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Doyle Beard

Toyya i agree wholeheartedly. It only makes cood sense to give a little space. I wa involved in a 21 ca r pileup on the Katy freeway once. I was the 2nd vehicle in this mess and did not hit the car in front due to the space I had left. Guess what I was the only one who did not hit the car in front. 19 cars hit the vehicle in front of them.The #1 vehicle is the only one who did not sustain and damage. I was hit from behind. I have been driving for 54 years and still leave a safe distance between me and the car in front which also leaves you a little space for the car in back of you if something happens and they cant stop if needed. I been there also. wish more people would do this common sense thing..

Carlos Ponce

While taking Driver's Ed in High School in the early 1970s I was taught to allow one car length for every 10mph of speed under ideal driving conditions. But try doing that. Someone will always jump in to fill in the gap. Currently I try to equalize the distance in front with the distance in back to the next car. If I'm the only car on the road or the next car in front or in back is at a great distance I maintain the speed limit. Having a heavy foot I like to use "cruise control".

Wendy Knight

I agree with you Toyya. I think you labeled it correctly as Bullying! The tailgating is not as common in other parts of Texas like San Antonio. It seems to be really bad in Houston. If these drivers don't care about their own safety, I wish they would consider being polite to our tourists! Houston & Galveston depend on tourism dollars for our jobs, but we are not really welcoming those tourists if they are on the road. I have family that doesn't like to visit because the crazy drivers here. Let's be kind on the road. Let's drive like you're saying, "Welcome to Houston, Stay awhile and spend your money"!

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