Critical "what" theory? One of the principle tenants of critical race theory defines white ethnicity as somehow being supreme and racist — "very bad things." There's only one race, human.

The push to thoroughly integrate CRT into early education curriculums, shaming children into believing they're "privileged," therefore racist, has been in full swing for many years now. I have a 26-year-old nephew who's convinced the prison population demographics are a direct result of racism by whites who run the law.

OK, raise your hand if you chose your birth parents. Not possible, you had no choice of skin color. And if found guilty of a serious crime, you're going to prison.

Lastly, there's no critical thinking going on in CRT teachings (read the biased texts your children are being taught). There's only one race comprised of multiple skin colors and no new evidence to support a theory that birth parents conspired to produce a white supremacist.

We need a counter argument that's not wrapped around teaching loathing, victimization or entitlement based on skin color. Teach content of character versus skin color, as Martin Luther King Jr. prescribed. Add an honor code: don't lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do. Gig'em!

Michael Speck



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(40) comments

Michael Woodson

critical race theory does not actually say any of that. Try finding primary sources to back up your claims, (ie find CRT texts making the claims you attribute, rather than political operatives trying to discredit it) and you will see this for yourself.

Carlos Ponce

If, as you post, Critical Race Theory does not "exactly" say any of that the concept has been hijacked by extreme Leftist and interpreted as such. Very Marxist, very racist, very bad... EVIL!!!!!

Raymond Lewis

"Very Marxist, very racist, very bad... EVIL!!!!!". Something fits that description I'm sure. It would help if you knew anything, any thing about what you speak.

Carlos Ponce

Raymond, I know of what I speak.

Ed Buckner

Raymond Lewis--that's not a prerequisite, in his opinion, for Carlos Ponce posts.

Charles Douglas

I agree, "CRT" is the scourge of the earth and a tool of Satan effectively being used to divide the RACE, ...Race-Baiting, ...playing the Race-Card and so on!

These LEFTISTS here are worst than John Brown ever was, but they signify and implicate the destruction and bloodshed he did, which could be on the way in our future! ILHAN OMAR...who came here as a refugee, scared, poor, and hungry, ..SUCKED up all the milk and honey, and amenities America had to give one in her condition,.. she now compares America to TERROIST nations!

I hate ungratefulness, worst than almost anything! This coming from one who is now a member of the US Congress! God put parents in this world to nurture, and train up their children, and NOT the [censored][censored] government or teacher's unions! Maybe I need to say that again!

We have a so called President now who bellows out every chance he gets, that "AMERICA IS BACK!" Back to what? Kissing everybody's rear end? Paying everybody's bills? Being everybody's chump? We have military people occupying Germany today, and Germany is working against us with Russia, Iran, and China! Yet we have American troops there to protect them while they stab us in the back every chance they get,... EVER ...CHANCE ...THEY... GET!

Bible prophecy indicates that Germany or GOMER, will be one of the nations.. which in the ladder days will join Magog/RUSSIA in attacking ISRAEL, to their own destruction!

The LEFT is hyperventilating, because even with the South Border wide open with illegals flooding across from all over the world unimpeded, Hispanics already here are rebelling against their sick ideology, consisting of stirring up and agitating the emotions of African-Americans, starting a one party rule here, destroying the police, and the constitution! Most illegals and refugees come here for those things which they did not have in the places they ran from!

We have a BLACK Conservative Congressman who was refused membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, Because he is conservative! We have Black Americans who are said to not be "BLACK" ..if they did not vote for a KKK affiliated RACIST who is occupying the Oval Office at the present! We have those in this nation who are being spied on, canceled out, censored, fired from jobs, and kicked out of universities because they are not LEFTIST Liberals!

Lastly, we have an idiot serving as The Secretary of Defense, calling our military out for having enemies among them because of their embracing conservative views! All this, yet my love for this nation has not wavered!

Ed Buckner

Charles Douglas, why do the pretend-we're-not heathens rage so? Try reality--it's refreshing.

Mary Godfrey

Interpretation and reality are two different things.

Emilio Nicolas

Except that he did NOT say "exactly". You wrote that.

Carlos Ponce

The quotation marks were not to say the statement was verbatim but to draw emphasis.

