Open borders, high taxes, inflation, rampant crime, infanticide, criminals released on cashless bail, a president lost at sea, begging Saudi Arabia for oil, kowtowing to dictators — say hello to the Party of Yes — Democrats. 

Franklin, Jefferson, Adams did not foresee a march to socialism over 200 years ago.


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Craig Mason

Kowtowing to dictators huh? What about when Trump was writing love letters with Kim Jong Un and kissing Putin square on the ass in Helsinki. Oh and let’s not forget him dancing with the Saudis and laying hands on the magic orb with them. He looked like a chump!

Robert Braeking

Mr. Mason, Trump put both Un and Putin in check. The chess game of world diplomacy has no 'check mate' but your current President has laid his king on its side.

Craig Mason

Your funny Robert.

Carlos Ponce

In the Star Trek episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles, Captain Kirk kept referring to his Klingon adversary as "My Dear Captain Koloth". The Federation and the Klingon Empire were still at odds despite a tenuous Organian Peace Treaty. The writers of Star Trek often used the Federation v. Klingon relationship as metaphors for the conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1960s. Captain Kirk was using DIPLOMACY in his talks with the Klingons, enemies of the Federation. Apparently Craig Mason has no concept of the ART OF DIPLOMACY in President Trump's dealings with American adversaries. Sometimes one should use the carrot instead of the stick.

Dalton Logan

Mr. Mason, all I know is when Trump was in command, Kim was not launching rockets daily towards Japan and South Korea, Russia did not invade it's neighbor and start a war in Europe and threatened us with nuclear weapons.

The thing I do love about your comments is that it proves that even after 2 years, Thump still owns all you democrats and the media's minds.[smile][beam][rolleyes][lol]

Craig Mason

I vote republican, but ok. Just know a traitorous opportunist when I see one.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Logan > You said a truckload!!!!! You da man!!!!! My sentiments exactly! Couldn't be stated any better!!!!! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Ed Buckner

Mr. Cleveland, you're not the only one profoundly out of touch with reality, so the election next week could be a harbinger of chaos, as election deniers conflate an election loss with the kind of misinformation you are promoting here. By all means, everyone should vote and should choose the candidates, of any party, who you think will be best for the nation and the State of Texas (or in my case, Georgia). But if you or I lose, we should accept the loss and start working on the next election.

George Laiacona

Here we go again. Another disgruntled Trumper expressing untruths. When will they learn that the Americans that believe in democracy can’t be swayed by republicans lies. Naive Trumpers will continue to express the untruths. We desperately need to remove as many Republicans as possible from office in order for our Republic to remain a democracy.

Dalton Logan

looking at all the new polling information coming out daily me thinks that many Americans are being swayed [tongue]

Gary Miller

George > I voted GOP in hope we can eliminate the Communist Democracy Biden has created. All socialists have Communist Democracy's. Most dictators,if they have a government, also are communist. The conservative Democracy we had before progressives started meddiling was greately preferred by freedom loving Americans. Our old time liberals supported the US constitution. that protected us from communist democracies.

Ed Buckner

My word, but if Gary Miller was serious--and not just spoofing what a wicked out conservative might say--he is profoundly misinformed and ignorant. Mr. Miller utterly misrepresents what communism and socialism mean. Sheesh.

C. Patterson

This election is a referendum on Bidens total and complete incompetence and malfeasance

Democrats have had control on everything for the last 18 months. NOT TRUMP… and look at what they have done!

Dalton Logan


Craig Mason

Yeah Mr. Patterson. Remember Mexico is going to pay for the wall, healthcare is easy. Gonna repeal and replace Obamacare. Had two years with the presidency, house and senate, what happened? I still haven't seen the replacement healthcare plan. Now Senator Scott and other republicans want to sunset social security. Calling it an entitlement. I am pretty sure that being that the citizens and employers fund social security, that it is definitely not an entitlement.

Carlos Ponce

Craig, Mexico was paying for the wall until The Biden took the White House. The wall was being paid for through the USMC - United States Mexico Canada Trade agreement terms.

Ed Buckner

[thumbup], Mr. Mason.

