Inquiring minds from United Van Lines, U-Haul, Amazon, Google, U.S. Postal Service and U.S. Treasury want to know who messed up the 2020 census. Keeping track of population moves, they're sure more people left blue states since the last census.

Convinced seats moved should've been plus-18 instead of seven. Texas and Florida should've gained four and three, not two and one. Errors will corrupt the next three presidential and next six congressional elections.

For 10 years, blue states will get federal funding, congressional seats and Electoral College votes they don’t deserve. Biggest money, power theft progressives ever pulled off.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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Mike Zeller

Gary those progressives are sneaky, I witnessed this first hand. I saw a progressive pull a rabbit out of a hat. Darndest thing I ever saw. Wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. [lol]

David Hardee

It is the self-preservation of the bureaucratic employees that reeks with the smell of rot which continues these repetitive frauds. A stagnate pool where patronizing regenerates the sloth, making all that the bureaucracy produces is deception, fraud, and even criminal act, and that makes us distrust our government. The SWAMP is deeper than just the elected officials that we know about. They are prolific in governments. As the largest employer in the country, these SWAMP creatures have a significant impact on who is elected. Not only does their large number of votes have an impact at the ballot box(vote) but also they manage the policies and procedures by which the process is controlled.

Nothing is more precious in the swam than remaining hidden as they conduct their dastardly deeds. With their reach into every layer (legislative, executive' and judiciary) they can stifle any attempt at exposing them. On those occasions where an outsider (non-swamp) appears the entire cabal does what is necessary to destroy the interloper. If the interloper is so audacious to actually challenge the "swamp creatures" they, shrouded in a cloak of integrity pop to the surface and risk the exposure to transparency/light.

The interloper Trump received for his audacity all the swamper could muster to destroy him. Some swampers were exposed and a few paid a price. Yet they prevailed and reestablished their future dominance with the triumph of the 43-year swamper Biden. They (FBI, CIA, Special Council, FISA, etc.) can again relax and creep back into the mud where sunshine cannot penetrate. Those that were regurgitated went to work for CNN.

MAGA was wounded but not dead. Let's hope.

Gary Miller

David> You define it well. MSM took over the Socialist/Democrat party and Americans who believe the MSM lies are comforted by the results.

Gary Miller

David> MAGA is gaining strength. New information indicates Biden doesn't know about who or why the revised the census numbers if someone hasn't carefully explained it to him. AOC team may be responsible but Pelosi won't tell him..

Ron Shelby

More non supported Q Anon claims. I don't see the US Treasury having any press conferences about this and yet you list them. And this census was done during the TRUMP administration. Noone was hired and rushed out to do more counts afterwards. It shut down last fall.

Carlos Ponce

"Noone was hired and rushed out to do more counts afterwards. It shut down last fall."

So that explains that credentialed lady who came to my door and my brother's house to verify what I had submitted via mail. I had written on my brother's Census that no one lived at that house. I explained to the lady he was in a nursing home. She confirmed he would be counted if in a nursing home.

Seems that Ron Shelby's claim of "noone" falls short of truth.

And it seems Ron Shelby follows whatever this "Q Anon" person believes. Is "Q Anon" code for "Red Herring"?

Gary Miller

Ron> The problem is the end of year report by census dept indicated many more blue state losses than the April report says. 7 seats moved from blue to red states is big but 18 seats moving is evidence of a dying party. The Census was mostly carried out during the Trump administration but the "suspect" revisions are all Biden inspired.

Gary Miller

Ron> Treasury did say something. They said they had started calculations based on end of year report but now must make changes.

Gary Miller

Ron> It shut down during the Trump administration then was revised under Biden. The Treasury, US postal service and others have said they will now have to rethink policies based on the revisions. Blue states with fewer citizens will get Federal $ billions they don't deserve and keep seats and electoral votes they don't deserve. Q Anon is a boogyman Liberals created but nothing conservatives support.

Bailey Jones

Yes, the Trump administration is well known for its progressive shenanigans.

