I don't know one person who would ever want to relive what has just happened. It's because we have no regulations that we're in the predicament we're in.

The entire country is able to cope with weather that's more intense and for longer periods of time — except Texas. The country has three power grids; one east, one west, and Texas has its own. The Texas power grid is run by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which was established to benefit the energy suppliers and not the people.

The hoodwinking began with George Bush, continued through Rick Perry and now Greg Abbott. What have we gotten with ERCOT (the name is a joke) — higher energy costs for consumers and in the devastating freeze of February 2021 — death and ruin. It’s time for a change, and it’s up to the people to make it happen.

Perry, our illustrious ex-governor, believes no Texan would mind going through another three-day freeze with no power as long as we don’t have any federal regulations. Seriously?

Jeri Kinnear



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Thomas Carpenter

Jeri Kinnear is right: Texas does deserve better from its elected leaders. Former Governor and Trump punching bag Rick Perry shares the same attitude as Lt. Gov. “Let them die” Dan Patrick, he of (paraphrasing) the quote that he knows plenty of grandparents in Texas willing to die to keep the economy strong for their grandchildren. Please lead by example Mr. Patrick. Perry has no doubt that everyone in the Lone Star state would gladly suffer the cruel and merciless cold for days on end to keep the Texas electrical grid Texas Tough and regulation free. Well, we all experienced how Texas Tough the capitalist grid turned out to be.

These Tartuffes appear willing, almost eager, to sacrifice the men, women and children living in Texas to satisfy their appetite for power and riches. Their greed drives their ambition. Feckless Governor Abbott lied about the energy grid failure, a lie easily disproved to the dismay of Abbott and his cadre of talking heads who parroted the official version of frozen wind turbines. Senator Ted “Olé” Cruz flew to Mexico and then threw his children under the bus while frantically looking for more scapegoats to blame for his incredible hubris. One didn’t have to be Tiresias to know that nothing good would come from Cruz vacationing in the sun while Texans literally froze to death. Rep. Randy Weber’s website says he’s making phone calls and calling for an investigation, no doubt something along the lines of Captain Louis Renault’s “usual suspects.”

The congresswoman they love to attack, AOC, raised $4 million for Texas relief.

The pandemic and the freeze exposed these hypocrites’ abysmal failure to plan and lead, and worse, these crises displayed for the world to see their total disinterest in serving the people of Texas, except as cannon fodder for their ambitions. Their abysmal terms shouldn’t last another Scaramucci,

Carlos Ponce

Another person who worships at the altar of BIG BROTHER.

Or is it the "Peter Pan Syndrome? "I don't want to grow up! Please government! Control everything! Control our lives with regulations! I don't want to be bothered by ... thinking."

Bailey Jones

It's plain that the emperors of Texas have no clothes. People froze to death in their homes. Thousands and thousands will be without water for weeks. Why? Because the emperors decided that requiring our grid to work 365 days a year was too much of a burden for Texas energy providers.

Ron Woody

Regardless the system, the structure, regulated, de-regulated what matters is accountability.

When levies failed in New Orleans were those in charge ever held accountable for not maintaining the levies?

Flint Mi, regulated water supply contained mass doses of lead for decades was there accountability?

The powers that be want us to continue to focus on "systematic racism", "climate change", "transgender rights", etc. While we fight over these manufactured issues they continue to mismanage and what they like on Wall Street to widen the economic divide and that is regardless of party.

We need accountability. We need honest journalism. We need to realize there is very little diviseness in America. What used to be considered "family diagreements", is now divisiveness. Why is that?

I find it humourous that President Biden has been in DC for 50 years, McConnell and Schumer 40, Pelosi 30, yet the guy that was their 4 years was the problem. Anyone see how this game works?

These professionals have passed the 12 appropriations bills (budget), 3 times in 40 years! Just a point of i formation continuing resolutions is like playing kick the can.

For 30 years they have not been able to create new immigration law so they just ignore the law. Then President Obama honestly says, I don't have the constitutional authority to do this but am going to temporarily. That was a decade ago.

Wall Street gets richet

Wealthy gets weathier

DC gets more powerful

Middle class disappears

Once Wall Strret gets what they want who is left to buy $1000 iphones and stuff from Mr. Bezo's store.

If there is no accountability the system does not matter.

Sorry I know I rambled but sometime it just is maddening and am thankful to Daily News for this therapy.

Bailey Jones

I agree with quite a bit of this.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Woody! Don't worry about rambling, because you blew everything out of the water with truth! Did you knock it out of the "proverbial Park?" Yes you did! You said what needed to be said sir! You dressed it up, and layed it out there where the squirrels could feast on it, and yet high enough where the giraffes did not have to bend down in order to get a bite! I loved and appreciated every word you posted!

That man you spoke about who served four years, was hated by the SWAMP & THE LEFT...from the time he entered the presidential race! He was harrassed, and vilified from day one! They went out to remove him from office seconds after he took the oath of office! They had headlines in the MEDIA saying, " Now IMPEACHNENT begins" ..right after his inaugural address!

I get up everyday exerting myself with all I have within me in order to keep from hating those who are willingly and knowingly destroying and selling out this country! Those who says WHITE PEOPLE are evil and RACIST because they are WHITE! They know they are lying! They marginalize minorities in this nation, by systematically religating them to a lower lifestyle beneath middle class in this country, by keeping bad schools bad, and job opportunities for them menial! They encourage mediocrity by providing free government subsidies to many who don't want to work or pay the price for their dreams! Again you said a mouth full, and I do appreciate your comments!

