I am making an appeal for every eligible person to register and vote in this most important election. Early voting begins Oct. 22 and ends Nov. 2. Election Day is Nov. 6.

Adrienne Bell is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Texas's 14th District. Adrienne is an excellent choice because she is a voice for the people. A voice is a major element in Congress that does not exist for a large segment of the population in the State of Texas.

Adrienne clearly is concerned that the combined, unified voices of the people are heard. Public education is a primary focus for Adrienne. After all, as a former public school teacher, education is an indelible focus for her.

She is concerned and supports the many rights of women all across the social stratus. Adrienne is a huge supporter of veterans — all veterans. She recognizes the need for support for veterans medically, mentally and financially, across the board.

Adrienne has a desire to assist with complete protection of senior citizens. She has heard their voices, she has seen them, and will speak for them. Please do not hesitate to vote for Adrienne Bell for Congress. She will be your voice.

Edna Courville

Texas City


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Claudia Burnam

How about the voice for George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Clintons? E G Wiley

Gary Scoggin

If Ms. Bell is tha well plugged in to power we might want her.😁

Claudia Burnam

Wrong power. That power just drains the last ounce out of a healthy economy. E G Wiley

KA Rex

You forgot: Black Lives Matter, NFL, Gay Frogs, Puerto Rico, Lady Ghostbusters, Male Nurses, MS-13, MS-14, UB-40, Diversity, Gender Neutral, Kapernick, LaBraun James, Mexico, Obamacare, Starbucks cups, Maxine Waters, The Last Jedi, Barbie Dolls with careers and Jeff Sessions. Weekend Update 10/6/18.

Claudia Burnam

Sorry about that KA. I'll include them next time just for you! E G Wiley

George Croix

Yes. Absolutely.
ALL of those, too....

I congratulate you for seeing both the light and the candidate for the reality of voting for 'progressives'....

Or, were you just kidding......[beam][beam][beam][beam][wink][whistling][rolleyes][innocent]

Carlos Ponce

Adrienne Bell's views would destroy industry in Galveston County.
"I have signed the #nofossilfuel pledge to represent my commitment to prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits."
Apparently she's not aware that "fossil fuel" is a key industry in Texas City, La Marque all of Congressional District 14. No fossil fuels means no jobs in the petrochemical industries that employ many of the hard hard working families of our County.
"End Plastic Pollution"
Where does the plastic come from? The same petrochemical industries in this area that employs thousands and is a substantial part of the tax base of Congressional District 14.
Let's give the people of Galveston County and Congressional District 14 the NO BELL Prize. She's not for us.

Robert Braeking

Blah, Blah, Blah. Women's rights (to murder unborn children), Veteran's rights? Bandwagon issue, voice of the people (as long as it agrees with Pelosi and her minions). The lady got's nut'in.

George Croix

I had these same thoughts last June after looking over Bell's campaign website platform planks. Still think the same, so, to avoid the GDN re-posting prohibition (used to be one .....maybe still is?...) I have changed a few words here and there:
The candidates diversions from reality when not rank hypocrisy have, however, been retained in full...

Looking at the platform planks listed:
1) Money Out of Politics.
Except for asking for donations to her campaign......?

2)Create Medicare For All
Define 'all'. Citizens? Legal residents? Illegal aliens?
Where will the estimated 30 TRILLION dollars come from just for coverage for all citizens?

3)Support our Veterans
With 'engagement boards' and 'conversations' and 'focus'? deja vu all over again

4)Pledge for #nofossilfuel
You can't fix that. Perhaps residents of Oz might try, but the candidate might try explaining what she'd do about the Billions, with a B, of fossil fuel driven machines, tools, conveyances, planes, trains, automobiles, bulldozers, 18 wheelers, et all, that are required...required...to live as we do. For at least the next century or so, until or more likely if some substitute that works for all of these comes along, how will demonizing THE industry, production and refining, that allows us all to live, be of help?

5) EndPlastic Pollution
While wearing some?

6)Enact Common sense gun laws
If one is to declare common sense, there should be some visible proof of awareness of fact. It's also helpful to know what an 'assault weapon' is if one is to be hyperbolic about them. The candidate does know, doesn't she, the absurdity of calling for an 'assault weapons ban', then using Sandy Hook as a reason - since Connecticut had their own state 'asaault weapons ban' in place at the time. Maybe she should remember Columbine, 1999, vs the 'Clinton Assault weapons ban', circa 1994 to 2004, sunsetted due to uselessness. Etc. For the rest of those talking points....well....
"Common sense" is useless in getting a specific point across but VERY useful to obfuscate and dodge.

7)Fix our broken immigration system. That's great. She DOES mean by stopping the illegal entries, huh? Actually secure the borders?? And deporting known criminals and visa violaters and deportation recidivists ASAP, huh?
If not, then NOTHING gets 'fixed'...

8)Create A Just Justice System
"It's time to end our for-profit criminal justice system by ending prison labor, private prisons and detention centers, cash bail systems, and all the other ways our criminal justice system profits off the vulnerable."
THAT speaks for itself....amazing......
Perhaps, also, Ms. Bell might explain her support for the elimination of due process and the presumption of innocence by her fellow leftist Senate Judiciary Committee Demoocrats.

9)Create fully funded higher education
First, we need to train arborists to grow the money trees. Success has more to do with drive, initiative, and willingness to work, at a JOB other than a monthly check and SNAP card from Uncle Sam, than with a canned show-up-and-pass education. Plumbers and carpenters are more needed than 'ancient languages' and 'social justice' degree holders. The 'crushing debt' of students loans is largely due to the big nose of the federal government getting involved in that, and driving up costs.
The candidate doesn't say whether she supports withholding federal funding from any higher education facility that actively supports suppression of free speech.....

10) Raise the Minimum Wage
Better to vote for someone interested in Maximum Wage, which is what you get with good jobs and benefits, which you get in a business friendly environment, like the record setting low unemployment one we have right now, not the failed 'gov't is the answer' ones of the past, or wanting back in.
11)How Will You Help?
I'll do all I can to prevent anyone who thinks like this candidate from getting a chance to send us rushing ahead into the failed past.

Same questions with a word change or two or so.
No answers in any number of words..........

Vote for faith in YOURSELF and for the opportunity to succeed, not faith in government to keep you in return for a vote....

Diane Turski

Voting for Adrienne Bell is voting for a positive change and common sense representation! I urge voters to vote in their own best interest for a change! Vote for Adrienne Bell!!

George Croix

I re-quote myself from above:
"Common sense" is useless in getting a specific point across but VERY useful to obfuscate and dodge."

Care to NAME some of those 'COMMON SENSE', you say, representations, Ms. Turski....
Undecided voters might like to know what people actually think, not just what they repeat...........

George Croix


Again...and again...and again..............


George Croix

Hmmmmm....on a scale of 0 to 0, how much attention and credibility should be given to anyone who likes to grouse about non-responsive representation but then is personally unwilling to be questioned about statements made?


Mike Meador

Turski and Bell.....[lol]

David Hardee

No more screaming mobs! Bell maybe a nice person her Democratic Party affiliation is Guilty (no proof needed) of bad judgement.

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