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Thomas Carpenter

Maybe the "American First Caucus" members will read this after they finish watching Tucker Carlson.

Carlos Ponce

"still insisting using racist materials like Huckleberry Finn"

Should we ignore period works like Samuel Clemen's "Huck Finn"? No.

In the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", Huck meets with an escaped slave named Jim who was about to sold for $800. Jim's idea was to go to Cairo, Illinois where he would find work, raising money to buy his family.

A reading of the book depicts the horrors of slavery, institutionalized separation of Black families, the treatment of Blacks in the South and the North, the Underground Railroad prior to the Civil War.

The book was written after the Civil War, published in 1884 for distribution in the United Kingdom and in 1885 in the United States. It does not look kindly upon those who would enslave others or those who would mistreat people of a different race.

Objections arise because of use of the N-word. But the word appears frequently in Alex Haley's book and movie "Roots". That work has been used in education since the 1970s. To ban it would be also be wrong.

If you call "Huck Finn" racist you must also call "Roots" racist. Not racist but a tool to illustrate racism.

Mary Gillespie

Carlos, any thinking person who reads Huckleberry Finn realizes it's NOT racist.

Samuel Clements is lampooning racist attitudes throughout the book.

I read the book to my kids when they were in 3rd grade and kindergarten, and - with discussion - they were able to see that Clements opposed the racist attitudes of the characters he wrote.

The book should NOT be banned. It is necessary reading for all Americans.

Carlos Ponce

Mary Gillespie[thumbup].

The problem with those who criticize Samuel Clemens' "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is they haven't read it or it's been a while since they have. They just climb aboard the "Woke Joke" wagon and repeat their "It's RACIST" mantra.

Gary Miller

America is not as racist as most of the African nations where whole black cultures are victims of race wars attempting to eradicate their black neighbors. In america today the only racism is political with one party using it to gain power. Eliminate Democrats to eliminate most of America's racial conflicts.

Raymond Lewis

A thunderously ignorant post Mr. Miller. Stupid in that you posted it at all.

Thomas Carpenter

Now Mr. Miller calls for the elimination of Democrats. Why does the GDN continue to print his deranged rants?

Carlos Ponce

"Eliminate Democrats to eliminate most of America's racial conflicts." so Thomas Carpenter does not want to eliminate racial conflicts.

Gary Miller

Thomas. I guess some see truth where you see deranged rants.

Gary Scoggin

Some people may see truth. But probably not very many.

Wayne D Holt

It bears saying that racism is not endemic to white populations only. One has only to view--if you have the stomach for it--the many videos appearing lately of Asians, including elderly women, being beaten to a bloody pulp by blacks spouting racist taunts against them.

Enlist in the fight to battle racism wherever it is found, starting in our own heart. No race is exempt from the guilt of perpetrating it, nor immune to the effects of it if left undefeated.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Holt, watch what you are saying here, because it most certainly does not fit the LEFT'S narrative! They have horn-swoggled those who vote for them to think otherwise. My dad who was a mentor to me and held me accountable, pointed his finger in my face when I was nineteen years old, because he overheard some dangerous rhetoric spewing from my heart by way of my mouth! He did not have much education being victimized by people like Joe Biden, but he told me in his own way EXACTLY what you just posted here..just not as pretty nor as eloquent! So, I agree with what you posted, and I have stood on that everywhere I set foot, even in racial turmoil in Southeast Asia! I will leave it at that, because there is more to that story, than I want to tell here! Sufficient to say, ... when a man firmly believes something is right,....he will fight for his right to believe it!

Gary Miller

Wayne> You are so right.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce, Mr. Miller! Yall must remember, the LEFT has not only decided to defend & shield Red China from all they are doing devious and wrong, but they HAVE adopted China's ways of doing things in order to keep power themselves! To keep power you don't allow people like "Miller * Ponce* Hardee* & Douglas" to go around speaking freely! YOU CENSOR THEM,..or YOU LOCK THEM UP!!!!! You take their guns, shutdown due process, by taking their constitutional rights away, dismantle Supreme Court, minimize the police, and by firmly controlling our military!

There are many things you do, and we see many of those things being done by the LEFT here now, but one of the first things tyrants always do when fortifying their power base is to take away your ability to communicate and be heard! Notice how BIG TECH has been censoring anyone criticizing Beijing Joe & Hunter Biden? Notice how "Sharon Osbourne" lost her Job on the TV SHOW " THE TALK" because she would not criticize a man who lost his job, ...because he did not defend the African American woman who married Prince Harry of England?

