Gillis

Charles, you fought in Vietnam and we all appreciate that fact. I remember it so well, being just a few years in school behind those that went. We freshman and sophomores were scared to death that we would be drafted as soon as we graduated just like the upperclassmen in our high school were experiencing. We were Anti War, and yes we hated the military, but in hindsight for all the wrong reasons. I still hate war though, but I respect the military and those that serve.

Now you claim that because you laid you life on the line back then that it gives you special privileges, well no it doesn’t.

John Kerry spent his time in Vietnam. He earned his right to voice his opinion, but folks like you excoriated him for his Anti-War views.

The republicans even went so far as to dig up some “Swift Boat” veterans to claim that Kerry was some kind of traitor. That was all a bunch of hooey and you know it, because you were there!

Show some respect for the families that have lost a son or daughter, before you through trash on this story. It just might be true.

Carlos Ponce

John Kerry allegedly shot himself in the foot to get a Purple Heart according to the Swift Boat crew.

Dan Freeman

Why hide behind "allegedly" to repeat a lie. Ambassador and Secretary Kerry served honorably in Vietnam, winning a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and three purple hearts while others had bone spurs.

Carlos Ponce

So Dan Freeman is calling a group of veterans liars. I don't know. I was not there.

Gary Miller

Ted> I believe Kerry was excoriated for lying about his service, not about his opinion of war.

Charles Douglas

Gillis you are always talking about things you know nothing about! I did not mention anywhere in my post that I had special privileges because I laid my life down! That is just something you thought up to say because you wanted to call my name! I wonder if you wake up in your sleep calling Charles, "Cherles".."Charles!" You my friend are something else! You need to seek help for that addiction you possess. I cannot help you, and I don't know how many times I have to say so. You said you was from Houston, was that near Montrose? Get you some help dude! You call "Charles" more than any girlfriend I ever had, and more than the one I have Now.

David Hardee

Stupid can't be fixed but you should not publish their stupidity in the Newspaper.

Ted Gillis

No Bone Head it was Clear Creek, class of ‘73! And you sure have thing for Montrose. Your old stomping grounds I presume?

David, if you’re talking to Charles, be careful he thinks everyone is in love with him.

Charles Douglas

No Gillis, Don't lay all this on me. This is all on You! Charles, Charles, Charles, is all that was coming out of your mouth for weeks and week! I've heard about people who do those type things! I did not even Know you existed ...until you popped up on this forum and started calling my name over and over AGAIN! The fact that you are showing anger now is because you have been outed!

David Hardee

Mr. Gillis - My stupidity comment referred to the author for the idiotic article and the GDN for publishing it. Lack of specificity should not have ever created so confusing a mind to find connected it to Charles.

I accepted your baiting to help with your confusion.

Noted you are an MJ Hegar voter. Her campaign information makes her an attractive person with wide experience. Family good, military good but mothers riding motorcycles is foolish, and Democrat is a failure of judgment.

My analysis of the political parties concluded that there are far, very far more political self-serving hacks in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. The basis of attraction that entices voters for Democrats is pandering. A voter for a Democratic candidate meets the description I gave the author of this article.

Thanks for the baiting. David

Ted Gillis


You walked by a mirror lately?

Just because I wasn’t posting comments for years like you, doesn’t mean I wasn’t reading them.

I was an elected official and then an appointed official up until last year. Out of respect for my fellow officials I choose not to write comments that might bring any deference (good or bad) to my public position.

I have no such constraints now.

But thank you for the warm welcome anyway.

Carlos Ponce

"Bone Head" is not nice, Ted! What would your "fellow officials" think?

Charles Douglas

Glad I could help you out! I'm always willing to help others find the right pathway! [wink]

David Hardee

At 80 years old I avoid mirrors for obvious reasons (old and ugly) and rely on introspection to evaluate myself for irrationality.

I did not notice your absence but your absence from commenting did not displease me.

As an elected official you’re most likely very familiar with hacks and self-serving politicians and their methods.

You invited me by baiting. My warm welcome was not in anger it simply clarified you're misconstruing my comment. The rest was to establish what I wanted you to know when you give me a specific invitation to join in a dialog.

Your latest invite sounded like a personal challenge. Okay - at this point I gave you my conclusion on politicians and which party had the most self-serving hacks and the technique employed by their (Democrats) politicians. Do you dispute my conclusion? Go.

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