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Carlos Ponce

Johnny Trlica posts, "The 'America first' president failed his own citizens when it came to protecting them from a deadly virus."

It's sad there are individuals so CLUELESS as to the duties and powers of the President of the United States under the Constitution. President Trump did what he could LEGALLY do: Set up the Coronavirus Task Force back in January. met with 50 governors to cut red tape to provide a vaccine which "experts" said would take FIVE YEARS, and provide needed supplies including makeshift hospitals, medical ships, PPE, etc. After that, it was up to the governors to look after the health of his or her citizens. Some did a good job, some not so good. Short of declaring NATIONWIDE MARTIAL LAW President Trump did what he could LEGALLY do.

Jeff Patterson

Its pretty clear that one of the, if not, the, key reason that Trump lost the election was his response to the pandemic.

Carlos Ponce

And the only people who think Trump's response was inadequate are those who relied on Liberal propaganda for their source, not a civics text.

"There will not be a vaccine for YEARS!"

Trump's response: "The vaccine will be available by the end of the tear."

Trump went above and beyond expectations.

Anyone with brains would blame China who released it to the world.

Don Schlessinger


David Hardee

Mr. Schlessinger, your thumb down is related to what? Every word in the comment by Mr. Ponce is true. If you have a specific item that deserves a thumb down then state it. Otherwise, put that thumbing in the category of idiotic and useless.


Don Schlessinger

Actually my thumb down was for the author of the column. As for Carlos, we agree on most topics. As to the thumbs down itself, I use it because the Daily News wouldn't appreciate me using the other digit I think appropriate for the column.

Dalton Logan


David Hardee

Don, we apparently know truth when it is used. I agree on the appropriate digit to the editorial and column presentations of the GDN. The reporters do a decent job when they present the events and comments. Some opinions creep in unfortunately. Note that the Parent Southern has just closed their Del Rio newspaper and Woolsey has brought in some of those staff. If Woolsey selected them we can expect peculiaritys.

Gary Miller

David> your post is as accurate as the post by Carlos.

Jim Forsythe

PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act after taking office next month to increase production of coronavirus vaccines.


Celine Gounder, a member of Biden's COVID-19 advisory board, said " that Biden will invoke the law "to make sure the personal protective equipment, the test capacity and the raw materials for the vaccines are produced in adequate supply.".

The pharmaceutical company has been asking the government for assistance obtaining supplies since September but has been unsatisfied with the response.

At this time we have 338,290 deaths from COVID-19 and next month we are expect to break all records for the number of deaths in one month.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, Pfizer is NOT the only company making vaccines. Their aim is to be the sole provider, ignoring the other companies so they can make more money. Their propaganda campaign is being picked up by Liberal pundits like YOU who are anti-Trump. This line of thinking can be traced to a New York Times article to discredit Trump and lacks merit.

Let me put it m plain, Trump is not to blame for the pandemic deaths, CHINA is.

Carlos Ponce

"... invoke the Defense Production Act after taking office next month to increase production of coronavirus vaccines." Will that speed things up or increase the number available? No. What would it do?

"One concern of invoking the Defense Production Act for Pfizer is that it will favor the manufacturer over others, giving Pfizer unfair access to necessary vaccine components." "unfair access"....hmmmm.


In other words, the government would be choosing sides favoring Pfizer over the other FIVE companies making vaccines. Quid Pro Quo - Your company contributes to my campaign and you get favorable status over other companies. Crony capitalism, political kickback.... but myopic Jim Forsythe can't see beyond the propaganda.

"Executives from dozens of pharmaceutical companies have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to FEC filings. Biden’s campaign received a $2,800 contribution from a senior vice president at Pfizer, and another $2,800 from one of its attorneys. In all, the former vice president’s campaign received more than $7,000 from employees of the pharmaceutical giant."

"According to Open Secrets data, Pfizer employees and its affiliated Political Action Committees donated 60.3% to Democrats in 2020 and 39.6% to Republicans. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was the top recipient with $256,520 in contributions."