C. Patterson

The Feds (Powell) just told you yesterday that he’s lost the ability to control inflation. The Biden regime has spent so much money, printing it off like popcorn, its maddening … even the Democrat cheerleaders like MSNBC are warning, the recession is going to be a hard landing and a long winter. Many will have to decide whether to ear or heat! You vote for these clowns, YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTED FOR AND DON’T COME TO ME WITH YOUR TEARS WHEN IT HITS US HERE

Charles Douglas

C. Patterson > You are talking truth & facts, which many of the WOKE just cannot understand nor accept! Let me see it I can speak in a Language which can be understooded here: " GOBBLE-GOBBLE-GOBBLE? GOBBLE-GOBBLE-GOBBLE! Ohhhhh GOBBLE-GOBBLE-GOBBLE....AND GOBBLE too!

Translation: THE day of reckoning for incompetence, recklessness, stupidity, hatefulness, Hypocrisy, treachery, greed, cluelessness, and hopelessness in our American government is about to be addressed on November the 8th, and take a turn forthright better because of the BIG RED TSUNAMI!!!!!

" GOBBLE-GOBBLE-GOBBLE", & " GOBBLE-GOBBLE-GOBBLE!" Translation: As they use to say many years ago in East Texas,......" I BE GLADDDDD!" [beam][beam][beam]

Gary Miller

C Patterson > Ditto!

Bailey Jones

I'm curious about the Republican plan to Whip Inflation Now. Mostly because I haven't heard of one. I have heard of Republican plans to end direct election of statewide offices, to punish those trying to come to the US for a better life, to punish women seeking bodily autonomy, to punish trans kids and the families that love them, to punish anyone who puts on a Dolly Parton costume to read a book to kids, to punish the LGBTQ+ community for entering into life long legal relationships, to punish those universities that want to address racial inequities in admissions, to punish those who want to invest in cleaner fuels, to punish those who seek a higher minimum wage, to punish those who want to decriminalize addiction, to punish those who want to teach our nation's history to our nation's kids, and so on. But what I haven't seen is the Republican plan to end the worldwide inflation caused by worldwide supply chain disruptions and worldwide corporate profiteering. Maybe someone here can enlighten me.

Carlos Ponce

"Mostly because I haven't heard of one." [rolleyes]

Bailey Jones

Feel free to enlighten us, Carlos. I know you're the one to ask because you keep your head up in such uncomfortable proximity to where Republican policy is created. I don't need a dissertation, just the top 5 or 6 laws that Republicans will enact in their first 100 days to remedy inflation.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Bailey, that borders on being sadistic--asking a profoundly ignorant and misinformed guy for information that no one--not just not him--no one--has is cruel, don't you think?

Carlos Ponce

"Feel free to enlighten us, Carlos." Why? Casting pearls before swine?

Bailey Jones

No Carlos, I'm simply making the point that Republicans don't have a plan for ending inflation.

Dalton Logan

Again Bailey you are asking? Let me tell you again, it's really, really simple unleash the energy industry and watch what happens.

I'm not talking from info I got from some left wing media productions that you reference, I'm talking from being there, hands on type of thing. There is not a US Strategic Petroleum Reserve Site (SPRS) that I have not been to and worked at. I have been to and talked to oil refiners in Aruba, Venezuela, Canada and The U.S.A. Been doing it for 35 years and still at it. I have had meetings with with personnel from PDVSA, Valero, Shell, Aramco and many others. So I don't know what it takes for you understand but A;GAIN, JUST UNLEASH THE OIL COMPANIES and everyone's finances are going to improve. It's just that simple.[wink]

Carlos Ponce

" I'm simply making the point that Republicans don't have a plan for ending inflation."

Bailey that is BS.

If Bailey doesn't see or hear it on NPR in his mind it doesn't exist.

Bailey Jones

What does that even mean, Dalton? "Unleash the oil"? Is there a 5-point legislative plan for "unleashing the oil", and bringing down inflation? I'm only skeptical because US oil producers have "unleashed" an extra 2,000,000 barrels per day since the pandemic, and last week OPEC+ countered that increase in production with a 2,000,000 barrel per day decrease - specifically to keep the price of oil high.

But, presumably, the Republican plan to decrease inflation is to convince US oil producers to produce more oil. And they will do that how exactly?

Bailey Jones

Yes, Carlos, that's my proposition - that Republicans "don't have a plan for ending inflation." It's easily disproved - just show us the plan.

