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My thoughts exactly. Creating a problem doesn't mean that we can't step back and fic the mess we made before there are Seawall accidents (for a starter).

Tom Hutton

I agree. It is not the residents (for the most part). It is the visitors renting the golf carts not knowing or following the rules.

Don Schlessinger

We know who our city fathers consider important on Galveston Island and it isn't the people who live and pay taxes here. Tourism rules on our island.

Gary Miller

An old problem turns up again. Laws or rules passed without enforcement included. Fear of losing tourists stops enforcement. Does it make sense to pamper the tourists creating problems?

Wayne D Holt


Emilio Nicolas

This is what Galveston keeps getting for electing the same people to the City Council. “But they are so nice and they respond to my calls about the garbage, etc.” These guys can't think 1 step ahead of themselves. They keep putting their hand on a fire without thinking what will happen … over and over again!

The problems being suffered now were all foreseeable had they simply thought them through. Oh, they like to tell us that "we can't think of everything" ... no, these guys don't seem to think of anything! Now they are in the position of either hurting the new cart rental businesses they helped create on the seawall or protecting the rights of local property owners/voters. Hint: Galveston is more attractive to tourists when it functions like a real city ... current rules hurt locals as well as most tourists (since most do not rent carts or care to drive in traffic jams).

Sadly, Galveston keeps bringing it on themselves with their votes ... congratulations Galveston!

Don Schlessinger


Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

The City of Galveston does not care about the safety of the tourists. They only care that they spend their money here. I am sure the Council Woman from the West End is head over heels about the incoming money. I sure would have thought that former dentist would put be safety first, but obviously I am mistaken.

Since so much money is coming into Galveston I think it would be wonderful idea on the cities side to start keeping the streets cleaner, cleaning up that eyesore on Broadway at 53rd that used to house the Magnolia Homes office. Every time I pass by that corner it appears that is Galveston's Homeless Park. Is that what Galveston is trying to portray. They have not done anything to keep that area clean. Yes, I realize that is federal property , but is is also seen my the majority of the tourist who come to the island.

If this cannot be done next time we go to the polls we can all make a difference in the leadership of the council.


Wayne D Holt


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