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Carlos Ponce

The idea that Hispanics can only be represented by Hispanics is ludicrous. If the El Paso Times Editorial Board suggested that you "Only vote your Race" that would be called out as RACIST. Vote for the person who best represents your values regardless of sex, creed, color, ethnicity.

This editorial also falsely states, "Ted Cruz, who is of Cuban descent, and was famously not conversant enough in Spanish to debate Spanish-fluent non-Hispanic El Pasoan Beto O'Rourke in Spanish in 2018." In the 2016 Presidential debate Ted Cruz responded to Marco Rubio in fluent Spanish putting this false narrative to rest - or we thought so. In 2012 Marco Rubio said English is the unifying language of this country.


The Daily News has a choice of which non-local editorials and AP articles to publish but seems to select those which are obviously anti-Conservative, anti-Republican and especially anti-Trump. What about balance especially in this election cycle? The El Paso Times editorial cites population breakdown by ethnicity and race but not ideology. In Galveston County that ideology is largely Conservative. Catering to the Liberal readers will not increase your readership. They are finite in number. It is apparent whoever selects these non-local editorials and AP articles does not realize its potential audience. On the streets I hear of those who refer to this newspaper as a "Liberal rag". Try a little balance.

Why do I subscribe? For the LOCAL news. Take the approach sports writers use in covering two local teams competing - they don't take sides.

Emile Pope

Calling something a lie doesn't make it so.

Carlos Ponce

"Calling something a lie doesn't make it so." So, Emile admits that list of "lies" allegedly told by President Trump and posted by WAPO and NYT aren't really "lies".

Dalton Logan

Remember you are the one who said that[beam]

Dalton Logan

This statement is for Emile.

Gary Miller

Emile> I called it a lie when CNN reported Tuesday PM that 30 American service members were killed in the rocket attack. It was a lie because it was a lie. CNN lies.

Dan Freeman

Mr. Miller you seem to have a special edition of CNN because here is what they printed Tuesday morning:

If you're just waking up, here's what's happening

Iran launched a ballistic missile attack at two Iraqi bases which house US troops in the early hours of Wednesday morning local time.

Here is what you need to know now:

More than a dozen missiles struck the al-Asad airbase in Iraq, along with several places in Erbil, but no casualties have been reported.

Iraq gave the US advance warning about the strikes, according to security sources, after being informed about them by Iran.

There are lies, damn lies and fake news, but in this case CNN was spot on.

Carlos Ponce

The correspondent who reported 30 American casualties was Ali Arouzi, NBC Tehran Bureau Chief reported on MSNBC.

Bailey Jones

Which would you prefer to read - an editorial that reinforces everything you believe, or one that challenges you with alternative opinions and information? I prefer the latter. It allows me to hone my own ideas against opposing ideas - and if those ideas are based on genuine facts and rational thought - to incorporate that into my own understanding of the world. And if those ideas are specious, and based on easily provable falsehoods (as is often the case), I note the source, and use that while considering anything else they might say later. But there's nothing better than reading something that offers new information, or new and interesting ideas and viewpoints. Assuming, of course, that you have an interest in the ideas and viewpoints of others.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, I would prefer "balance" as stated in my first post. The print edition is largely biased against Trump, the Republican Party and Conservatives - not necessarily by local writers, editors, but by the "outside" sources of articles and editorials.

Emile Pope

"Balance" is garbage. The fact that someone is corrupt does not obligate the media to balance news about them with false news saying they are not. People want the truth not false equivalencies...apparently truth is the enemy of trump, the repubs, and conservatives.

Jim Claffy

Emile, why the editors/moderators of these boards continue to approve your posts is beyond me. You are the very definition of an internet troll. Rarely do you offer any facts (or even compelling thoughts) to support your case. Instead, you employ the proverbial 'drive-by' tactics so often used by today's liberal, partisan, Trump-hating, agenda-driven media. You hit 'em and move on to your next target without any attempt to defend you position.

Carlos Ponce

"The fact that someone is corrupt does not obligate the media to balance news about them with false news saying they are not." How about telling the truth. MSNBC reported Iran News reporting 30 Americans were killed during their ballistic missile barrage. The caveat this was Iranian News was there but then the idiot correspondence added his own two cents stating we had "stepped over the precipice".

Just think if you had family stationed on this base. The FAKE NEWS about American deaths would devastate those families.

There is much good the Trump administration has done. But Emile and others who read this paper never read it. They just read negative distortions from anti-Trump AP group like Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward.

Emile Pope

Perhaps because I don't devote entire letters to insulting people I disagree with. Or wish them to be silenced. It's called tolerance. When you have the truth and facts on your side, you welcome the discussion. If you don't, well...

Carlos Ponce

As for me Emile, I don't wish for people to be silenced. What I want is BALANCE. But you apparently don't believe in it.

Emile Pope

No I don’t...

jimmy winston

So they just let anyone write in now? This is just a list of whataboutisms.

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