Michael A. Smith made a few good points regarding the "Dignified Resignation" statue, but I did not like the implication that it appeared by magic during the Jim Crow era ("County must begin process to remove 'Dignified Resignation,'" The Daily News, June 27).

Let's remember, please, that before the Civil War, the Democrats were the party of slavery; and after the Civil War, the Democrats were the party of Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan. It was Democrat politicians who had this statue erected.

How ironic that today's Democrats claim to be offended by a statue put up by their own great-grandfathers.

Yale Woodford

Texas City


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Bailey Jones

Well, if Democrats put them up, you should be delighted that Democrats now want to take them down. And you're right - Republicans have no dog in this fight. Feel free to go about your own business and leave the fate of the statues to the descendants of those who erected them. We'll let you know what we decide.

Casey Alan

OK we all get it we all know 200 years ago Democrats we’re all about slaves. In the 60s era statues and Jim Crow. But guess what the Democrats have matured and grown and realized this was wrong. They are trying to correct the errors of their ways. Johnson was a Democrat he signed a bill to help the black people. Obama a black Democrat president. The days you talk about are long gone. So why are you so offended that they’re taking the statues down? It wasn’t your grandfathers. You should be proud that the Democrats are fixing it wrong.

Bailey Jones

Republicans harp on slavery because it's the only thing they can think of that's worse than the current administration.

Carlos Ponce


Ted Gillis

I agree, Bailey and Casey said it exactly correct. So please republicans, step aside and let us take our statues down. I only regret that it took us this long.

Bailey Jones

We promise - no more monuments to white supremacy. Also, we're giving Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida back to Native Americans, and taking Genocide Jackson off the $20 bill. Mea culpa.

Carlos Ponce

That picture you use, "American Gothic" is construed by many to be white supremacy. As a Liberal you are supposed to use a picture showing mixed races. A whites only avatar?

Bailey Jones

That icon goes back to my earliest internet days. My Aunt in rural Arkansas was in the local volunteer fire department. They would be burn down old structures, like churches, for practice. She sent me an email one day, "the weather was been fine this week, church burning is coming along". And it inspired the icon. So, you can see, Carlos, simple country folk burning down churches is part of my heritage.

I don't know of any, much less many, who associate the painting with white supremacy - but I suppose we each bring ourselves to what we see in art.

Joe Mancuso

Carlos is probably lying about that too.

Carlos Ponce

That's okay, Bailey. If you want to express your white heritage using that avatar the Constitution defends you.

Bailey Jones

I'm as white as the pure driven snow, Carlos. No need to hate me for it.

Carlos Ponce

Who's hating? If you want to express your white heritage in your avatar I have no problem with it. However, some might........

Carlos Ponce

I'll respond on this page to Gary Hoffman's Letter to the Editor " Letter Writer should study up on the 'Dixiecrats' ".

Gary writes, " I suggest that Woodford do a little research on the 'Dixiecrats' of that era and see where they are today."

Gary, the majority of Dixiecrats are DEAD. They're in cemeteries. The few that are still with us are Yellow Dog Democrats. And their descendants have their own lives to live. Nothing says they have to adhere to their parent's ideology.

What's sad is those who fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam against fascism and communism. Some of their descendants are fascists and communists.They are the Antifas and BLM of today.

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