Terry Card’s (“Green New Deal would devastate most homeowners,” The Daily News, May 22-23) employs typical scare tactics of those opposed to change. The continued use of “alternate facts” is just tiring.

There will be no invasions, just more attempts to turn buzzwords into epithets. The rest of us will choose infrastructure and transportation that require less maintenance, giving big savings to consumers at all price points.

Pamela Zuteck

Clear Lake Shores


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Carlos Ponce

"The continued use of 'alternate facts' is just tiring." Then quit using them, Pamela.

Charles Douglas

They remind me of an old movie I watched years ago which is still shown once or twice a year. It was called the " POD PEOPLE." Aliens came in and took over the bodies and minds of certain people and they started acting like rebellious fools wanting to change everything! They started serving masters they could not see! That movie was based on reality, because that is exactly what's happening even now! ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 ) " In whom the God of this world has blinded the minds of them who believe not......."

Like now, our energy sources need to be changed suddenly, I wonder why GOD did not think of that? Our Math is Racist, our history is wrong, Our White students are not Liberal enough! Our Senate stinks, our Supreme Court all screwed up, and our Constitution with It's Amendments are useless, because they do not blend with the Communist/ Socialist naritive or idelogy! Now, you take Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, or Red China, .... these are countries we need to look to! Who would not support a country which has essentially enslaved part of it population, compelling them to grind-out work making goods that helps makes Red China rich? The author of this Op-Ed made a reference saying no invasion was coming, ..[censored]...we are already being INVADED, by individuals of like minds, who have lost control. They have lost the love they once had for this country,.. it is all about politics & power! I love D.J. Trump, for what he did for minorities, and Americans in general, also for what he did for America! If he did half of what Beijing Joe has done in five months sitting in the.Oval Office, there would be no way in the universe I'd even think about supporting a man who would do to America, what Joe and Kamala have done, and that is straight-up for real!

Dr. MLK once said, " I will not allow any man to pull me down so low, as to make me hate him!" Yet the LEFT is busy today pitting race against race, BLACK against WHITE, BLACK against ASIANS, JEWS against Islaam. Joe China is.perpetuating war in the Middle East by giving billions of dollars to terrorists, who uses the fund to buy weapons to attack Israel with and " meddle" in other parts of the world! All that now is on Joe and his radical Junta who is in charge of him.

Dwight Burns

It is sad and dangerous to our Democracy so many continue to repeat the 'Big LIe'

Trump and his minions continue to spread.

Carlos Ponce

What will you do when what you call the "Big Lie" is actually the "Huge Truth"?

Stuart Crouch

Tiresome, indeed, but only to those accepting of reality and the truth. Pathetic.

Carlos Ponce

Keep digging that hole Stuart!

Michael Jozwiak

Some people are so 'dug in' that they don't accept progress or science.

Carlos Ponce

Some people are so 'dug in' that they call propaganda "science".

Craig Mason

Some people are so dug in that they deny that vaccines are effective.

Carlos Ponce

The efficacy rate for each show they are not 100% effective. I hope you and yours fall into the effective range.

Charles Douglas

I wonder whose science or progress has deduced that GOD made a WHITE child to be inherently racist? Yet We have hundreds of thousands of LEFTIST WHITE men and women going alone with this LEFTIST BS!!! It is SIC-NY-FYING, a disgrace, and disrespectful to GOD almighty!

Bailey Jones

Who tells you this nonsense, Charles?

Charles Douglas

The Cult46, crew currently occupying the Oval Office. You called it right to Mr. Jones! Everything coming out of there is pure nonsense! Since the Big Tech & Fake News Media won't hold them accountable, somebody needs to expose, or give voice to "THEIR NONSENSE" so that the public can beware....[thumbup][thumbup] [beam]

Ted Gillis

Carlos is still waiting for his stock in buggy whips to turn around. He’s a true believer, unlike the rest of us.

Carlos Ponce

Ted Gillis lying again.

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