There has been a lot of talk about women's rights over control of her body and abortion lately.

Christians of the Catholic faith are diverse and come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and political leanings. Our faith teaches respect and quality of all life and freedom of choice.

It also teaches that life is from the womb to the tomb in no uncertain terms, from the moment of conception to the last breath.

While some of us may not agree with the enactment or enforcement of the new state law on women’s rights and abortion, the faithful Catholic cannot support the act of abortion as we speak for the child that has no voice.

While we agree that this is an extremely tough decision to make, God didn’t say it would be easy.

Let’s pray women have strength and courage when making this decision and are able to live in peace with their decision. Then, let’s pray that instead of enacting more abortion laws, we make tougher laws to hold the “Third Party” (the man) in this equation more responsible and supportive legally, morally and financially.

Mary Dunbaugh



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Don Schlessinger


Charles Douglas

Ms. Dunbaugh; Mr. Schlessinger> [thumbup][thumbup]

David Hardee

The central theme of this article is difficult to discern. Men, religion and abortion each have been referenced. Catholic religion has made a conclusion on the entire spectrum of sex and abortion. The legislation and all the opinions of secular and state laws are what is stressing society and under political and litigation chaos,

The article's tenure that men are the third party in the abortion issue is on point. Men are :1, the choice of the female in a consensual is a man of her choice.

2. the fact that a copulation results in a pregnancy is a choice of the female to not have utilized one of the many preventive procedures. 3. If a pregnancy happens, for any reason the female will have the option to inform the male or not, And whether the male is informed or not the issues surrounding the future of a new life is the females - there are lawyer that will take money to create litigation on the "rights" of either the female the male or the life in the womb.

So it is undeniable that the entire scenario of participant(s) and results of a copulation are controlled in principal by the female.

Prayers cannot hurt and those believers in divine intersession should be applauded for their efforts.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee> Exactly!!!!! [thumbup][thumbup]

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