Jim Forsythe

Dalton, how are we going to "JUST UNLEASH THE OIL"? We are running full utilization rate, so how are we going to process more?

There is one reason for the high prices for crude products. Profits. Why would any company want to increase the amount produced each day, when they are making record profits?

Refineries are running at 95% capacity which means that increasing production will not happen unless we build new refineries.

Our refineries are running at the 95% utilization rate which will be hard to maintain. All this talk of the USA needs to produce more oil leads to the question, how we are going to process it. We are reducing total refinery capacity each year not increasing it.

As of Oct 2022, the total capacity for USA refineries was 17,962 compared to 18.1 million barrels per calendar day (b/cd) at the start of 2021. Why the decrease?

Refineries closed which removed operable capacity. The following facilities closed. The Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 335,000 b/cd, The Shell refinery in Convent, Louisiana: 211,146 b/cd, The Tesoro (Marathon) refinery in Martinez, California: 161,000 b/cd, The HollyFrontier refinery in Cheyenne, Wyoming: 48,000 b/cd, The Western Refining refinery in Gallup, New Mexico: 27,000 b/cd, The Dakota Prairie refinery in Dickinson, North Dakota: 19,000 b/cd

Even with 1.1 MMBD less refining capacity, the United States is manufacturing more gasoline, diesel and jet fuel than any other country. Our near 95% utilization rate means we’re processing about 17 million barrels of petroleum every day, cementing the United States’ standing as the top contributor of fuels to both our domestic and global market.

We are exporting 8.47 million barrels but are importing 8.54 million barrels a day.

The price of oil and gas is not controlled, it's market pricing.

Carlos Ponce

" just show us the plan" Go back to Trump era energy policy and inflation would diminish.

Bailey Jones

It's OK Carlos, we all know you're ignorant. But you may be right to look back on previous administrations for clues. For instance, inflation under our disgraced and defeated former president averaged 1.92%. If, as you insist, inflation is the result of a president's energy policy, it's pretty obvious that we should be looking back to Obama's administration, when inflation averaged a mere 1.75% - the lowest since JFK.

Maybe Obama can tell us what the Republican Plan should be. It's clear that Republicans don't have a clue what to do.

Average inflation:

Reagan - 4.28%

Bush I - 4.18%

Clinton - 2.58%

Bush II - 2.4%

Obama - 1.75%

Trump 1.92%

Biden - 6.75% (2021-2022)

Carlos Ponce

But Bailey, your friend Biden says the inflation rate is ZERO.[rolleyes]

Gary Miller

Bailey > all conservatives need to do to get rid of inflation is stop the progressive spending causing it.

Dalton Logan

Jim, it appears both you and Bailey have some reading comprehension issues. I stated to unleash the oil companies, not unleash the oil.

Jim Forsythe

Sen. Rick Scott has called for putting Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block every five years. Sen. Ron Johnson has gone even further and said Medicare and Social Security should be put up for a vote every single year.

Congressional Republicans keep declaring they will hold the American economy hostage by putting the full faith and credit of the United States at risk in order to cut Medicare and Social Security. Rep. Kevin McCarthy endorsed the idea, and Rep. Nancy Mace said Sunday “I support this strategy.”

And the Republican Study Committee, which represents a majority of House Republicans, has proposed a specific plan to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits, including through privatization and raising the eligibility age.

Congressional Republicans will deny seniors’ benefits they have already paid into.

The plan.

Social Security and Medicare eligibility changes, spending caps, and safety-net work requirements are among the top priorities for key House Republicans who want to use next year’s debt-limit deadline to extract concessions from Democrats. The four Republicans interested in serving as House Budget Committee chairman in the next Congress said in interviews that next year’s deadline to raise or suspend the debt ceiling is a point of leverage if their party can win control of the House in the November midterm elections. The Republican position — which members are still formulating — could set the stage for an explosive standoff next year, reminiscent of the 2011 negotiations when the Tea Party wave of Republicans took on the Obama administration over spending. It’s also possible Republicans will demand process-focused legislation — such as requiring a reduction in the debt-to-GDP ratio — that could subsequently put major entitlement programs in play. If Congress doesn’t raise or suspend the debt limit by the deadline, the federal government would default on payments officials had already agreed to make. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned during 2021 negotiations that a default would be “a catastrophe” and could cause a financial crisis. “The debt limit is clearly one of those tools that Republicans — that a Republican-controlled Congress — will use to make sure that we do everything we can to make this economy strong,” said Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) , the ranking member of the House Budget Committee. He’s seeking the top GOP spot on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee but said if he doesn’t get it, he’ll remain in his Budget Committee position. The Republican Study Committee, the largest group of House Republicans, released a budget plan in June that called on lawmakers to gradually raise the Medicare age of eligibility to 67 and the Social Security eligibility to 70 before indexing both to life expectancy. It backed withholding payments to those who retired early and had earnings over a certain limit. And it endorsed the consideration of options to reduce payroll taxes that fund Social Security and redirect them to private alternatives. It also urged lawmakers to “phase-in an increase in means testing” for Medicare.

