I was outraged by the picture in the paper showing two white police officers on horseback, leading a black man tethered by a rope ("Photo of man being led by horseback officers draws outcry," The Daily News, Aug. 6). This image has set Galveston's reputation as a city with reasonable race relations back perhaps a whole century.

The picture has been published in every major newspaper in the country. So much for Galveston being a welcoming community.

If circumstances were so desperate that there was no other option for arresting this individual, why on earth didn't one officer dismount and walk with the suspect and allow the other officer to hold the reins of the second horse?

What were they thinking?

Daniel Klein



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Carlos Ponce

"The picture has been published in every major newspaper in the country." The old saying, "A picture paints a thousand words" has a corollary: "A picture paints a thousand words but not all of them are true".

I have noticed one thing; the widely circulated picture is cropped so the person holding the tether, a FEMALE officer is not shown - only her arm. It does show the male officer riding nearby. While the sex of the arresting officers is not the issue one wonders why this widely circulated photo is cropped not to reveal the gender of the officer at the other end of the tether. Would the image of a policeWOMAN holding the tether paint a different picture in the minds of viewers? Notice the video of the incident is not widely distributed. Why? Because it shows the officer holding the tether is a policewoman?

Thomas Sanchez

What can not be explained or denied is the fact that two or maybe three white police officer are on horses with a rope to a hand cuffed walking black man. Awful sight from Galveston.

Carlos Ponce

Was Thomas Sanchez equally appalled when it happened to white men? Or only when it happens to "people of color"? Now THAT sounds racist.

You call it a rope......I guess a blue sash can be called a "rope" if that's what you see.

Carlos Ponce

I strongly recommend Thomas Sanchez not attend a graduation ceremony where honor cords are bestowed to deserving students. He might mistake the honor cord for a rope. "IT'S A LYNCHING! IT'S A LYNCHING! THEY PUT A ROPE AROUND THAT MAN'S NECK!"

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