I think all can agree, the death of George Floyd was wrong and those responsible should be punished. Instead, the liberal left jumps in with the Black Lives Matter and villainizes all police for the acts of one.

It’s a sickening display to see the so-called peaceful demonstrations reeking destruction in billions. Portland has an estimated $23 million loss alone. When the federal government moves in to stop the destruction, liberals cry foul. It’s sickening to watch the liberals let city blocks be taken over, and destroyed by armed antifa and BLM, and do nothing (Seattle).

Demonstrators carrying signs “Hands up don’t shoot,” yet another BLM lie that never happened. Read the court transcripts for yourself. Ferguson, Missouri, was destroyed, based on a lie. Systemic racism, yet another lie. Read about BLM, which is a Marxist hate group, advocating the killing of police, while calling it civil disobedience. Over a dozen officers were killed as a result of this lie.

Trying to erase and reshape history, and with the liberals help, succeeding. They even advocate pulling down statues of Jesus. This is definitely a group to rally behind.

Like Joe Biden said, "If you don’t vote for me, you’re not black."

Chris Hines

La Marque


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David Hardee

Chris, Thanks for the simple to the pint article. We cannot stop the radicals but hopefully, some of their sheep will read articles like yours and recognize they are following a shepherd intent on mayhem at every opportunity, Sal Alinski is their, and the progresive liberals mentor/god.

David Hardee

Chris, some opine the root problem as systemic racism and police brutality. These are enablers to those portions of society that will forever wallow in the consolation that they are victims. And as perpetual victims, their enablers will use them as their bludgeon to push the shepherd's agenda. No government, social engineering, charity, or atctof benevolence can break the bond of the sheperd and his sheep.

Carlos Ponce

Black lives matter but the group calling themselves "Black Lives Matter" or BLM have a different agenda.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I wonder what kind of conversion each of us need and our communities need after witnessing the senseless death of many of our Black brothers and sisters. What kind of conversation do we need to face the hatred and division in our communities and institutions? And what kind of strength and vision can we gather from those who are raising their voices to demand a better world for everyone. A world where one’s worth is not defined by their color of their skin, their legal or economic status but rather by a collective recognition and affirmation that we are all children of the same God, that each of us carry within the divine spark of Life." To put it simply Dr. King said ALL lives matter.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Carlos please stop. MLK was killed due to much of the narrative shared above. Many said he was a communist and an anarchist. Really! Its the same racist agenda trying its best to change the narrative. MLK was hated at the time of his date by most of White America. Please stop. King would be apalled that the numbers of black men being killed today by police and in jail is two times higher with integration. This young man needs to be educated with correct information.

Carlos Ponce

Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. would be appalled by your attitude, madam.

David Hardee

MLK was an activist preaching civil disobedience as the tool to enlighten and achieve. His philosophy was good. His practices were strategic to create the most irritation possible. His insertion of peaceful activities at points where they would attack his most ruthless opponent(s) Alabama, Mississippi was intentional. Intentional for the biggest national chaos and most dangerous to his peaceful demonstrators. His achievements were astounding and produce many improvements for his constituent's RIP MLK.

MLK intended to follow the example of the most effective nonviolent rebel the world has ever known, Gandhi. That man, Gandhi achieved beyond the possible. But his reward was the total segregation of the people under influences of their GOD, and its disciples. We should seriously reflect on the total result of a now belligerent India and Pakistan as we proceed on this “racist” agenda.

You Yancy are an insult to the MLK philosophy. Your recent article was pure racist paranoia. Denigrating Jefferson is akin to a white denigrating MLK. Your "white currency" is another hypothetical creation as is "systemic white racism." Concoctions from jaded minds are getting shrift from the melded minorities under the progressive liberal Democrats Klan.

The bastions of your constituents are awash with murders, looting, burning and anarchy. That is the legacy you want to associate with MLK. I trust MLK would be amongst these criminals with calls for civility. You are in contrast an enthusiastic enabler who dares not get in the proximity of the danger. As a highly paid (range 169k up to 300k) NAACP president ALL would be well served if you/NAACP seek finding reconciliation rather than accelerating all of us toward criminal acts.

What is the NAACP and your personal goals and methods? Reflect on that question and respond with METHODS, hopefully to achieve civility.

Bailey Jones

So, the author accuses BLM of vilifying all police for the actions of a few, while simultaneously vilifying "the liberal left", BLM, and each of the estimated 15 million to 26 million peaceful protesters in over 2000 cities for the crimes of a few rioters. It fairly reeks of ignorance and hypocrisy.