Carlos Ponce

Jim claims "Sen. Rick Scott has called for putting Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block every five years." Not true.

Once again, Jim regurgitates a Liberal talking point without looking into it.

"I didn’t say, ‘Let’s get rid of the program.’ I say we’re going to review to make sure we keep it going.” Senator Rick Scott.

What part of "KEEP IT GOING" do you not understand?

“And I said two things: One, let’s review all our programs every five years. And number two is, let’s have Congress actually tell us how they’re going to fix Social Security and Medicare,” Scott said.

Does "fix Social Security and Medicare" sound like placing them on the "chopping block"? Only an idiot would think so.

Carlos Ponce

" Alex Lasry stated on March 16, 2022 in Campaign ad:

Says Ron Johnson "is supporting the Republican plan that phases out Social Security and Medicare."

Liberal Politifact rates this FALSE.

Dalton Logan

Bailey, the plan is just this simple, untie the hands oil the oil companies and once again become an exporter of energy to the rest of the world. Fuel prices will go down, all transportation cost will go down, Russia's strangle hold on Europe will decline, heating oil will go down, electric power will go down, car prices will go down, fertilizer will go down, food prices in turn will go down, and on and on.

And guess what, the earth will be greener for it because now you are taking away the incentive of all the dirty oil producers and refiners to up their production such as the like of Russia and Venezuela. Believe me, I have been to Venezuela to their refineries and it is not good.

Carlos Ponce



Bailey Jones

Dalton, your response implies that the reason oil prices are high is that oil producers don't have enough oil to produce - and that somehow the US government is the reason why. I don't believe that to be the case. I believe that the oil producers have plenty of oil, but are simply content to produce less of it to keep prices high, rather than invest in the infrastructure required to produce more. However, if you have information that indicates that the worldwide price of oil is due to oil companies "having their hands tied" I'd be happy to read it.

Wayne Holt

First, the inflation fight should be seen for what it is: the Uniparty in DC created trillions of dollars of new money and, for the most part, it took care of the usual cast of uber rich just fine. Now, the private bank consortium known as the Federal Reserve has attempted to quell that financial conflagration by doing what the DC Uniparty has always been comfortable with: squeezing the middle and lower classes in a bi-partisan way by making the less affordable now the unattainable by way of unemployment. You can't spend Inflated Bucks when you don't have a job to earn them. Problem solved by the Uniparty!

Re the other issues: to punish those trying to come to the US for a better life= economic immigration has never, ever been considered a basis for political asylum NEXT

to punish women seeking bodily autonomy= Supreme Court found no constitutional nexus for a federal protection. Back to the states like most police powers NEXT

to punish trans kids and the families that love them= making sure 3rd graders are not regaled with transgender mythology and stampeded into genital mutilation before their first prom NEXT

to punish anyone who puts on a Dolly Parton costume to read a book to kids= anyone seen Dolly Parton twerking in front of six-year olds because I missed that. This idea is from the crowd that believes having <.5% of the population in drag in front of your kids is critical to understanding what diversity is NEXT

to punish the LGBTQ+ community for entering into life long legal relationships,= did I miss the repeal of the civil rights clauses that include gender? NEXT

to punish those universities that want to address racial inequities in admissions= the magic trick of turning outright discrimination against whites and Asians into Civil Rights 2.0 NEXT

to punish those who want to invest in cleaner fuels = does investing in renewables necessarily mean you have to gut the energy foundation of world-wide civilization? Discuss NEXT

to punish those who seek a higher minimum wage = has Congress outlawed the introduction of higher minimum wage legislation in federal or state legislatures? NEXT

to punish those who want to decriminalize addiction = if you don't want to pay for clean needles and repeat bouts of drug rehabilitation, does that become punishment? NEXT

to punish those who want to teach our nation's history to our nation's kids = I went to elementary school in the late 1950s. I was taught about the legacy of slavery even back then. The difference is it wasn't made the centerpiece of an ideological stance that predicated the genius of American success on the idea without slavery we would be a backwater now. AND SO ON.

