Fifty-one cowardly liberals slunk off to Washington on July 12. They're hiding behind the skirts of their liberal masters, rather than stay and represent their constituents. They elected to forego their duties.

The election bill they oppose actually expands voter rights. It does prevents voter harvesting, 24-hour voting and does require a valid I.D.

Liberals argue that I.D. requirements are racist and costly. A Texas citizen can get an I.D. that's valid for six years. The cost is less than $3 a year. The requirements are: proof of U.S. citizenship, be a Texas resident, proof of identity and a Social Security number.

How is the cost or requirements unfair or racist?

James Cleveland

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

Election Identification Certificate (EIC) are free in the state of Texas.

Robert Ray

Thanks for that, Carlos! That removes the idea that requiring valid ID is just another “poll tax”, which is the argument I hear most often from those opposed to voter reforms!

George Laiacona

Republicans will have you believe that their propaganda efforts to make you think that there are no voter suppression actions taken in this recent changes in voter rights are an important to voting in Texas. If you believe in their attempts to improve voter suppression, then the Democrats attempt to stop the legislation is not in your favor. On the other hand if you side with the Democrats then you believe that no new voter legislation is necessary.

Robert Ray

George, while I have not read the current bill under consideration, I find it quite disconcerting that elected lawmakers would stoop to the level of running away to deal with such an issue. Be that as it may, I would ask why you don’t think our great state needs any kind of voter reform or regulation. We, as Americans, want to think of our system of selecting new leaders and lawmakers as the best system in the world, the pattern by which all other nations should adopt, right? But let me ask you what other complex systems in our lives don’t benefit from reform or updates? Should we still only communicate across great distances by only pen and paper or Morse Code? Would you rather still be running Windows 3.11 or DOS 3.0 on our computers?

Or maybe you think that the leaders and lawmakers of this country should be chosen by just anyone who happens to be in our country on Election Day, whether they were born here or not, whether they live here or not, whether they are actually citizens or not…

Here’s an idea, why don’t we just let the United Nations select our leaders? Or maybe we’ll just turn the whole thing over to Putin or Xi Jinping or Ali Khamenei or Kin Jung-un. Or maybe Queen Elizabeth or King Felipe VI, or Emmanuel Macron?

Maybe we should call up the Taliban to come run our country, whaddaya think about that? Or maybe ISIS, well, I guess that would become ISA—the Islamic State of America… that would certainly be better than making sure our own people, citizens like you and me, have a secure way to choose our own leaders, wouldn’t it? I mean that’d be why we’d believe that no new voter legislation is necessary, right.

Think of it this way… voting for our leaders is like a bunch of people trying to fill a bucket a teaspoon at a time. It can only be done if the bucket doesn’t have holes in it. When it’s brand new, this is not a problem. But as the years go by, the bucket will begin to rust. If you want to keep using that bucket, you have to take care of it, maybe even patch some holes as they appear. Have you ever gone to an antique shop or flee market and seen an old bucket? Something 50 or 100 years old? Did you notice the holes rusted through it? Well, our election bucket is 245 years old. And we haven’t kept real good care of it, so it’s a bit beat up and rusty. It has a few holes that need to be patched up. Otherwise, we might as well let someone else decide who will direct the future of our country.

Gary Miller

Citizen voters of 47 states have ordered their legislators to make elections harder to cheat and voting easier. Texas is just one of the first to have bills ready. How many of the 17 blue states among the 47 will actually get their jobs done?

Gary Miller

One thing to expect is as each state changes it's election laws to make voting more voter friendly and cheating harder the Democrats will go to court to overturn them. They must. Democrats that don't cheat don't win.

Ted Gillis

I don’t remember us citizen ordering any such thing Gary. Again, you’re making stuff up.

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