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Charles Douglas

First ofnall, there were organized radical infiltrators sent in to disrupt and destroy using the disguise of MAGA hats and gas masks, possessing hammers along with other materials such as home made bombs stored in backpacks ...using everything to point at Trump supporters and blame them for the attack on the Washington Capitol.

We learned now that the FBI, and other agencies knew, or had reason to know in advance that an attack on the Capitol was being planned and forthcoming, but nothing was said or done about anything concerning it. No warnings or dialog with Trump nor his administration about any of it. No warnings to the area or Capitol Police either!

IT was another almost perfect frame job perpetrated against this man just like the Russian Hoax. I have been around for a while, and their is no hate which I have seen this intense or horrific in my life unless you count the hate displayed during segregation and slavery in this nation's past!

This is despicable, outrageous, and pathetic that this kind of HATE grounded in politics and an unquenchable thirst for power and control could manifest to this level, ....in this day and time. It is very unnatural and very SATANIC! Pretty soon the LEFT is going to find out that outlying hate groups like BLM & ANTIFA have used them for their purposes, instead of the other way around. I think the the Radical LEFT has opened up a door which will never be closed again. They have started something that is going to cause this country and maybe this world GREAT PAIN and SUFFERINGS! Be kind enough to remember you heard it here first!

Gary Miller

Charles> Say it true again. The same groups that rioted, looted and burned all year infiltrated the DC rally and turned a peaceful rally into a riot. MSM doesn't even report they had said two days before they would be there and cause trouble.

Ted Gillis

You lost me mister minister when you said that you were guided by hope and optimism and in that spirit we saw on Jan. 6. Really? I only saw hate.

Carlos Ponce

"I only saw hate." - Ted, you see what you seek.

Gary Miller

Yes hate by same people who burned, looted and rioted for a year. No hate from Conservatives. MAGA/Patriots were peaceful as usual.

Charles Douglas

Somebody said once "Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it!"

Now! JOE CHINA takes over next week! Come now let us see....What the great China Joe is going to do to make things all better! Trump will not be around to lie on, to cheat, conspire against, or to commit fraud against! Now the NITTY IS COMING TO THE GRITTY!

Come-on DEMS,....the ball is in YOUR hands and it is the fourth-quarter! They just started the game clock! Lets see what YALL GOT! Don't mess up Now! Dont raise my taxes and pay me my money!

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