And what is the author's solution? Rather than address the root cause - a violent and racist culture endemic to many police departments - he seems content to let the violence and racism persist, and "punish" those responsible in the aftermath, if they get happen to get caught on camera, even as we all know that "punishment" for the crimes of bad officers is largely nonexistent (how many complaints were there against George Floyd's murderer that went unpunished?)

BLM is not the problem. Protesters, even riots, are not the problem. Tearing down statues of slaveholders and white American Jesus is not the problem. These are reactions to the problem. The problem is systemic racism and police brutality, and a culture of qualified immunity, police unions, and public indifference that protects criminals in uniform.

Any response to the problem other than "let's fix the problem" is simply complacency and complicity. J'Accuse...!

Carlos Ponce

The problem Bailey are those who find "systemic racism" in everything and want the rest of us to believe that nonsense.

Two men were walking on a sidewalk next to a busy street. One man turned to the other and told him how wonderful the sound of chirping birds was. "Chirping birds? How can you hear that above the traffic and others on the sidewalk?" He then took a coin and dropped it on the sidewalk. People stopped and looked for the coin. He then said, "We find what we seek."

If you look for racism you will find racism whether it exists or not. Is there racism? Yes.

The Asian-American or White student who gets passed over for college admission by those with similar or lower scores, lower qualifications but fit a racial quota. That's racism.

Read about Vijay Chokal-Ingam:


Bailey Jones

Any response to the problem other than "let's fix the problem" is simply complacency and complicity.

Carlos Ponce

Problem is some create racial tension to stay in power while ignoring true racism.

Emile Pope


Carlos Ponce

Yes, Emile, CREATE. Remember the cries of racism when Donald Neely was led by two mounted GPD officers. The same was done to Whites but do it to a Black man it is deemed "racist". In his editorial Michael A. Smith writes: "After talking to public officials, mostly off the record because they are bracing for investigations and civil action, we doubt the officers were motivated by racial animosity. We don’t believe they tethered and led Neely mostly because Neely is black and they are white."

Bailey Jones

Yes, Emile - CREATE. Like when some politicians send federal police into cities to stir up and inflame hatred toward minority majority neighborhoods as political theater. Or when some politicians demonize brown immigrants as rapists, vermin, an invasion, and MS13 gangsters in order to scare white folks into reelecting them. Or like when some politicians continue to accuse 5 black teenagers of the rape and murder of a white woman for years after they've been exonerated. Or when some politicians attack brown and black women in congress as dangerous agents of chaos and tell them to "go back where they came from" thus reinforcing the idea that America is a whites only country. Or when some politicians suggest that we might get a better type of immigrant from Norway than Africa. Or like some commenters here who believe that the very idea of advocating for black or brown Americans is the "true racism" and that the racial disparencies between whites and communities of color are due entirely to the laziness and moral inferiority of the members of those communities - which I'm pretty sure is the textbook definition of racist. Or when they wash their hands of any culpability for slavery while simultaneously demanding that blacks honor memorials to slaveholders. That sort of thing.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Carlos, then tell me how would YOU know what is SYSTEMATIC Racism is? Its a pattern of racial inequality within a framework. Are you saying THIS doesn't exist? What dimension are you living in? Systematic racism happens in banking- its called red lining. Systematic racism happens when less than 1% of all Texas governmental contracts in Texas are awarded to Black owned companies. Systematic racism is the way Texas funds education through property and housing discrimination happens daily? But tell me again it doesn't exist? Wake up. You are living on Mars! My daugher who is biracial can go get a job and get hired the same day, my 3 black sons were never hired by the company- same household the only difference was phenotypes. She looks more Hispanic but she is black and white. I can go on and on the differences. But again how do YOU know what African-Americans experience and the effects of systematic racism?

Carlos Ponce

I know what systemic racism is. It's when racist attitudes and actions are built into the system. It's when the laws are written to treat people different. There's a song in the musical "South Pacific" called "You have to be carefully taught".

You've got to be taught to hate and fear

You've got to be taught from year to year

It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear

You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught to be afraid

Of people whose eyes are oddly made

And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade

You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught before it's too late

Before you are six or seven or eight

To hate all the people your relatives hate

You've got to be carefully taught

When I walked into a classroom for over 30 years I saw students. I did not see skin color. You judge people and their intent by the color of their skin. Who is the racist?