Jim Forsythe

Etan Thomas @etanthomas36

Imagine how Republicans would’ve reacted if a full bomb destroyed a whole block & Pres Obama didn't address it & didn’t sign the Covid relief bill, but golfed in Florida for Christmas wknd, then came back & signed it after unemployment aid lapsed ? They would’ve lost their minds

What has been Trumps response to the "Nashville bombing"?

President-elect Joe Biden, meanwhile, addressed the bombing Monday during a public meeting with his incoming national security advisers in Wilmington, Del.

Biden said law enforcement authorities in Nashville “are working around-the-clock to gain more information on motive or intent,” and he emphasized “the need for continuing vigilance across the board,” while thanking Nashville police for risking

their lives.

Carlos Ponce

"What has been Trumps response to the 'Nashville bombing'?" To listen to Liberal pundits like you who rely on biased news sources, not much. And that would be a lie. But your source is just an old basketball player.... REALLY?

"Trump, who was at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. on Friday morning, 'will continue to receive regular updates,' spokesperson Judd Deere told Fox News. 'The president is grateful for the incredible first responders and praying for those who were injured.' "

But Liberals like Forsythe NEVER heard that because of their myopic news sources.

Maris Helfrich

It boggles my mind, how you Trumpsters can defend that autocrat who is destroying our beautiful constitutional democracy! Would almost think you are getting some of that money he's raking in! Sad and disheartening!

Carlos Ponce

It boggles the mind how Maris has been misled into believing what he posted.

Carlos Ponce

Johnny writes: "Hopefully, I’ll have a brighter view and higher opinion of Americans in four years." I hope so, Johnny because your view of Americans is skewed to Left. Quit listening to Liberal propaganda.

Jim Forsythe

President Trump, who constantly complains that he's a victim who has been treated unfairly, which for some reason has endeared him even further to his supporters. He continues this while true victims are in Nashville.

Trump 'will continue to receive regular updates,' is not a response on Trumps part. He has yet to say anything in public about the bombing.

Presidents are expected to talk to the Nation in times of crises. All he want to say to the American public is that he was robed of a second term. Some people believe this, even when a path to have Trump remain in office, does not exist.

Dedrick Thomas is an American retired professional basketball player who played 9 seasons in the NBA. He is also a published poet, freelance writer, activist, and motivational speaker. Co-host of Centers of Attention a sports talk show on ESPN Radio.

Dedrick is also a American who is not a source but a American expressing what many people think, that Trump needs to address the American public about the Nashville bombing.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, they KNOW who the bomber is or was. They know his reasons. A president is like a coach, on the sidelines directing things. The FBI and police are on the field. Let them do their job. If praying for those injured and thanking the first responders isn't enough for Jim Forsythe that sounds like a PERSONAL problem.

Who cares what Thomas has to offer? He's an anti-Trump fanatic.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, Trump has not made a public statement. At this time the reason for the bombing is just speculation. The FBI and not Trump said that the motive may never be known.

Trumps job is to reassure the American public and keep us informed with facts as to what is going on.

Being President is not a sideline job, but a job that requires them to be the point person in time of National Tragedies, to reassure us. To reassure us that it was not a terrorist plot. To reassure the American public that every possible means is being used to find out why, who and how the bombing happened.

Already today Trump has Tweeted 13 times, and still no Public comment from Trump.

Dedrick Thomas is an American that's view of the bombings is shared with a majority of Americans.

Carlos Ponce

Jim is not listening.

Maris Helfrich

Very well said!

Maris Helfrich

Please note: My "very well said" ....below.... was for you, Jim!

