In response to the letter by Louis Cascarelli ("I'll vote my Christian conscious on Election Day," The Daily News, Oct. 10): It seems a proclaimed Christian would be quoting and voting the teachings of Jesus Christ. Maybe he should read Bill Tinsley’s column ("Was Jesus right?" The Daily News, Sept. 21).

As a follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings, he recommends reading Matthew chapters 5 through 7 to know what Jesus expects of his followers.

I would also suggest Matthew chapter 25:35-40. Those verses tell us how to take care of Jesus Christ.

Linda Butler



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Christine Mangle

Well said! I’ve noticed a lot of “Christians” who like to talk the talk but not walk the walk. Jesus would weep at many of our current national policies.

Carlos Ponce

All will judged but not by you nor me.

Kelly Willis

The Bible is full of God talking about the various nations and even about how they should not mix. There are verses regarding following the laws of the land and how that’s important. What people fail to see is that in Revelations it talks about one world government in the last days. How people will listen more to lies than truth. How people will use the real truth in distortions. People are instructed to love, give, take care of, etc...the needy. Nowhere in the Bible does it say all nations should come together and accept everyone from other nations. It doesn’t address the evil intentions of many going to other nations to cause harm. It is EXTREMELY irresponsible for some to simply pull out a few verses and try to use those for an agenda or to back up their political beliefs with. People in the US are very giving. It is not the government’s right to take from some to give to others. Christ calls on us to do this but never addresses a nation to force us. So please just stop trying to make the Bible your political ‘tool’...

Mike Zeller

Kelly Willis says, "Do as I say, not as I do".

Kelly Willis

That’s what you read into what I said? My point is that the Bible instructs us all on what we should do and it doesn’t just limit it to a few verses. It goes into more than just those few and NONE of us should try and use it as a political tool. The simple fact of the matter is that neither party would be considered following the Bible these days so there is not a person anywhere that has the right to get on some moral high horse and try to condemn others.

Bailey Jones

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, nurse the sick, have compassion for those incarcerated, welcome the stranger in your land. These are Christian values. All else is self righteous meanness.

Carlos Ponce

Jesus directs INDIVIDUALS to do this, not governments. Is that going to be your answer on judgement day, " I trusted my government to take care of that through my taxes" ? Really? Notice Conservatives give MORE of their time, talent and treasure than their Liberal friends.

Paul Hyatt

And tell us all about how much you do these things? We do welcome strangers into our land that FOLLOW the LAW.... Most today are illegals. Why do you lock your doors at your home and car? If you do why can't our nation lock its doors and only allow people in as we can accommodate........

KA Rex

I lock my house and car because of the good old American born criminals. It would be interesting to see how many undocumented persons have been charged with B and E in Galveston County versus those born in the USA.

George Croix

The illegal aliens already did a B&E at the BORDER when they entered illegally...
That's why it's called is correct, though, that millions of them are 'undocumented' illegals, as it's anybody's guess how many are, but all who entered without permission are matter how much PC is piled on, that fact remains....

We do not, as a for instance, charge people with undocumented possession of stolen property.....
Of course, step one to problem solving is call the problem what it is, so, only about half the country wants the problem solved.......the other half wants that first half to help pay for them, though......doesn't quite seem fair................

George Croix many are HERE....

Close enough.....

Jarvis Buckley

Get the clothes & food head to 25th & Broadway. Bring money also. They will as for that.

George Croix

When politicians, and we the people, can figure out how to replicate Jesus miracle of using a few loaves and fishes to feed thousands and do so with what money is available, it will be a new ball game.
Until then, the harsh reality is that we have to PAY for all the things we think would just be great and kind and 'the right thing' to do.
Life as we live it now, with the time in which Jesus lived long gone, is not able to be lived on a one-off.
We have to stretch resources, or take on more debt, and then make the next generation stretch their resources even harder...and so on.....
The reality of the situation is we, worldwide, must operate as if we were all in a lifeboat, not sitting under a money tree..
We can either save some, or none...but only rarely all......
There it is.................

Gary Scoggin

Isn’t it interesting how we all read the same Bible but come up with different interpretations? It almost seems as if God intended it to be that way.

George Croix

You are a cornucopia of insight, Gary.....[beam]
A brain and the free will to use it if the owner so decides was the greatest intention of all...imo....

Victor Krc

So, who has the authority to interpret the Bible anyway? It's not just our brains because we know we can be misled by our own thinking. Many people will swear they have the guidance of the Holy Spirit but will come to contradictory interpretations of what Scripture means. If you believe that Jesus taught us the truth then that truth is an objective truth that can be known to all. The Holy Spirit will lead us to all truth, but God cannot contradict himself. So, again, who has the authority to interpret Scripture? It all comes down to authority.

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