There's a moral imperative to pass this planet to our children in better shape than we found it. But what the Biden administration is doing will harm America’s future. studied claims surrounding the Paris Climate Agreement goals and wrote, “The climate modeling nonprofit Climate Interactive found that national contributions made by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change parties to date, which include the Paris Agreement pledges, would result in roughly 3.3 celsius of warming above pre-industrial levels by 2100. That’s compared with 4.2 celsius of warming for business as usual.”

So, the net result is a reduction of 0.9 Celsius. Of course, others have different results but none claim any significant reduction in global temperatures.

Against this, President Biden pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions between 57 percent and 63 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. This policy will indisputably harm our manufacturing sector’s global competitiveness and cost Americans jobs.

The world’s largest polluter, China, can pollute to its heart’s content until 2030. By that time our manufacturing sector will likely be decimated.

The kicker? China negotiated the ability to tap into a $100 billion annual fund to assist them in becoming more green. That fund is subsidized by American taxpayers.

Dave Smith



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Bailey Jones

So I guess passing this planet to our children in better shape than we found it isn't such a moral imperative after all.

Carlos Ponce

The United States was reducing carbon emissions without belonging to the Paris Climate Accord which is nothing but a JOKE.

Norman Pappous

[thumbup] Carlos

Norman Pappous

Not for you if you think having China become the world's only superpower benefits humanity.

Bailey Jones

Norman, the country that wins the race to carbon-neutral energy will be the next superpower. This new paradigm will be as transformative as the internal combustion engine was in the age of steam, or as the PC was in the age of typewriters and adding machines. Some people believe that America isn't up to the challenge, I'm not among them.

Norman Pappous

the country that is left standing calls the winner. Right now battery technology cannot support the climate goals. I want a zero-carbon world. I want strong environmental rotections. But if china is allowed to pollute at will while other economies must adhere to carbon reduction standards, the country that is allowed to pollute and reap profits from their advantage wins. You think China is not celebrating this?

Charles Douglas

I remember reading an old African Proverb once which stuck with me. It went like this:

" It is bad not to know, but worse... not to want to know." That proverb came to mind because it is a fact that Red China manipulates the Paris Climate Accord the same way they do the WHO, or the World Health Organization! They are the power brokers! They control both! In both organizations China's participation and costs are next to nothing, but all the other powerful nations and especially the United States have to pay hundreds of billions of dollars annually covering the costs!

America bends over backwards in complying with goals and benchmark disciplines set up in order for the Paris Climate Accord, and the World Health Organization to be successful! It is like Trump once said, " America has some of the WORST negotiators of all times!" They proved that much with NAFTA! How in the [censored] ..they ended up acquiring the Louisiana Purchase, and other great deals, is only a guess!

Norman Pappous

[thumbup] Charles

George Laiacona

We must realize that there will always be two sides to every opinion. That’s why our paper has this column. Some of us believe the last administration was correct in the Republicans policies, then there are those who believe the Democrats have the right policies. Then ther are the Independent Americans that will be in a position to agree with either party depending on the current situation. If you are still set in your ways nothing written in the paper will change your mind. Expect untruths to take place and deal with it.!

Charles Douglas

I agree, We have a great Border policy, ...just great! Can't say how OUTSTANDING our border policy is in fact![wink]

Carlos Ponce

Just ask the experts, the USCBP (United States Customs and Border Patrol). They say things were not perfect but were much better under President Trump's policies.

Charles Douglas

I love those gasoline prices going sky high too, not to mention prices of food, and taxes going up as well! Yeah! I love it! People out of work waiting on fathom green jobs which are non existent! Yeah these policies are good ...So good! I imagine The Red Chinese are dancing in the streets of Beijing!!!!

Charles Douglas

"The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." .....Proverbs 22:7

The Borrower.........................United States Of America

Leander...................................Red China

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