But what I haven't seen is the Republican plan to end the worldwide inflation caused by worldwide supply chain disruptions and worldwide corporate profiteering. Maybe someone here can enlighten me.

Now we're back on neutral territory. And the answer is: you won't. Because the Uniparty is busy shoveling scores of billions we don't have to Ukraine, in a fruitless attempt to dismantle Russia before the last Ukrainian is killed off by Russian artillery. This administration is making unreliable, expensive alt energy the de facto standard to power everything we have, even as we beg the Saudis to give us more of that nasty goo they have. The supply chain disruptions were predicted right here in these pages two years ago by a small but intrepid band of visionaries who could see destroying the economy with lockdowns followed by free stimulus money was a viable plan for economic success only among Big Phara and Big Box Stores. Thank Mr. Trump for kicking that off, and thank Mr Biden for carrying the torch even further down the road to oblivion.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Cleveland used very little space and very little time in his Op-Ed, but said so very much! He knocked it out of the park... and his observations were spot on! 👌 Had it been me I would have noted Joe Biden's association with the KKK, Robert Byrd, John Stennis, Lyndon Johnson, Senator Fulbright, John Eastland, and Strom Thurmond, who were tied in with Jim Crow, Segregation, and the KKK MOVEMENTS in this country!

It just go to show how deceptive the Party of Abortion, & SLAVERY really is when it can get a man with Joe Biden's background and pedigree elected to the highest office in the land! The best thing about Joe is when he is standing still with his mouth closed, because that means he is NOT LYING! It is the only time he ever quit lying and when his handlers get a rest from apologizing and walking back all his lying words and statements!

Jim Forsythe

Bailey, here is part of the plan.

Congressional Republicans have laid out their mega MAGA trickle-down economic plan clearly. Their economic plan will raise costs and make inflation worse. Their plan includes:

1. $3 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy – which would add to the deficit and make inflation worse “GOP wants to push to extend Trump tax cuts… Republican lawmakers gear up to push 2017 tax law after midterm elections, despite potential impact on inflation .”Congressional Republicans are calling for extending expiring provisions of the Trump tax cuts and repealing Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provisions that require large, profitable corporations to pay taxes and stop wealthy people and corporations from cheating on their taxes. These tax policies would add about $3 trillion to deficits over 10 years, Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation estimates show. By adding to near-term deficits, the tax cuts would increase inflation and work against efforts to bring inflation down in 2023. These tax cuts would disproportionately benefit the wealthy. Under the Congressional Republican plan, the top 0.1 percent of Americans (with incomes over $4 million per year) would get tax cuts averaging over $110,000 per year, Tax Policy Centerestimates show. That’s an annual tax cut that exceeds the typical American household’s total annual income.

2. Raising prescription drug costs for millions of seniors.

“House GOP eyes repeal of Dems’ drug pricing law … Some key House Republicans are calling for the repeal of Democrats’ newly-passed drug pricing measure.” “Because those drug provisions are so dangerous… I would imagine [repealing the Inflation Reduction Act’s prescription drug policies] will be a top priority for Republicans in the new session.” Rep. Kevin Brady (Ranking Member, Ways and Means Committee) Repealing the IRA prescription drug provisions would increase prescription drug prices by eliminating the requirement that drug companies pay rebates to Medicare when they raise prices faster than inflation, as they did for 1,200 drugs from 2021-2022. It would expose millions of Medicare beneficiaries to the risk of higher costs by eliminating the IRA’s $2,000 cap on drug costs at the pharmacy, and immediately increase Medicare beneficiaries’ costs for insulin.