Ed Buckner

No Carlos Ponce, the "hijacking has been almost entirely by the far right, who literally just make stuff up about CRT. For anyone honestly interested in what it's really about, see --

Carlos Ponce

Opinion from theNew York Times???? Thanks for the joke, Ed Buckner![beam]

Ed Buckner

Notice please, fans of Carlos Ponce, that Mr. Ponce does not argue at all with what Charles Blow wrote, only ridiculing the place where it was published. Mr. Ponce is apparently not fond of actually having to grapple with facts, argument, logic, or evidence. It's so much easier, if useless, to piously declare that a source is suspect without actual comprehension or reflection.

Carlos Ponce

Ed Buckner, Jesus misses you! Please talk with him.

Mary Godfrey

I agree.

Ed Buckner

Michael Woodson--yes.

Gary Miller

CRT is the product of the same people who call all GOP racists. No more accurate but being forced on schools by union meddling in society's morals.

Bailey Jones

Don't lie, cheat, steal... And don't tell your kids how their white ancestors did all of these things...

Charles Douglas

I didn't tell my kids that about their White ancestors from Ireland, Wales, or Scotland, Nigeria, Kenya, nor Tanzania! I taught them to look unto the hills from whence cometh their help from GOD, and respect others rights! I did that because GOD is our source, and our provider, and everything and everybody else's can only be provisions ....or resources! Another thing, EVERYBODY HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF GODS EXPECTAIONS AND GLORY, not just WHITE PEOPLE!

I tell the Hispanics in my family, and the half Hispanics to be proud of their heritage, and learn Spanish! I tell the Whites and half whites, African Americans and half African-Americans the same! I don't go for this division CRAP, which many seems to embrace today, I did not go for it in Mississippi and Louisiana, years ago with WHITE Racists, and I did not go for it years ago.. 35 miles from the Vietnam DMZ with when I dealt with BLACK RACISTS! See, I despise RACISTS! Everytime I put my [censored] on the line It was GOD who had my back! I'm free, and I act and talk like I'm free! No "MO" chains on Me![wink]

Bailey Jones

lol - OK, no history lessons for the Douglas kids.

Ed Buckner

Bailey Jones, commandments to live by.

Carlos Ponce

An Atheist telling us about commandments? Is this another joke?

Ed Buckner

The joke is on you, Mr. Ponce. This atheist (I don't capitalize the word, though some atheists I know do) has a long, rich, nuanced history of grappling with morality and human decency, as well as knowing that some Christian believers think it makes sense to command "Exodus 23:19. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk," but to fail to command, anywhere in any Bible verse, that women and children be treated as full human beings or that slavery is immoral. Mr. Ponce is the one probably guilty of much more arbitrary ethical relativism than I am. I wonder if he has read the stirring works of Christians Thornton Stringfellow or James Henry Hammond eloquently defending human slavery as a moral, God-given, biblically sanctioned, practice. Not a joke.

Carlos Ponce

The Santa Fe High School killer was atheist.

Ed Buckner

Carlos Ponce, you continue to dodge and weave and fail to even try to answer. I know about the Santa Fe school shooting, but not much about the shooter. Perhaps he was an atheist (Carlos Ponce's testimony is not credible, but perhaps he is/was), but he was also an American and a male. Neither is relevant merely becuase Ponce asserts that it is. Same with whether he was an atheist. Hitler called himself a follower of Christ and slaughtered millions--does that make Christianity to blame? And of course Ponce said not a single word about whether he accepts the Bible's support for slavery or--like this atheist--thinks slavery is patently immoral. Is Ponce a cafeteria Christian, who picks and chooses commandments as it suits him? Or...?

Carlos Ponce

The Santa Fe High School killer was atheist.

Mary Godfrey


I am always puzzled when intelligent people think CRT teaches victimization.

[Without getting bogged down in a complicated and concrete definition (which in and of itself would take much too much time) there are basically 5 tenets of CRT:

(1) the centrality and intersectionality of race and racism

(2) challenge to the dominant ideology

(3) the commitment to social justice

(4) the importance of experiential knowledge

(5) the use of interdisciplinary perspectives.

It is not as complicated as it may sound.]

IMO, CRT educationally and intellectually leads one in the opposite direction of victimization. It teaches one group how strong they have been over the centuries despite the challenges they and their ancestors have faced; and it teaches the other group that the historical myths that we all have grown up listening to and believing and acting upon need to be tempered with historical AND anecdotal evidence.