Carlos Ponce

From the House Oversight Committee:

"While Democrats falsely accused the Trump Administration of using the Census process for political gain, President Biden has done just that. Even as President Trump sought to ensure the accuracy of the 2020 Census apportionment results by excluding illegal aliens from the apportionment count, President Biden reversed course, deciding to dilute American citizens’ representational interests by rescinding this commonsense measure. Several liberal states with sanctuary policies may have lost more congressional seats if illegal immigrants had not been included in the apportionment base.Furthermore, the apportionment population results released by the Census Bureau are strikingly different from the population evaluation estimates released just months ago on December 22, 2020. Remarkably, the differences benefit traditionally blue states –which gained population compared to the estimates –over red states which tended to lose population compared to the estimates. For example, New York was estimated to have a population of 19,336,776, but was attributed an apportionment population much greater than that of 20,215,751, a difference of nearly 900,000 individuals. Likewise, states such as New Jersey and Illinois experienced large population increases of hundreds of thousands of individuals compared to the December estimates, while states such as Arizona, Florida, and Texas experienced large decreases from the December estimates.This trend calls into question whether there was any political interference with the apportionment results released by the Census Bureau."

James Comer Ranking Member Committee on Oversight and Reform et al

Gary Miller

Cooking the census books is worth $ billions and votes for ten years. Do you really think Democrats wouldn't do it? Stealing one election became stealing ten years of elections.

George Caros

You are correct it was the trump administration that did the census. Looks like the incompetency of last administration can't even do an accurate count

Carlos Ponce

George Caros must not be aware of the executive order given by Biden January 20, 2021 to override those results. Up until that time, the census was fine.

Irwin Fletcher

Opinion is one thing, gaslighting is another. Blue State Red State doesn’t matter. This is the UNITED States. Stop trying to divide them.

Gary Miller

Irwin> Are you blind to the "divide and concor" policies of the Socialists?

Irwin Fletcher

No - I am painfully aware of divide and conquer though of many posters here though. Anytime it’s Us v Them everyone loses and blames the other. We’re a Country United unless we let the Parties rule. Sad to watch Trumplicans eat Republicans and people here still support it. Sad indeed.

Ted Gillis

I used a bamboo pencil to fill out my census form.

Bailey Jones


Charles Douglas

Divide us? Trying to divide us? Sir, we are already divided, and if you cannot see that then I recommend you do some soul searching! This nation is as divided as it was during the Civil War! It is us against them here now, and anything goes! We had a BLACK woman who lost a Governor's race in the SOUTH and promptly cried Racism, Misogyny, played the Race-Card, and sanctioned Race-Baiting! She went about undercover to systematically change voting laws in Georgia without the State Legislature approval which affected the voting procedures for future elections there!

We had a WHITE KKK affiliate who for years persecuted African-American and other minorities in this country for 47 years, crafting and helping to pass unproportioned laws against minorities in order to send them to prison! He said he did not want us around his family! This fine RACIST specimen is now President of the United States! Stop trying to divide us you say? If we are not divided now I fear the day when it becomes a reality!

We have the Fake News Media and Big Tech who hates Conservatives so much they censor our free speech, then they lie about events, and BLACKOUT news unfavorably to RADICALS! We have conservatives who loose their jobs for speaking out against Liberal politicians! We have a government who will pay citizens and non citizens alike to STAY HOME ...juxtaposed to GOING out and working a job for a living.

We have RADICALS in high positions here who wants the nation LOCKDOWN, with schools SHUTDOWN while children learn virtually, with businesses closing their doors financially unable to stay opened. The Senile RACIST in the Oval Office began destroying American jobs and factories the very hour he enter the White House, and he opened up the borders and invited the World's poor, and criminal element to,..come one- come all! He disabled the Border Patrol, and shutdown our Immigration Patrol...... ( ICE ) in order to allow the illegals flooding across the border a better chance at evading authorities!