These are the ways Red China handle problems in the MOTHER LAND, and this country is looking more and more like CHINA everyday! Joe China made a decision about refugee numbers at the Border a couple of days ago, then AOC called him out publicly on Twitter, and the next day he did a 180 degree turn and BACKTRACKED!!!!! Now yall tell me, who is at the wheel of this runaway clown show? Is it Joe the RACIST, Madame Laughter, or is it AOC? Joe CHINA was best friends with other RACISTS like George Wallace, John Stennis, John Eastland, Strom Thurmond and J Fulbright! If anybody is JIM CROW in this country today ... it is JOE CHINA BIDEN! The late Robert Byrd was a Grand Cyclops in the KKK, and was a best friend and mentor to Joe! Joe call African-Americans a Jungle Society of people he did not want around his family! He opposed segregation and bussing, and formed laws sending African-Americans to prison unjustly! Now he is leading this nation! It is a scandal, a travesty, of the highest order!

Don Schlessinger


Robert Braeking

If you are looking for racists then look no further than to those who label others as racist.

Gary Scoggin

I find it interesting how the MAGAs among us get triggered by an essay whose main thrust is that we must work together to combat racism.

Ms. Jones, you are correct. Racism is first and foremost a spiritual problem that requires changing the hearts and minds of men and women to truly address.

Bailey Jones

Gary, America's demographics are changing - we're turning brown - and the traditional WASP power structure is freaking out. You can see the fear in the memo leaked from the crazy lady's new Anglo-Saxon America First Caucus - and of course the reactions that you point out. A majority of Texans are already POCs, and it's the same in Hawaii, DC, California, New Mexico, and Nevada. In the next 25 years, the same will be true of every state in the US. As it should be for a nation that calls itself a world leader. Political entities that celebrate our inevitable diversity will flourish, those who oppose it will become marginalized. The moral authority to lead the world comes through embracing diversity - this is one reason why I don't fear the rise of China - they lack the diversity to lead by any means except economic or military coercion. Racism has always been the poison that has kept America from being truly great - that long-promised greatness will come in our embrace of diversity. I have tremendous hope that our young people will make America great, for once.

Gary Scoggin

I consider it progress that we are seeing more about this in the media. Fortunately, there are many positive stories out there that are not covered, but that's not really the point. The point is that as long as negative things are still happening at scale there is room for improvement. I maintain that we are making progress because the negative stories are now considered remarkable and newsworthy. Until the last fifty years or so that wasn't the case.

Is it really a "positive" story when a person of one color treats a person of another color with dignity and respect? Is acknowedging this just the equivalent of a participation trophy? An award for doing what you should be doing anyway?

Charles Douglas

Seems to me China is doing a pretty good job of taking over the world now through their ability to scare nations, ...nations like America, and NATO. Somebody better open their eyes, because China not long ago use to be a poor backwater nation which was known for riding bicycles! Now they are fastly becoming the most powerful nation in the world militarily and economically!

China has more influence inside America than any other nation by far, and it is growing rapidly! They have influence in Africa, and gaining more all the time. They want to dominate the world, and they are working a plan to do just that,...while we have those in power here going after WHITE KIDS for being RACIST, because they were born WHITE, supporting BLM, ANTIFA, and tearing down statues while revamping our schools in order to perpetuate LEFTIST Socialism among the young! China is talking about annexing the moon, while JOE CHINA is hiding ...trying to Con Americans with his fake unity message!

All he says about China is "Come on Folks!" "China ain't no match for us Folks!" "They are good folks,...Folks!" Yeah those good folks now have Chinese police "Goose Stepping in Hong Kong putting people in prison for defying them!" They are setting up to invade Taiwan, and are now invading Taiwan air space with fighter jets daily, daring them to do something about it! Russia is increasing their troop counts on the borders of the Ukraine at the same time!

So the next few months are going to be quite interesting! I suggest we load up on our Diet Pepsi, ( Not Coke ) ...and adequate amounts of your favorite popcorn, buckle your seatbelts, and tighten your helmet straps, because the ride IS GOING TO GET ROUGH! Oh, and enjoy yourselves, because all this we see happening ..and going to happen is what the LEFT ask for when they connived, and cheated to hand the Presidency to Joe China!

Norman Pappous

Huckleberry Finn is a racist book.

Pretty much tells the reader everything they need to know about the left's attitude. Similar, if not exactly, what the typical book burner's mindset is. Extremism in defense of an indefensible ideology - in this case, progressivism.

David Hardee

This article is written from the perspective of an individual that imagines a society can have a purity that has never and will never exist. Humans are naturally diverse and that diversity causes competitiveness. Even if all humans were the same color, size, gender (all of one gender would cause extinction), etc. there would be some person, group, etc. that causes competition, chaos, or tribal segregation.