"my 3 black sons were never hired by the company- same household the only difference was phenotypes" There are a myriad of reasons for not being hired. And when they weren't hired did you teach them to write a letter to thank the interviewer or did you teach them to write it off as not being hired because of their "phenotype"?

Gary Miller

Bailey> ( The problem is systemic racism and police brutality,) NOT! It's limited to very few police departments out of the 600,000 in the USA. Most police and Police departments have never had a racial problem since Republicans ended segregation. Blaming the good for the conduct of the bad is a greater fault. Again it is clear that Liberal Democrat cities breed bad police.

Bailey Jones

As I've said before, Gary - if the problem is so small, it should be easy to fix. So let's fix it.

I'll take issue with the idea that police brutality and racism doesn't exist in small town Trumpland. There's a reason why our cities are full of minorities - and it's not because the food is better. Diversity exists in Democratic cities because that's where it's welcome. If black and brown people were welcome in the great Republican outback, Democratic cities would be white, and Republican. But don't take my word for it - ask your black friends.

Carlos Ponce

"If black and brown people were welcome in the great Republican outback," They are.

Bailey Jones

Says the man from the city with a 0.237% black population.

Carlos Ponce

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess my name and Mexican ancestry don't count.

Bailey Jones

All ancestries matter, Carlos. You're counted as White (Hispanic) (10.4%), part of the 96.6% white population. Unless you consider yourself Some Other Race (Hispanic) (0.543%) or Two or More Races (Non-Hispanic) (2.25%).

But you don't count as black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (0.237%).


Which raises the question - why don't blacks feel welcome in Santa Fe, Carlos? There's a lot right next door in Hitchcock (25.1%). A similar amount in Texas City (25.6%). Even more in La Marque (33.5%). A proportional amount in Dickinson (13.1%) But not Santa Fe. Why is that?

Carlos Ponce

I knew Blacks who lived in Santa Fe back in the 60s. Ernie Triplett got along with everyone and was named Mr. Santa Fe. At church I saw a Black young lady wearing a Santa Fe letterman jacket that she earned in sports. A very nice girl. Why don't more live in Santa Fe? They believe the rumors about the town. Alta Loma was predominantly Italian back in the day.

Gary Miller

Bailey> If black and brown were as welcome in big city slums as they are in Republican enclaves you and Democrats would try to stir them up. Y'all fear happy black and brown voters because only victim blacks and browns will vote for Democrats.

Keith Gray

Bailey, my friends come over all the time... I live in Santa Fe.

Bailey Jones

Keith, the next time they come over, ask them why they don't live in Santa Fe. Please report back.

Carlos Ponce

The Black young lady I was speaking of and her family live in Santa Fe.

Henry Hansen

Systematic racism? Based on what facts? I am talking 2020 not decades ago. Today more than one third of America's top 100 cities are governed by blacks, and many of which are women. 15% of America's policemen are black, slightly disproportionately higher than the national black population. Our previous President was black and served two terms. His two AG's were black. I could go on and on, but it will make no difference to you. I am not saying there is not racism. There is on both sides, and sadly, that will never change. What has changed is our country. For the life of me I cannot understand why you have not noticed.

You are looking for a problem that does not exist.

Anecdotally, as I interact with all races in the Houston/Galveston area I experience only civility and all people being respectful and courteous to one another. Of course, there are a few exceptions.

People that will not make the effort to notice the changes our great country has made are the problem. Perhaps "the problem" has been fixed, and continues to be "fixed". It is too bad race baiters ignore the positive changes.

Henry J. Hansen

Bailey Jones

Henry, the last time you made this claim "Systematic racism? Based on what facts?" I presented you with 3 dozen social science studies documenting systemic racism in all aspects our of justice system. Your response was crickets. Care to try again? Please don't be one of those commenters who demands data, then when data is provided runs away, or changes the subject, because that's just lame.


Henry Hansen

Yes, Bailey you did. 3 dozen lame mostly liberal studies. I am presenting you the facts as they actually exist today. You will never look at this issue with open eyes. So, I am moving on.

Bailey Jones

....and there it is. Thanks for playing, Henry.

Ted Gillis

Most of us on the left have never heard of Sal Alinski, nor have we read or care to read anything he has written, but I'm glad you have David, as most people on the right just read the National Enquirer or Guns and Ammo.