He routinely debase, and insult African-Americans, by making dumb statements like, " You Ain't BLACK, if you don't vote for me!" " They gonna put yall back in chains!" " There are predatory elements on our streets, and they are a JUNGLE SOCIETY of people!" Divide us you say? We use to be the number one old producing nation in the world just 5-6 months ago, now since a Radical was seated in power, we are standing in long lines trying to get gasoline. I hope those who voted for this RACIST CLOWN, are happy, this is what yall wanted, stole, cheated, and deceived for, and even though he set HAMAS up to attack Israel, ..we have not seen the worst yet. Buckle-up ...all HELL is on the WAY![wink]

Gary Miller

Charles> Will any liberal point out Biden increased funding for Hamas which Hamas used to buy more rockets?

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller> Not in this life! You can ask one that after they sit in one of these Looooog gas lines that Joe China, and his foreign buddies will have them in not long from now, and they will still defend him to the end!

One of the things which interests me is a few days before this contrived gasoline shortage hit here, ...Joe China, and his wife paid a visit to the Liberal President who oversaw the last contrived gasoline shortage unjustly imposed on the American public! Yes! Joe China, & Jill visited Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, & a few days later we now have long lines in America with people waiting for gas, JUST LIKE THEY DID DECADES AGO WITH JIMMY CARTER as President! Why? Well Jimmy had to get the price of gas up, and so did JOE! A good way to accomplish that is to contrive, or to facilitate a FAKE GAS SHORTAGE! Now see if gas go back to its original price! Don't bother ..because it won't. I hear we are buying Russia and Chinese oil products now! Tell me again why I call Joe, ...Beijing JOE China? He is working for who? Yeah right. ...let's listen to "ORF" ...instead of common sense! Lolo.

Charles Douglas

We have individuals who lives in this nation who have strong desires for this nation to be ordinary, rink-a-dink, booty-butt, third world, banana republic, AND NOW ..we are well on the way to being ALL OF THOSE! No need for the likes of Obama, and other degenerates like John Kerry to run around incognito apologizing, working behind the scenes, appeasing rogue nations like Iran, because of American Exceptionalism anymore like in times past! We have Congress people who are siding with Terrorist nations in the Middle East now against our ally Israel today! Joe China reinstated billions of aid dollars to Palestine and Iran who sponsor Hamas TERROISTS! ILHAN OMAR came to America crying with just the clothes on her back, now since she has tasted the milk of prosperity here in the land of the free, she wants it to regress and be tranformed to be like the country she was driven from because of anarchy, upheaval, and grievous poverty! I fail to understsnd how such an ungreatful individual who came to the shores of America as a needy, frighten refugee a few years ago, can now bite the hands that pulled her into the warm bosom of love, safety, and affection we are known for here! Lastly, there are spirituals consequences & repercussions for those who will attack Israel seeking to take the land God put in their care. In 1967.. 6-7 nations tried, and later wished they hadn't! [wink]

Dan Freeman

Again we have another outbreak of Foxitis. Beware the deadly new disease spreading across America: ‘Foxitis’

Carlos Ponce

Nonsense, Dan.

Dan Freeman

Brilliant retort, not. You have been infected by Foxitis. PBS may provide a cure.

Carlos Ponce

PBS is a disease not only to indoctrinate youth but also to spread propaganda. I do watch This Old House but some Liberal propaganda has crept into that at times.

Stuart Crouch

Lemme guess, whatever schools y'all attended had students and teachers that were all related and their family trees were reeeeaaall wide and not very tall. Not much learnin', but a whole lotta yearnin' at those family picnics, no?

Again, give yourselves a round of applause for creating your own misery and imaginative suffering. One day, historians, scholars and students of political science, sociology & psychology will marvel at the depths of the destruction and discourse created by "entertainment news" and their spoon-fed loyalists, the "Foxalites". So sayeth the Shepherd; so sayeth the flock. Monkey see, monkey do.