3. Increasing health insurance premiums.

The IRA provisions making Affordable Care Act (ACA) premiums more affordable “bribe people into Obamacare,” give help to “people making over 400 percent of the poverty line, a group that was never intended to get subsidies under the original ACA,” “hide the true cost of health insurance,” and make “working taxpayers pay for Obamacare subsidies. Repealing the IRA improvements to ACA premium tax credits would raise health insurance premiums by an average of about $800 for 13 million people starting next year, with about 3 million people becoming uninsured. And if Congressional Republicans repeal the IRA provision that lets middle-class people get ACA premium tax credits, a 60-year old making $60,000 would pay over $10,000 for marketplace coverage in most states, versus half that today.

Bailey Jones

Thanks, Jim, that's very helpful.

Jim Forsythe

Bailey, just as you said, no plan they want to share. Some try and palm off old policies that did not work at the time and would fail again.

Carlos Ponce

Not true, Jim.

Charles Douglas

I'll tell everybody something that is true! Yes I will! It is wet outside on a dry day!!! Why? How? Well I.will tell you why & I will throw in the How free of charge! See here.... the WOKE-LEFT is in such a high intensed, frighten tizzy, because of the [censored]-WHUPPING they are going to receive on next Tuesday, they are CRYING LYING & SWEATING so much the atmospheric pressure PH balance which uses heat to balance the cool air over the earth will then release it back down slowly as a special wet moisture which evaporated over a matter of seconds creating wetness! Lololo

My, do I detect fear coming from the WOKE-LEFT? They have been walking around here arrogantly, for the last two years or so watching this nation being systematically destroyed by incompetent feckless leadership, FENTANYL, Illegal immigrants crashing our borders, Inflation growing as fast as Interest Rates, Crime Rates off the charts, gas & food prices off the charts, our Military and Law Enforcement Departments humiliated & demoralized, our schools DUMBED DOWN & school kids & parents targeted by their own government, ...and the LEFT walked around with their chins high and chests out for two nothing was wrong, Well, D-Day will will be here NEXT TUESDAY!

Guess what? We will watch all that arrogance dissappear because the BIG RED TSUNAMI will purify the nation & hand leadership back to the GOOD GUYS! LOLOLO! Sorry Big Stacey, sorry Fetterman, BETO, but there is a new class of Leaders in this nation NOW!!!! MAYA FLORES, YESLI VEGA, JOHN JAMES, GREG ABBOTT, DESANTIS, and my main Man .....TRUMP DIESEL will bring America back to the TOP!

Charles Douglas


Ed Buckner

Twenty years ago--exactly--I was at a rally on the Mall in Washington DC. I have a rousing speech and I urge you to read it. And Yes, I failed Modesty 101.

Ed Buckner

"gave" not "have"--I'm better at delivering rally talks than I am at typing.

Charles Douglas

I am as happy as a tick on a flea! I will give my word as a Biden on that!!!!! Meanwhile time is growing nigh!!!!! I can smell FEAR in the air and I see victory over the hill! I will set up late on next Tuesday waiting on them call out Greg Abbott as the winner over ahhh- what's his name?

I want to see the expression on Nancy Pelosi's mug when she learns the proverbial worm has turned!!! I want to see Joe Cool's reaction when he finds out the House has flipped from WOKE TO CONSERVATIVE and that he and his Crackhead Son will be investigated for treason and "Money Grubbing" from Red China!!!! [beam][beam]

Charles Douglas

I forgot to mention before ...that the big reason Joe is flying all over the country pleading, begging, name-calling, using scare tactics, excoriating & blaming everybody under the sun for his stupid, feckless, leadership failures he and Hunter will have to give account for their dishonesty to a Consevative led Congress. Payday is not everyday........BUT PAYDAY WILL COME! [whistling]

Gary Miller

The 'Party of Yes' will lead the nation to ruin, NO They won't. Adults are going to take over and undo what caused the problems.

Gary Miller

For nearly two years our government has be controlled by a un supervised kindergartin that spent pretend money they had not earned. The adult supervision is getting ready to take over again. The juvinels will not be happy. America will be pleased.

Charles Douglas

Mr.Miller > sure you are right![thumbup][thumbup]

Jim Forsythe

Gary you are right, the National dept has increased. Below how much by President, starting with Bush Sr.