David Hardee

Here Ted is an offering to remove some of your lack of knowledge and let you know what is inculpated in being a follower of the Democratic progressive liberal agenda.

"At the top of a short presidential resume in 2008, then-Sen. Barack Obama touted himself a “community organizer,” a construct of Saul Alinsky. In 1969 Hillary Clinton wrote a fawning senior thesis on Alinsky. In Alinsky’s 1971 book “Rules for Radicals,” in the chapter titled “Tactics,” he divides the electorate into demographic groups (today’s identity politics) and says the organizer must “rub raw the resentments of the people.”

It is not fair for me to take advantage of ignorance.

Dan Freeman

What is "inculpated?" Oh, a Trumper's inventive spelling.

David Hardee

Certain that you worked hard to find a deficiency in my comment I will suffer giving the dictionary definition and you can tell me what word you would prefer.

First inculpated is a recognized word and not an invention.


past tense: inculpated; past participle: inculpated

1. accuse or blame.

o incriminate.

Sample sentence:

"Someone did something and that inculpated you to be accused or blame or incriminate as a follower."

Since my sentence structure is difficult on several occasions, conveying my intended thought pattern would be well served by a software editor. What do you think Mr. Freeman?

Bailey Jones

You see the way it works, Ted, is that rather than discuss the ideas and accomplishments of a person, you discuss something that someone the person once knew said, or did. As when I, for instance, get tired of attacking Trump directly and instead bring up his mentor, Roy Cohn, who was disbarred from the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court for unethical conduct after attempting to defraud a dying client by forcing the client to sign a will amendment leaving him his fortune. Surely corruption as dark and dank as that must have rubbed off on Trump, I say menacingly, after all Cohn was his mentor and lawyer for many years. It's not really relevant, and I have plenty of Trump to talk about without it - but it is a nice way of attacking the character of your political enemy, which is of course why the pundits who enjoy seeding division in our country mention the Alinsky connection over and over and over so that their adherents, like David, are then able to casually toss it into a discussion of BLM as though it actually meant something. Mission accomplished!

The writing in question is available here - https://chisineu.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/saul-alinsky-rules-for-radicals-1989.pdf

I personally, am a fan.

Fun fact - According to spokesman Adam Brandon, the conservative non-profit Republican Tea Party organization FreedomWorks, distributed a short adaptation of Rules for Radicals called Rules for Patriots. Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey is gave copies of Alinsky's book to leaders of the Tea Party movement. In Rules for Conservative Radicals (2009) Michael Patrick Leahy, an early Tea Party leader, offered "sixteen rules for conservative radicals based on lessons from Saul Alinsky, the Tea Party Movement, and the Apostle Paul".

I imagine the pundit that David adheres to neglected to mention that.

You can get your copy here - https://www.amazon.com/Rules-Conservative-Radicals-Collaborative-Technologies/dp/0979497442

David Hardee

Welcome back, Mr. Bailey Jones, Your correct about Dick Army, and the Tea Party.

Do you admit that Hilary Clinton did her thesis on Alinsky?


The thesis statement has 3 main parts: the limited subject, the precise opinion, and the blueprint of reasons.

Limited Subject. Make sure you've chosen a subject that meets your instructor's requirements for the assignment. ...

Precise Opinion. ...

Blueprint of Reasons.

That is significantly different than having a copy or even reading Alinsky's


Every conservative.was given a copy by Dick Army as the preparation for recognizing the despicable techniques employed by these Democrat progressive liberals. I have a copy and also a copy of Nietzsche's book Democrat progressive liberals are defunct of any philosophical considerations. A true progressive liberal labors on and for the total permissiveness of the individual's endeavors. That is antithetical to a society.

I recall the first mantra they bannered under - "IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT." Not much has change, They still create mantras and banners and chants like BLM to give them a fictidious philosophy.

Bailey Jones


David Hardee

Bailey, you mention Roy Cohn. Your recitation is spot on. Even for a Lawyer, his depth of corruption was lowest. Trump employing him, I think, for a specific purpose. Trump's under attack for personal conduct (true or falsely?) and effectively wants to dispose of the attackers and the accusations. Who better than a snake to attack a snake, ergo Cohn, Whether the association had a character effect on Trump is conjecture. Trump's ruthlessness or tough negotiations (you choose one) is well established. My opinion as to Trump's being my representative in any fiscal challenge is he is excellent. Additionally considering the atmosphere under which his administration has existed has proven his tenacity and resilience under pressure, which I find astounding. Observing what is his family's cohesion and dedication to each other is laudable, especially in our time. You, Bailey, appear to know the difficulties of the world and family dynamics better than most. Not to infringe on your political persuasion I do wonder how the Trump performance is unacceptable, to Bailey.