As much as I try to see “the other side” of the argument against CRT, I just don’t understand it. How can teaching your children history based on facts make them victims? Should we only allow our kids to hear feel good stories about our mutual history? How will they be harmed, for instance, if they find out that Chris Columbus discovered nothing? Will they be harmed if they learn that Indigenous people were not all savages and the trek Westward and the “manifest destiny” period in Anerica could only happen if Indigenous people were eliminated? Will they be harmed if they learn that there was no such thing as a happy slave when in fact slavery was a lifelong state of being and the only way out was successfully running away-OR death? Will they be harmed if they learn that the greatest peacemaker in modern times-MLK, Jr., was in addition to being a preacher/pastor was a learned scholar? And that he fought for civil rights AND human rights?

It is admirable to sing 🎶 We are the World and 🎶 Kumbaya My Lord and chant ALL Lives Matter until we get hoarse. And it is admirable that at home color is not a deciding factor in our interpersonal interactions. Sadly, though, some people in America ONLY see color. There are SOME people who will label them in a way that might be detrimental to their safety and well being. What’s that old saying? It doesn’t matter what the law says on a piece of paper. it doesn’t even matter what the Constitution says. What matters is what does the cab driver think of you when he passes you by as you flag him down? (Of course this was before Uber and Lyft). How are you treated when you shop for clothes in a high end boutique, or go to buy an expensive car while casually dressed ? How are you treated when you are walking in an area that somebody thinks you don’t have a right to be in? How will you be treated by a cop who stops you because you drive that expensive car that he thinks you have no right to own?

Those are some real life interactions that parents of children with melanin in their DNA worry about and accept as a reality at some point in their life. Naïveté can lead to something really bad happening. Just because we want to pretend past is not prologue doesn’t make the past go away. How can we ever hope to change the mindset of the descendants of the oppressors if we don’t talk honestly about the oppression? Talking/learning about racism is not racist. And talking about victimization does not mean one is wallowing in victim hood.

Carlos Ponce

"Critical Race Theory is a Victimization Cult"

"Critical Race Theory, the New Intolerance, and Its Grip on America"

"crT underpins identity politics, which reimagines the U.S. as a nation riven by groups, each with specific claims on victimization."

Ed Buckner

Carlos Ponce, you continue to dodge and weave and fail to even try to answer. I know about the Santa Fe school shooting, but not much about the shooter. Perhaps he was an atheist (Carlos Ponce's testimony is not credible, but perhaps he is/was), but he was also an American and a male. Neither is relevant merely because Ponce asserts that it is. Same with whether he was an atheist. Hitler called himself a follower of Christ and slaughtered millions--does that make Christianity to blame? And of course Ponce said not a single word about whether he accepts the Bible's support for slavery or--like this atheist--thinks slavery is patently immoral. Is Ponce a cafeteria Christian, who picks and chooses commandments as it suits him? Or...?

Carlos Ponce

Ed Buckner, your Father who art in Heaven is calling you. You really should return His calls. But then again, that's your business. But as Christians we are obligated to spread the Good News!

Bailey Jones

No puzzle - there are elections to win. Fear wins elections, and here's nothing Republicans fear more than American history, hence - the boogieman du jour.

Personally, I think it's such a difficult issue because it's about America. Many Americans hold an almost religious belief in our nation's Immaculate Conception and any information to the contrary is seen as blasphemy, heresy, and/or treason. I understand that.

So, it can be instructive to take a step away. Instead of America's racial history, let's talk about Germany. Should Germans teach their kids about the Holocaust? If not, why not? If so - why?

How about today's Jews? What lesson should they take from 6,000,000 murders? Does the Holocaust still resonate in the Jewish community? What is the economic impact of so much death and displacement, and the theft of so much wealth and industry, on Jews living today? How culpable are the German people?

For that matter, how culpable are the American people? Antisemitism has a long history here and peaked during the prewar days. Remember that shipload of Jewish refugees we turned away and ended up in the death camps?

Oops - am I too close to home again?