Huck Finn is not a racist book. It is a story that can be enjoyed, or used to teach or discussed, or ignored but to either burn it or dissect it for use as a tool to create animosity between races is the action of a sick mind.

This article demonstrates the reaction of a racist that seeks to find racism in everything they incur. It is like, what you would expect, interviewing a cow for the cow's perspective on beef as food. The cow would immediately begin to complain and seek out anything that would make beef a horrible thing perpetrated by the humans, wolves, lions, etc. = racist species.

We will live in an imperfect world, always. The USA has struggled to be a tolerant democratic society and was recognized as accomplishing more equality than any other society - the best hope for humanity.

If you are malcontent fix yourself and stop blaming society for your lack of assimilation. Consider how many minorities exist. If you cannot find a minority that you identify with and consequently feel inferior you are either ignorant or intentionally stupid. Minority status of culture, color, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, size, speed, weight, intelligence, talents, etc. all exist. You are a member of and consequently inferior one of these minorities. Navigating life in a society where you become the best you can make you an asset to your family and humanity.

Gary Scoggin

"This article is written from the perspective of an individual that imagines a society can have a purity that has never and will never exist." - You got this exactly backwards. Ms. Jones makes a call for us to work together despite our differences. But, some people around here seem to take offense at that. Ms. Jones never brought up Huck Finn -- the old white guys around here did as an example of -- something or another.

I think the reactions to her letter illustrate why what she wrote is so important.

David Hardee

This is the quote from her article - "African American studies is a progressive approach to an age-old problem but how many high schools in our county accept that as a fact while still insisting using racist materials like Huckleberry Finn?"


Her article is important but is a figment of desire that is unreal, ever.

Now, Gary. enlighten us as to where you know there is a society that is PURE of strife. I draw your attention to a society(s) of homogeneous color that recently killed with intention of genocide in Africa - Hutu and Tutsi - this has happened on 3 different occasions, attempted genocide. Even Japan struggle with issues of Crime, Punishment. Discrimination. Health Care. Homelessness, and Poverty. Even the Chinese under the dictatorial rule are in racist turmoil.

If you want a tranquil society Gary then have your constituents fix themselves and stop blaming others for their woes. The traditionalist is still the majority and has the privilege of setting the agenda. A MAJORITY is not racist by definition. The MINORITIES are the malcontents and are not satisfied with power-sharing. Among these malcontents are the extremists and it is their methods that are causing the despicable acts. Some of the malcontents have achieved power positions and are using their high profile to incite despicable acts - I.e. Maxine Waters.

The right and the left have extremists. The way to deal with them is police action. It is important to note that no cross-race encounter with a policeman has been found to be a RACIST act (no cop has been found to be intentionally singling out an ethnic group as targets). Claims of profiling are a statistical conclusion without sufficient data to solidify that happenstance is or is not the deviation factor). Policemen are not criminals or racists - when a belligerent is stupid enough to confront a police officer and is killed, no matter the color, or the provocation, that belligerent is an idiot and a threat to society. Making martyrs of these idiots that are laced with anti-social and criminal past, when they encounter a policeman for a traffic ticket or warrant, and display a weapon and are shot it is not a racist act.

Most of the strife in our society is from the malcontents perceiving themselves as victims because of their minority status and the history of their being sold by their brethren into slavery.

Ponder this - If we were not, fortunately, American citizens what would our lives be like, especially if I was Hutu or Tutsi.


Gary Scoggin

I stand corrected on the Huck Finn, bit. I went back and skimmed the article and flat missed it.

To your bigger point...To your list of socities of homogeneous color with strife i'll add the former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland and 1973 Amarillo High School (hippies vs. cowboys). Of course we don't need race to separate us. All societies can do a good job of that. Just look at how much one of our GDN forum colleagues blames "Liberal Democrats" for all the world's problems.

Let's take this point of yours, " A MAJORITY is not racist by definition." With all due respect, that's about the silliest sentence I've ever read. The two sentences that preceed it, "If you want a tranquil society Gary then have your constituents fix themselves and stop blaming others for their woes. The traditionalist is still the majority and has the privilege of setting the agenda." I guess the implication is that those who have been subjected to racist polices, like Jim Crow - and oh yeah the legacies of that slavery thing - must have had it coming because the oppressors had the "privilege of setting the agenda" and even though such an agenda, which explicitly targeted people of a particular race, since it was set by the MAJORITY, couldn't have possible been racist. I suppose the ongoing destruction of the Uighur society by the Chinese Government is okay, because, as a minority, they are just malcontents just for being forced into labor camps and having their way of life dismantled.

I was wrong earlier -- this is not about the silliest thing I've ever read. It is THE silliest. And among the most hateful.

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