Don Schlessinger

Well said Ron Woody. [thumbup]

Jim Forsythe

When we start to address what to do about the power problem in Texas, we have to make sure and not do as Flint did,. They tried to fix the lead problem and caused other problem, that killed at least 12 people and exposed many people to cancer-causing chemicals.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed an emergency manager (basically an unelected official chosen to set local policy) to oversee and cut city costs. This precipitated the tragic decision in 2013 to end the city’s five-decade practice of piping treated water for its residents from Detroit in favor of a cheaper alternative: temporarily pumping water from the Flint River until a new water pipeline from Lake Huron was built. Although the river water was highly corrosive, Flint officials failed to treat it, and lead leached out from aging pipes into thousands of homes.

Flint’s water supply was plagued by more than lead. The city’s switch from Detroit water to the Flint River coincided with an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that killed 12 and sickened at least 87 people between June 2014 and October 2015. The third-largest outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease recorded in U.S. history—as well as the discovery in 2014 of fecal coliform bacteria in city water—was likely a result of the city’s failure to maintain sufficient chlorine in its water mains to disinfect the water. Ironically, the city’s corrective measure—adding more chlorine without addressing other underlying issues—created a new problem: elevated levels of total trihalomethanes (TTHM), cancer-causing chemicals that are by-products of the chlorination of water.

Jim Forsythe

Even after the failure of the levees, they wanted to replace them with levees that were of even lower quality. If we are not careful, that may happen with the power grid in Texas , and we could be even worse off than we are now.

Will ERCOT admit fault? They are already claiming they can not be sued. Officials who manage the state's grid, the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas, say they aren't responsible in court because they have sovereign immunity to legal cases.

According to The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) , the levees were only designed to protect New Orleans from a Category Three storm, and the storm surge generated by Hurricane Katrina was simply too massive for the levees to handle, which caused the levees to break.

Independent studies concluded that low-quality construction and poor design caused the levees to break. While USACE officials initially resisted this conclusion, they ultimately carried out their own investigations, and admitted culpability in a series of Senate hearings held to discuss Hurricane Katrina. Oddly enough, despite this lesson, early versions of the plans to replace the levees were of even lower quality than the original levees.

Emilio Nicolas

We want an independent grid but, when it fails, we need federal taxpayer help to clean up the mess. Texas is like a spoiled teenager: "Daddy, don't tell me what's good for me! Oh, and I need some money." We see the ugly "false choice" again with those that are against any regulation that might help protect the customers: Be part of the national grid or be "independent". There is in fact another choice ... be independent but do at least as good a job as the national grid in protecting the interests of those that pay for it. There are all kinds of regulations. Some protect the consumer, some relate to reporting/paperwork, and some only protect the business itself. The later are the ones we seem to care about the most.

Carlos Ponce

Emilio posts, "we need federal taxpayer help to clean up the mess".

I am a Federal taxpayer.

YOU are Federal taxpayer.

Most Texans are Federal taxpayers.


The national government should not be there for every thing but for EXTREME EMERGENCIES. And this qualifies.

Most Federal regulations are attempts to control your life. Maybe you need that. I don't.

Ted Gillis

That’s a lie Carlos, and just your opinion. Most federal regulations are “not” there to control your life. You’re just making a bold BS statement.

Carlos Ponce

It must be easy to be Liberal Ted - just sit back and let the government take care of you from cradle to the grave. There is an alternative..... GROW UP!

Jim Forsythe

Pay up!

Carlos Ponce

Don't worry, Jim. I am certain Bailey will after Trump's inauguration this year.

Jim Forsythe

If someone is thinking that Trump will have a second inauguration in 2021, they are dancing with QAnon.

Those who believe in the QAnon movement are looking ahead to March 4, according to several reports. The QAnon community falsely believes that former President Donald Trump is a savior who will stay in power, and he is waging a war against a cabal of satanic pedophiles. They also believe a “storm” is coming, where Democrats and others are rounded up and tried or killed.

A second inauguration is getting more attention after it was reported that Trump’s own Washington D.C. hotel had increased their prices for a room on March 4. Trump International Hotel also increased their rates on Jan. 5 and 6.

Bailey Jones

Consider the source, Jim. The idiots who believe in Trump's 2nd coming are the same idiots who don't believe that COVID actually kills people or that manmade CO2 is warming the planet. They believe that school shootings are fake, "cheese pizza" is code for "child pornography", and - amazingly - that their own presence inside the Capitol on January 6th was a giant conspiracy of ANTIFA and BLM activists wearing fat suits and white-face.

Carlos Ponce

I don't dance with Qanon.

The second inauguration will not be on March 4.

Carlos Ponce

Just wait, Bailey and have your checkbook ready!

Jim Forsythe

The second inauguration, date?

Bailey Jones

Here's a quick article about how these winter events become more frequent with global warming.


Carlos Ponce

Here's a quicker one:

"It rained all night the day I left,

The weather it was dry,

The sun so hot I froze to death;

Susanna, don't you cry.

Oh! Susanna. don't you cry for me,

I've come from Alabama, with my banjo on my knee."

Thomas Carpenter

Mr. Ponce's prophets are 0-for the season on the disgraced former president serving a second term, and he still hasn't paid his bet. What a great role model! Quick Queequeg, a harpoon! The great white breaches.

Carlos Ponce

Patience, Doubting Thomas.

Charles Douglas

Mr. PONCE brings an important, accurate, and informative voice to many on this forum ...period! He has been doing this for many years and there have been NONE BETTER![wink]

Charles Douglas

....Oh many have tried to put Ponce down, even as they do now, but they ALL FAILED...even as they DO NOW! [smile]

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