Don't like the message, just attack the source, right fellas? That's what the playbook says to do, no? Don't like the election results? Simple, just challenge that election! "Lie like a rug", or "Lie until they put a gun to your head." Whatever works; accuse, finger-point, distract, discount, delude and deflect. You are now paying the price for it and it will only get worse. There may be the occasional short-term victory here and there (like winning elections through suppressive legislation), but let's be honest here (a challenge for some, I realize); you are done. It's over for you.

Used to be, if an elected official was caught intentionally lying to the American people, they were done; finished; politically exiled and never to be heard from again. Not so with what you fine folks have done. The Republican Crime Syndicate, the hocus-pocus GQP, the Party of Lincoln, Reagan and the Q-Shaman; the seditionists, insurrectionists, treasonous traitors and all things dark and evil. If there is indeed a metaphorical "swamp" in Washington D.C., your party is now undeniably the toilet that resides within said swamp.

It was a fairly simple recipe; embrace the ignorant and teach them fear, use that fear to produce anger among them and lastly, allow the anger to simmer and occasionally stoke the embers 'neath it until you have the hate that is necessary to meet the objective. The work has been done.

I'll say it again, "You are fooling no one other than yourself and the other fools that already believe as you do." The Trumpanzee MAGAts have established themselves as a cult of brash, loudmouthed, wannabe-angry-simpletons that couldn't give two $h1t$ about truth, justice or the American way. Their vision of American, while comforting to them and their concrete-thinking, is a frightful place for most rational, responsible, emotionally well-adjusted human beings.

Charles Douglas

I've learned over the years that when the RADICAL LEFT accuses others of doing something bad, it is exactly what they are themselves doing. Everything the poster above accused conservatives of doing is exactly how they manage, incite, and use minorities to keep them in line, and vote harvest them! The clicker is many of them don't have no more sense than to accuse somebody else of doing what they are publicly doing out in the open!

You can't manage me, I have observed LIBERAL RADICALS march into my dad's living room preaching economic fear, fear of job loss, and loss of hope for his family for decades! "Now John, if you vote for us...we...." So you can tell that crap to "ORF"..maybe he might swallow it! Joe China is in over his head and an Adolescent Raving Fool would recognize it!

Charles Douglas

Also I will remind some and inform others that the LEFT, protected, sheltered, and hid Joe China out the whole Campaign season while he lied, and dodged the public! He lied and his surrogates lied for him.

One thing about it, YOU CANNOT HIDE HIM FROM PUTIN & RUSSIA! You can't hide him from IRAN and China! He has been exposed for what he is, senile, Racist, and incompetent & He is not half way done yet, ...I believe his supporters will feel the pain too, before it is over![smile]

Charles Douglas

I saw a woman and a man fighting in public a gas line today! Joe China has BLACK Americans throwing punches to see who would get the last gallon of gas! Lololo. Is that what the LEFT wanted? Are we having fun yet DEMS? Joe got little Hispanic toddlers 3-5 years old with one 11 momth old laying in a field unsupervised, LEFT behind by coyotes or human smugglers to die! One or two of the kids were almost dead when the owner of the land found them! Wow, is that what America is all about? This is how far Liberals will go to maintain power? Well all I have to say is BUCKLE UP!!! BECAUSE THE WORST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!! This Clown in the Oval Office is going to elect TRUMP in 2024 all by himself singlehandedly! He is doing an outstanding job of doing that so far! Keep it going JOE! KEEP IT GOING JOE!!!!

I know a man in the Middle East who wish to GOD he had Donald J Trump back in the Oval Office tonight! His name is BB NETANYAHU Prime Minister of Israel! Sad to say Joe China is helping Hamas to lunch rockets into ISRAEL killing Israli citizens, by fancially supporting them with millions of American Tax Dollars! Other Allies might want to check out how BEIJING JOE is treating Israel! With an Ally like JOE you don't need any enemies!

Gary Miller

When Hamas runs low on rockets Biden will send them money for more.

Ted Gillis

You say some of the stupidest things Carlos. This Old House is now a liberal propaganda outlet. Please.

Carlos Ponce

Silly Ted! You need to re-read my post. "but some Liberal propaganda has crept into that at times" is NOT the same thing as what you posted.

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