What do you tell unvaccinated people who want to return to work in your business?

You tell them this: "You don't have the right to come in here and endanger the lives of your fellow employees or our customers. Get vaccinated or go away and stay away."

Kevin Moran



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Carlos Ponce

Typical Kevin Moran rant devoid of reality, science or sense.

Gary Scoggin

So what would you tell them?

Carlos Ponce

"So what would you tell them?" Consult your health care provider.


Anti Vaccine and flag burners have a special place, just not my place.

Jarvis Buckley

If you are vaccinated you are protected. Quit worrying about other people. You take care of your business. Let them take care of their business. This is a democracy.

Ted Gillis

And you were all making such a fuss about Colin Kapernick taking a knee during the national anthem a few years back. Such hypocrites.

You take care of your business Buster and let rest of us take care of ours (which as you guessed, doesn’t include you!).

We insist that the unvaccinated stay the heck away from us.

Yes, this still is democracy.

Pete Nanos

If it'd your business you should be able to dictate the rules. (smoking or non smoking, dress code, etc.) You only run into problems when you get into religion, race, or other protected areas and it wouldn't surprise me if this whole vaccine thing becomes a protected area one way or the other. We allowed ourselves to be dictated to and we are now paying a price for that.

Tony Brown

To me, people - especially those in high risk groups - who decide not to get vaccinated are simply an example of Darwinism in action. To those of us who are vaccinated, COVID-19 is now somethinig in the rearview mirror. Time to look forward.

Carlos Ponce

Sometimes the decision of a person in a high risk group not to get vaccinated is following the advice of their personal health provider. Don't judge.

Carol Dean

Considering the false information that we have been fed from the WHO, CDC, Big Pharma, Fauci and others...it is quite obvious that FEAR is the largest “controlling “ agent!

Even now they do not want people to know that the number of deaths from the “Wu/flu” is so insignificant that it is almost impossible to measure.

Bailey Jones

"number of deaths from the “Wu/flu” is so insignificant that it is almost impossible to measure" is a false statement. It's actually quite easy to do. And the numbers are accurate. I've analyzed them myself, twice over the last year.

Carlos Ponce

The CDC reports only 6% are only from the virus. That's the SCIENCE.

Bailey Jones

Carlos, I've explained this to you twice. I know it's math and you don't get it, but the numbers don't lie.

Carlos Ponce

The CDC math is right. Bailey has a mental block preventing him from seeing it.

Carol Dean

BJ, it is less then 99.6% in regards to incurable cases of deaths. You might want to venture out from your "Safe Space" and learn about the Frontline Doctors and especially Simone Gold. Several of the doctors actually live and practice within the area. Dr. Robin Armstrong was responsible for saving the lives of many people at the Nursing Home in Texas City. Yes, he used Hydroxychloroquine!

Thomas Carpenter

Hydroxychloroquine, as good a cure for Covid 19 as drinking bleach and shining a black light up one's derriere ... thank you Orange Retard, former guy, disgraced has-been and wannabe dictator Cadet Bonespurs.

Carlos Ponce

And Thomas Carpenter adds to his Liberal cesspool of lies.

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