Charles Douglas

Democrats act like an old tired canine who is so old he can't learn new tricks! They have been lying, and vilifying Trump so long they don't know how to do anything else! I suspect now that it appears JOE 98.2% will assume what the CROOKED Media, DNC, Deep State, FBI, CIA, & ALL our national Intelligence Agencies have conspired to steal from Trump, by Fake Russian Investigations, contrived Impeachment, stuffing ballot boxes, and having dead people voting, that we will hear nothing but made up excoriated crap concering Trump for the next four years even though he won't be in office! That is all they know how to do! China is going to have a field day ripping us off, and so will everybody else because as the author insinuated, "We should help other nations!"

I don't blame Trump for not signing that STUPID Bill giving Americans $600 and giving BILLIONS & BILLIONS away to Tibet, China, El Salvador, Paskistan, and other nations for things like studying the SEX habits of ants and stupid crap like that! The Democrats with Republicans helping them are good at helping our enemies destroy America while doing squat for Americans! It is why Trump got elected in the first place!

It is revolting just to to think about it! " He who will not provide for his own, especially those in his own household has denied the faith and is worst than an infidel!" ( 1 TIMOTHY 5:8 ). Democrats, are world famous for looking out for foreign nations while Americans goes lacking, especially African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans! However, when voting time comes up, they expect minorities to be one hundred percent in their corner!

Look what happened in Minnesota this past summer! They had BLACK people marching in the streets while LOOTERS, PAID TRAINED LIBERAL OPERATIVES, ..followed committing mayhem, burning, tearing down businesses, assaulting elderly people, while the good Liberal Mayors, Governors, Fake Media, and other Liberal leaders the AUTHOR spoke of, remained quiet as church mice, while American Citizens were killed.

They were so concerned about Americans recently..they debated, argued, quarrelled the time away! What was the end results? Again, Foreign Nations got billions of American Taxpayers money because of the CROOKS in DC were taking "behind the back" Special Interest, & Lobbyist money, .....sold Americans out again by offering us $600 dollars! I will not lower myself by spending it!

It will serve my purpose the same as the $1200 bribe did, in the missions fields helping the homeless, widows, and orphans! Oh, which reminds me, I have not heard a thing about my REPARATIONS Money which the DEMOCRATS promised Al Sharpton & Jim Clyburn they would give up if they won the White House? When can we expect to see that, or was that just another lie told to someone who should have known better ...like they use to promise slaves special treats long ago if they kept betraying the other slaves, but never delivered?

Carlos Ponce

Here's one for Johnny Trlica and the rest of the Liberal pundits. According to Gallup, who is the MOST ADMIRED MAN in 2020?

Top 10:

10. Dalai Lama

9. LeBron James

8. Bill Gates

7. Bernie Sanders

6. Elon Musk

5. Pope Francis

4. Anthony Fauci

3. Joe Biden

2. Barack Obama


As I posted before, a caveat for polling: Add percentage points to the Conservative to get a more accurate picture. But when you're NUMBER ONE, who cares?


Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you are the one that said that polls are not correct. Below is another poll that show a different person as world’s most admired man. But since you have changed your mind here is another poll.

Barack Obama’s rise in the rankings is mirrored by Donald Trump’s fall, with the current US president slipping one spot to 15th place globally.

The former president tops the global list in 22 of the 42 countries and territories surveyed, including the USA. Trump out performs Obama in one country : Russia, where he places 11th to Obama’s 15th.

Barack Obama has deposed Bill Gates from his position as world’s most admired man for the first time since YouGov first started asking in 2014.

Michelle Obama holds on to her position as world’s most admired woman, having ended Angelina Jolie’s run of dominance last year. Jolie herself has risen one place since last year to second, with Queen Elizabeth II also rising one rank to become the world’s third most admired female.

Carlos Ponce

Polls are not correct. But if you add a few percentage points to the Conservative candidate or issue you get closer to the truth.

Dan Freeman

As usual, Mr. Ponce distorts the facts to fit his narrative. Trump is uniquely unpopular, only 39% of surveyed Americans approve of his performance, his dominant performance among Republicans, contrasted with Democrats splitting their choices among multiple public figures, pushes him to the top of the 2020 most admired man list.