Lol David

Henry Hansen

Ted, trust me. Your communist leaders have read Saul Alinsky. Hillary actually knew him. He was one of her mentors. Obama had a picture of Alinsky in his office. (Not the Oval office.)

We are in the beginning of a Communist revolution in this country! You know it and I know it!

Ted Gillis

There is a law school picture I saw on the internet (so if has to be true) of Hillary Clinton and some of her classmates which include Bill Clinton, Robert Reich and non other than Clarence Thomas. It makes me wonder if they had separate law books for liberal and conservative students?

Carlos Ponce

According to Robert Reich they took one class together, "Civil and Political Rights," taught by Professor Thomas Emerson. According to Reich, Clarence Thomas did not seem happy to be there.

In college I took a required Sociology course that I did not care for. Just sit there, take notes, get the credit and get out. I remember the name of the professor - Clairannette Green, whose lectures were riddled with falsehoods. I kept quiet while the other students interrupted her saying "That's not true!"

George Laiacona

As long as we continue to elect White Supremists as our Political leaders the problem will never go away

Carlos Ponce

According to George Laiacona we should not vote for a man who takes a patronizing view of minorities telling them "you ain't Black", who said "you cannot go into a 7-Eleven or Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent", and "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." Point taken, George.

Charles Douglas

Funny I don't see a White Supremacist leading us! Just goes to show what a great country we live in now, but one WHICH LEFTIST Democrats are going all out trying to change! I see a White Supremacist TRYING to deceive minorities he has talked down to, created laws to punish, JOKED about, and did everything in his power for over Fifty-years of government life to disenfranchise, ...tring to get elected to the Presidency. This imbecile, who parrots everthing OBAMA tells him to do and say, ( VP = Kamala Harris )... from a his hiding place of shame and safety, called Trump a RACIST last week! He is so ashamed of his true record, and disastrous qualifications to be President and leader of America, that he abides in a HOLE in the ground and peeks his insignificant head out to Lie on Trump every other day when somebody gives him a que to do so! He is a tool in Satan's hand and so are the rest of the lawless minions who are bent on using African-Americans and Hispanics as shields to tear-down, burn down, and to destroy this country which many Americans have bled, sacrificed, and died for. Their only campaign strategy is to talk about the past instead of what's going on now, and what they will do in the future! They are good at inciting African-Americans over SLAVERY, General Lee, and Stonewall Jackson, but they don't want to talk about the systematic genocide of of African-Americans in this country started by a racist named Margaret Sanger! They don't want to talk about the mass murders of young black babies, and young black men by the thousands every year in DEMOCRATIC controlled cities operated by "OVERSEERS" like LIGHTFOOT and CLYBURN! They don't want to discuss BAD inner city housing and schools, and minority job opportunities! Notice that? They just keep promising Welfare, and FOOD STAMPS, and free stuff! They joke and laugh at minority stupidity! Their mission is to Keep minorities poor, destitute, and hungry! It will also assure along with the many lies told, that minorities will continue to blindly sell their votes to the LEFT and remain in their political " BAG!"

George Laiacona

It would appear that Charles is a”Trumper” therefore anything I say will be taken out o context because of his political preference. He should pick up a history book and team where Lincoln’s successor was a Republican that sided with the Southerns and reversed every thing the First Republicans started. The following Jim Crow era was a mixture of political parties that just didn’t want minorities to vote or take offices held by the Whites.

Henry Hansen

George, you skipped something called Reconstruction. Federal troops occupied the South for approximately 20 years. Three million mostly uneducated former slaves were set free with no plan to protect and manage the situation. Federal troops appointed former slaves to positions of mayors and governors. The troops treated the Southerners as bad or worse than the Germans were treated after WWI. Unfortunately, Jim Crow grew from Reconstruction. Please study your history.

Since Jim Crow, we have had the Economic Recovery Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Tens of trillions of $$ have been thrown at these programs and the results are failure.

Also, let us not forget the approximate 500,000 white Union soldiers that died to free the slaves. That is enough reparation!

Carlos Ponce

"The Truth About Jim Crow" - The American Civil Rights Union


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