I've visited Texas several times, notably for a friend's wedding in Galveston in the early 1990s in October. I wondered at the time why those in my party were the only ones in the water. Later I learned that the water was considered too cold at that time of the year except for those of us from the north.

My partner and I are on the lookout for warm climates to visit while in the depth of New England winters, but I can assure you we will not spend our hard earned vacation dollars in Galveston — or anywhere in Texas for that matter — after learning of your miserable treatment of a black man led by mounted police officers.

This treatment is colder than any New England winter, and as a white man who will marry a black woman, I'm deeply offended by this overtly racist treatment of a detainee. I'm certain that if the offender were white the perp walk pictured would never have happened.

Those responsible for this violation of Donald Neely's civil rights should be perp walked as he was. Please try to be civil in the future.

Erik Doolittle

Brernardston, Massachusetts

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Craig Mason

I agree with you, you shouldn’t come to Galveston. We don’t want folks who jump to conclusions and pronounce people guilty without due process. So just stay where you are and I will stay where I am.

Claudia Burnam

Agree 100%! E G Wiley

Gary Miller

Agree! Your welcome has been rejected.

Carlos Ponce

Erik Doolittle, that's your choice. It's my choice never to visit Brernardston, Massachusetts. Seems there are some prejudiced people there based on the contents of your letter.

Bailey Jones

You do have to wonder about a guy who chooses to live in a town that's 97% white, with a grand total of 4 blacks in it, such as Bernardston, MA.

Don Schlessinger


Chris Tucker

Mr. Doolittle if this situation regarding what did or did not happen weren't so serious I would find your non-fact based, indignant, holier than thou, righteous position hilarious as you have selectively forgotten some of the most significant and violent racist

Gary Scoggin

Despite the seriousness of the situation, I must admit I do find his "non-fact based, indignant, holier than thou, righteous position" hilarious.

Michael Byrd

Well... bye.

David Medina

You’re logic: All white cops in Texas are stereotyping black men. I’ll stereotype against all Texans. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Miceal O'Laochdha

I have been to various cities in Massachusetts, including Boston (home of the worst anti-busing violence in the US) and Salem (home of the Witch Trials, so egregious that the term has entered popular lexicon for eternity). I have managed to avoid Massachusetts for about four decades now and intend to keep it that way. If you are looking for somewhere warm to go in the winter, try El Salvador.

Kelly Naschke

Mr Doolittle, you were replaced by thousands of Hispanics that packed east beach yesterday. They apparently didn’t suck up the divisive, racist rhetoric like you did. They were welcomed to the island with open arms. Stay in Massachusetts.

Brent Broussard

Oh no. What will Galveston do without you visiting every 30 years??

Bailey Jones

Sorry you won't be visiting. BTW, you spelled your home town wrong.

Wayne Holt

"Those responsible for this violation of Donald Neely's civil rights..."

Wish this was at the beginning of his letter rather than the end. I could have stopped right there, as Mr. Doolittle obviously knows even less.

Charles Douglas

Ahhhhh Doooo! Come on and pay us a visit. You might find that it is not so bad here once you get to know us! Come on Dooo! I will pay for the trip if you come! It will be FREE! I KNOW you like free stuff, free Medicare, free college, free housing, ... I'll pay for a FREE TRIP Too! This deal is good for six hours!

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