• Forty-eight percent of Republicans name Trump this year, with no other public figure receiving more than 2% of Republicans' votes.

• Obama is the top choice among Democrats, at 32%, but that is down from 41% last year. President-elect Joe Biden (13%) is also commonly named by Democrats.

• Independents are evenly split between Trump (11%) and Obama (11%), with another 3% naming Biden.

• Overall, 18% of Americans name Trump, 15% name Obama, and 6% Biden.

So while Trump is nearly the sole choice among republicans, Democratic presidents Obama and Biden remain more popular.

Carlos Ponce

Another post from Dan who said there wouldn't be a vaccine for years to come.... Guess that means when it becomes available he won't take it because it is still "years away".

Dan Freeman

Again Mr. Ponce lies about the past. I never "...said there wouldn't be a vaccine for years to come..." What I wrote was "I do not believe a vaccine is imminent. I hope I am wrong...." I am delighted it has been developed by the researchers at NIH and pharmaceutical companies that Mr. Trump consistently undermined until it was politically convenient.

Now he continues to place roadblocks in its distribution. The Trumpeters need to get over it. He and they lost the election and both DoJ and the courts have agreed there was no significant election fraud or abuse.

The only beneficiaries of the ongoing effort to undermine our democracy are Russia, China, and North Korea. I wonder what has transpired in the multiple phone calls between Mr. Trump and the Kremlin.

Carlos Ponce

This is what you wrote:

"So, testing and social distancing will help control the epidemic. What about a vaccine? That would make prevention much easier, but it’s not likely for years."


"but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years."

"but it’s not likely for years." DAN FREEMAN April 22, 2020

Carlos Ponce

By the way, Dan, I did a search of the Galveston County Daily News for the phrase,

"I do not believe a vaccine is imminent. I hope I am wrong."

And this is what I got:

"Your search did not yield any results."

If what you posted is correct there must be a glitch in the search system. Please indicate where I may find it other than what you posted today.

Thomas Carpenter

Can't wait for Pence to obey the Constitution and fire the orange lunatic.

Carlos Ponce

Nancy Pelosi is orange?

Jim Forsythe

DE-TRUMPIFICATION day is January 20,2021. Plan your party now!

Aug 21, 2020 · Boy is this lunatic ever completely full of himself, shows you how important it is to vote for Biden, we need sanity back in the White House!

Oct 15, 2020 · Notice how NOTHING sticks to Joe, and that fact infuriates the orange lunatic..

In a speech before the Council for National Policy on Friday, Donald Trump admitted that he "embarrassed himself" at the Republican National Convention in 2016 where he claimed “I alone” can fix America’s problems, saying it made him sound "egotistical."

Bailey Jones

I wish I shared your optimism. I think that the most we can hope for are leaders who appeal to our better angels.

But maybe there's a glimmer of hope in Carlos' Gallop poll. It's true that the current president has ended 12 years of national admiration for Barack Obama, winning the last year of his presidency with 18% of the poll (and 48% of Republicans). But the record holder for appearances in the top 10 is the late Rev. Billy Graham, who made the list 61 times. Jimmy Carter, who has appeared on the list 29 times, is the most-represented living person. Both of these men are examples of those better angels, and a sizable number of Americans seem to recognize and admire that.

Carlos Ponce

So Gallup is a "gossip poll"?

Maris Helfrich

AMEN, Johnny! Thank you for the honest and TRUE picture of us in 2020!

"It's a vision of selfishness, racism, egotism, violence and the harsh realization that 74 million of our fellow Americans are OK with all of that!" Regretably, as other comments indicate here in defense of the "America First" President "we became a nation that turned on each other to defend an incompetent president." And I add "Good riddance"....

David Hardee

SEE BELOW - My comment to you and Ms. Stone

Carlos Ponce

Wait for it, Maris......

Virginia Stone


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