I keep hearing that talk about America's racial crimes - and let's be clear, they are crimes - is divisive and racist. Is talk about the German genocide of the Jews divisive and racist? Won't learning that grandpa was in the Hitler Youth hurt little Maximilian's feelings? Make him feel guilty? The truth is, we don't really blame today's Germans for the Holocaust, nor do we blame today's Germany. Germany acknowledged its sins and atoned for them after the war and reinvented itself to ensure that the Holocaust never happens again. That's the crucial step in moving forward after something as horrific as the Holocaust. And that's the step that too many Americans are unwilling to take.

It's not about assigning guilt. I feel zero guilt about my slave-owning ancestors. Nor do I feel guilty about the white privilege that gave me segregated schools, homes, and jobs; I'm not responsible for the world I was born into. But I do acknowledge the sins of the past, and the residual sins of the present that infest so many of our institutions, and how I personally benefit from them. And I try to live a life that helps set the world right. That, I believe, is what America lacks, and where CRT leads - acknowledgment, atonement, and ultimately, reconciliation.

Charles Douglas

" Vengeance is mine saideth the LORD, I.....I.....I....I..... ( NOT YOU ) ...shall recompense!" The Lord did not place that in the Word because his work load was slow and he had time to dipsy-do around! The problem is people, and more So today,....Don't believe what the Word says, So they go off on all this worldly BS! I don't focus nor do I encourage any of my family to focus on what happened to my "Slave Ancestors." The Lord will rectify what needs rectifying, and Recompense what need Recompeancing! Now, for those who possess the ability to go back in time and change what happened, "HAVE AT IT!!!" [beam]

Mary Godfrey

The Holy Scripture says in Roman 14: If there is someone whose faith is weak, be kind and receive him. Do not argue about what he thinks. One man believes he may eat everything. Another man with weak faith eats only vegetables. The man who eats everything should not think he is better than the one who eats only vegetables. The man who eats only vegetables should not say the other man is wrong, because God has received him. Who are you to tell another person’s servant if he is right or wrong? It is to his owner that he does good or bad. The Lord is able to help him.

One man thinks one day is more important than another. Another man thinks every day is the same. Every man must be sure in his own mind.

The man who worships on a special day does it to honor the Lord. The man who eats meat does it to honor the Lord. He gives thanks to God for what he eats. The other man does not eat meat. In this way, he honors the Lord. He gives thanks to God also.

No one lives for himself alone. No one dies for himself alone. If we live, it is for the Lord. If we die, it is for the Lord. If we live or die, we belong to the Lord. Christ died and lived again. This is why He is the Lord of the living and of the dead. Why do you try to say your Christian brother is right or wrong? Why do you hate your Christian brother? We will all stand before God to be judged by Him. The Holy Writings say, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before Me. And every tongue will say that I am God.” Everyone of us will give an answer to God about himself.

So you should stop saying that you think other people are wrong. Instead, decide to live so that your Christian brother will not have a reason to trip or fall into sin because of you. Christ has made me know that everything in itself is clean. But if a person thinks something is not clean, then to him it is not clean. If your Christian brother is hurt because of some foods you eat, then you are no longer living by love. Do not destroy the man for whom Christ died by the food you eat. Do not let what is good for you be talked about as bad. For the holy nation of God is not food and drink. It is being right with God. It is peace and joy given by the Holy Spirit. If you follow Christ in these things, God will be happy with you. Men will think well of you also.

Work for the things that make peace and help each other become stronger Christians. Do not destroy what God has done just because of some food. All food is good to eat. But it is wrong to eat anything that will make someone fall into sin. Do not eat meat or drink wine or do anything else if it would make your Christian brother fall into sin. Keep the faith you have between yourself and God. A man is happy if he knows he is doing right. But if he has doubts about the food he eats, God says he is guilty when he eats it. It is because he is eating without faith. Anything that is not done in faith is sin.

Ed Buckner

Quite well written, Mr. Jones.

Ed Buckner

Well written/expressed, Ms. Godfrey.

Cary Semar

Alexander Pope said:

A little learning is a dangerous thing ;

Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring :

There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,

And drinking largely sobers us again.

Ted Gillis

You got “linked”, Raymond.

Raymond Lewis

Hmm. Not sure I understand. Should I be happy or sad?

Mary Godfrey

I admire the courage of these truth tellers. Whether we embrace CRT or not, history and experiences do not lie.

Ted Gillis

Be happy Raymond. Once you’ve worn Carlos down and he can’t continue to argue his point, he pastes in a bunch links.

You beat him.

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