Sounds like most Galveston County residents were as shocked as I was when they opened their 2020 appraisal values.

Now I know 2019 was a fairly good year, but I don’t think that can justify a 230 percent increase in the land value for my home.

Yes, 230 percent — it's not a typo.

That doesn't make sense to me; nor does the fact that they lowered my home value by 35 percent.

Now you put those two together and it turns out to be a 10 percent overall increase. It's not 9.9 percent or 10.1 percent but exactly 10 percent.

My neighbor one street over had her home appraisal go up 210 percent. It had been the same for several years, but 210 percent?

Our next door neighbor’s property on one side went up 28 percent, the other side 22 percent.

I want to thank our government officials for reaching out to the governor in hopes of freezing our appraisals to the 2019 rates.

I truly hope the governor acts on this situation and saves us a lot of time protesting these ridiculous increases during these difficult times we're going through.

Carl Joiner



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jimmy winston

Wait I thought the GOP was for lower taxes??? I cant wait to see the mental gymnastics the comment section performs in order to defend the GOP in this one.

Carlos Ponce

Why do you think Republican Mark Henry is fighting to at least FREEZE your property taxes, Jimmy?

PD Hyatt

Maybe what could happen since the property values skyrocketed is that the cities, COM, Water Districts and School districts could cut back on their tax rates to help people.... After all they are all going to get a windfall with this huge increase in property taxes! That could help everyone, but I do not expect any of them to help us....

David Hardee

This condition has been a plague on property owners (mostly long term homeowners) for decades. When will we stop individually filing appeals and bitching every year. Do we have to form up into a parade of disgruntled citizens carrying signs and shouting slogans. That will give the Daily News some titillating reporting. The Daily News - our megaphone to abusive powers - has printed our bitching "letter to editor", "Guest column" and comments for decades. But has yet to mount an investigative reporting on the obviously abusive Property Tax fiasco. The 4th Estates privileges under the Constitution are being wasted. Our "Public Servants" serve themselves and we can't vote wisely enough to get rid of the pandering politicians. So the parade, signs and shouting, if we could find enough courageous citizens, will be the only option. Shane on us.

Wayne D Holt

David, just a reminder: over 65 or disabled can use the tax deferral process available on the county website with a one-page form. It doesn't eliminate the tax burden, obviously, but for those who are being inexorably squeezed and perhaps fear losing their home in their old age, the Texas legislature has made this option available since the late 1970s, I believe. It allows for a 100% deferral of property tax payments on a primary homestead until the owner dies or leaves the property; it also can be rolled over to a surviving spouse. It is so effective it will even stop a tax foreclosure dead in its tracks. No one who qualifies and is facing the loss of their home due to unpaid taxes need worry if they avail themselves of this option.

Terri Abraham

I never heard of that. I knew you could get a freeze on the tax increase at 65, but not that you could stop paying the tax. I have a few years to go before I hit 65, but this is interesting.

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