This letter is about the new trees on Avenue S in Galveston. Let's hope that palm trees won't be included. Birds don't even like them.

Moreover, the palm tree fronds litter our streets creating hazards.

Patricia Holleman



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Steve Fouga

I disagree. Palm trees should be planted wherever the opportunity presents itself. Much better choice than almost anything else, for the coastal environment. They are attractive and give the sense of an island resort community.

I have 3 huge live oaks on my property. I wish they were Canary Island date palms.

Jarvis Buckley

Live Oaks & Bald Cypress are as southern coastal as palms. But I love palms also.

Priscilla Files

Palms are not included on the slate of trees offered to residents. Also we plant trees that will be less than 25’ - 30’ in height at maturity on the sides of the road that have power lines in accordance to “Right Tree; Right Place” Practices.

George Croix

Good luck with attempting to guess eventual size of a tree based on what it's 'official' maturity dimensions are listed as...especially oaks.
EVERY one we had planted on our lot is now WAAAY bigger than it was ever supposed to be......even had to cut down a 28" base one due to constant massive fallout in the pool and the roots breaking the deck, and it was planted further away than the 'maximum' distance it was ever supposed to need for canopy overhang.
$300 bucks to have the tree planted 30 years ago, and $1200 to have it cut down and hauled away.....I'm pretty sure that was a loser......

Gary Miller

Right tree, Right place? Truth is even the right tree in the wrong place is just a big weed. Palms? The biggest known form of GRASS is a roach hotel. Some birds like hunting roaches in palm trees. Bald Cypress, longer living are more cold, storm,drougth and salt tolerant provides more shade and less mess.

Jarvis Buckley

Gary , I use the leaves from my bald cypress to mulch our flower beds.
Beautiful reddish orange mulch. Works & looks great. Cost nothing👍
Plan some bald cypress , you will be glad you did.

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