Joe Biden 2021 - present $1.84 trillion

Donald Trump 2017 - 2021 $8.2 trillion

Barack Obama 2009 - 2017 $8.34 trillion

George W. Bush 2001 - 2009 $6.1 trillion

Bill Clinton 1993 - 2001 $1.4 trillion

George H.W. Bush 1989 - 1993 $1.55 trillion

Carlos Ponce

GW Bush had to build the military after 911. Pelosi and other Democrats voted for the increases.

Donald J. Trump needed to rebuild the military after Obama decimated it.

He'll need to do the same soon because Biden has given away American readiness weapons to the Taliban and the Ukraine without replenishing.

But Jim won't tell you WHY their budgets were high. [whistling]

Funding the military was necessary and Constitutional.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce > THIS IS WHY YOU SIR ARE ...AN "OG" ON THIS FORUM!! You bring facts and truths to the party! Not only that, but you have consistently done so over long periods of time, or for years! I like following you posts! [wink]

Charles Douglas


Jim Forsythe

Since you seem to be fixated by Trump, the following is why the budget was reduced before he took office. After Obama left office, the National debt increased twice as fast as when Obama was President in part because of the large increase in defense spending that should not have happen.

The military budget did shrink slightly during the Obama administration as the United States pulled out of combat operations, and because of the budget restrictions imposed by Congress known as sequestration.

Sequestration refers to automatic spending cuts that occur through the withdrawal of funding for certain (but not all) government programs. CBO provides estimates of the statutory caps on discretionary funding and an assessment of whether sequestration might be necessary under current budgetary rules, but the Administration's Office of Management and Budget makes the ultimate determination of whether a sequestration is necessary and, if so, how big it should be.

Still, the United States spends more money on the military than the next seven countries combined do. Mr. Trump and White House officials have pointed to a smaller Navy to bolster their claims of a weakened military. While today’s fleet size is the smallest since 1916, the ships are much more capable. And the United States has more aircraft carriers (20) than any other nation in the world. The rest of the world has 25.

Thanks to Russia’s prolonged war in Ukraine, sales of United States military weaponry in Europe are skyrocketing. Since late February, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine, countries in the European Union have pledged to beef up their arsenals by some $230 billion, with Germany alone planning to modernize its military to the tune of $100 billion this year. And the United States arms industry, which produces and exports more weapons than any other country — has been the biggest beneficiary.

This is certainly the biggest increase in defense spending in Europe since the end of the Cold War,”.

Carlos Ponce

"The military budget did shrink slightly during the Obama administration" "slightly"?[rolleyes]

"How Obama Shrank the Military"

"Obama’s Defense Budget Makes Protecting America its Lowest Priority"

"Obama budget's military cuts could be rude awakening for veterans"

Jim seems to have forgotten about Obama and ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

Thomas Carpenter

Gentlemen, stop confusing the MAGA cult with facts. They're still trying to absorb the fact that the majority of the country rejected, for the fourth time, their lunatic leaders and policies ... or lack of them.

Where's all the screaming about election fraud we've had to endure for the past two years from the howling banshees? Even the MAGA crowd on this forum abandoned that dead horse in spite of how good it made them feel to shriek the lie. The MAGA cult knew it was a lie. yet swore by the lie for two years. The lie drove a bunch of morons to commit treason, including a number of our elected officials. The big lie consequences are coming home to roost and people are in jail and are going to jail.

The midterm elections showed exactly what the country thinks of MAGA and their policies. What about the sheer idiocy of bleach to cure Covid, or a beam of light? Tariffs against China that forced the Stable Genius to pay farmers American tax dollars for their rotting crops - brilliant! Separating children from their parents with no records to document anything, consistently mocking veterans - sheer genius; and while it tickled the feathers of the MAGA cult, the rest of the country watched with disgust and horror. I guess the cult forgot that the loyal opposition votes too!

U.S. Representative Randy Weber should be sitting in jail too, the traitor!

Bailey Jones

"MAGA" is soooo 2016. The new slogan is Make America Great and Glorious Again. So, MAGAGA is the new moniker for impotent anger.

Carlos Ponce

MAGA is now MAGAA (pronounced the same), Make America Great Again, AGAIN!

No "impotent anger".

The word for impotent anger is spelled B - I - D- E- N.

B - I - D- E- N also means impending doom.

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