The strain of the coronavirus, COVID-19, like the other strains, is a "cold" type virus. Like the common cold, there's no way to eliminate the virus forever. It finds a host and in 1 percent of the cases dies with the host, and the remaining 99 percent get over it.

The sad part about the stock market slide, cancellation of venues, government-mandated restrictions on citizen's participation in their daily lives and the nuclear reaction of fear and negativity from the Democrat media and their directors in Washington is the mushroom of fallout that has created havoc and panic countrywide. The Democrats' goal is only to destroy Donald Trump, and they care little for those who fall in that path.

I don't recall such panic for all of the previous 18 coronaviruses, but I do continue to see the Democrat biased mainstream media use the virus existence to further erode our founders' visions establishing the greatest country in the world. The years of Trump's presidency have been good to the citizens of the USA. He has been the right man for the job for the times. I see ample reason to continue to have faith in his leadership despite the driven, Democrat agenda.

George Christie



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Randy Chapman

Trump will be just fine. The silent majority will speak even louder than they did in 2016, and it will be even more fun to watch the liberals and socialist lose their collective minds yet again. Buy the good popcorn for election night. It's guaranteed to be a heck of a show!

Claudia Burnam

[thumbup] E G Wiley

Charles Douglas

Yes sir Mr. CHRISTIE, Tell The Truth!! Trump Diesel got this situation in CHECK!!!! Lolo I'm getting ready for that thing! Y'all know what I mean! That 2021 Inaugural Address! Trump is my main man!! Allow me to let everybody in on a secret! Want to? Yeah, want to know why I call Trump "TRUMP DIESEL?" I do because NOTHING which gets on the tracks in front of a speeding Diesel Train will stop it, AND nothing or NOBODY, who get between Trump Diesel and the OVAL OFFICE Will stop him nor alter his path! NOTHING!!! Not the Fake Media, DEEP STATE, FBI, CIA, NSI, DNC, CRAZY BERNIE, Quid Pro Quo O'BIDEN, MUELLER REPORT, nor The CORONAVIRUS! So Stay Off The Tracks, The DIESEL coming through! ( Unless You Want To Get On Board With The TRUMPITES!!!! [beam]

Miceal O'Laochdha

The "silent majority". God help us all. I thought that designation of ostrich-people had died along with the megalomaniac, would-be autocrat who invented it. Richard Milhous Nixon (may the devil enjoy him in eternity).

Randy Chapman

Nixon was a good president. He just got caught unlike anyone else but Billary.

Emile Pope

Donald lost the popular vote.

Keith Gray

And Hillary lost the election

Carlos Ponce

The Constitution stipulates the winner is determined on the number of Electoral votes which Trump won in 2016.

Hillary won the popular vote. Was it because of information put out by the Russians on social media promoting her and not Trump? Seems to have been more effective.

Jim Himes (D- Conn): Director, who did the Russian social media campaign ultimately intend to benefit; Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Robert Mueller: Let me just say Donald Trump, but there were instances where Hillary Clinton was subject to much of the same behavior.

Gary Miller

HRC won the non citizen vote.

Michael Byrd


Randy Chapman

That's why we have the electoral college. It prevents the residents of Kalifornication from deciding who is president.

Gary Miller

Randy> Blowouts are usually boring. Watching Libs cry isn't my thing either.

Cary Semar

This letter sounds like gibberish.

Brent Broussard

Nope. Sounds spot on to me.

David Schuler

Might make a lot more sense if listened to in both ears, not just the left one.

Charles Douglas

Ohhh, hahaha. That was good! That was a good one! [thumbup][thumbup]

David Hardee

As a virus wreaks pain and suffering across the globe elements in our society second guess, should, would and could hypothesize every action taken by those working to safeguard the population. "You never let a serious crisis go to waste" is the thesis of the Democratic progressive liberals. This was the axiom from one of many disastrous Democratic mayors of Chicago. Rahm Emanuel - Obama's chief of staff mimicking Lenin and Alinsky corrupted the Democratic Party with this motto. Media and politicians utilize every misstatement or revision as fodder to denigrate those working to safeguard our population. This is a dynamic period with many unforeseen challenges requiring nimbleness in coping. Free speech and liberty are being abused for purposes that are despicable. None of these malcontents have the ability to execute anything. Let those in direct charge carry on without constant hypothetical criticism.

Carlos Ponce

Are we anywhere near the people infected or deaths that occurred in 2009-2010 to the H1N1 virus? No.

CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases, 274,304 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths in the United States due to the 2009 H1N1 virus.

Sympathies for the families who lost loved ones and those who suffered from the illness. But this has been over-hyped because the president has an R beside his name and this is an election year.

Michelle Aycoth


Jim Forsythe

George said, "I don't recall such panic for all of the previous 18 coronaviruses" and for good reason.

George said," COVID-19, like the other strains, is a "cold" type virus" which it is not. Covid-19, the cold and the flu are all caused by different viruses.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, which belongs to the family of coronaviruses. On the other hand, the cold is most commonly caused by rhinoviruses.

Gary Miller

Jim> COVID-19? The 19 stands for 2019, the year it was identified.

Jim Forsythe

COVID-19 is not like the other coronaviruses, in the total number of cases and the total number of deaths. So far COVID-19 has killed over three times the number of people than the rest of the coronaviruses.

The seven coronaviruses that can infect people are:

Common human coronaviruses -- 229E (alpha coronavirus), NL63 (alpha coronavirus)

OC43 (beta coronavirus), HKU1 (beta coronavirus)

Other human coronaviruses--- MERS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS)

SARS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS)

SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19)

These are the coronaviruses that kill the most people.

COVID-19--- 4,973 deaths out of 69,642 cases worldwide.

MERS-CoV -- 2506 people mostly in the Middle East contracted MERS, leading to 862 deaths.

SARS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS)

8,096 people in 26 countries contracted SARS-CoV, leading to 774 deaths.

These are the rest of coronaviruses

Human coronavirus 229E, along with Human coronavirus OC43, is one of the viruses responsible for the common cold

Human coronaviruses (HCoV) were identified first in the 1960s in the noses of people who reported having a common cold. There are two human coronaviruses identified to be responsible for a large proportion of the common cold OC43 and 229E.

Emile Pope

You don’t recall? What you really mean is that you ignored it when Fox and its minions directed the attacks against President Obama and considered it “news”. Spare us the hypocrisy...

Dalton Logan


Bailey Jones

Stupid democrats - making the Saudis and Russians crash the price of oil.

"don't recall such panic for all of the previous 18 coronaviruses" - That's probably because there haven't been 18 previous coronaviruses. There has been one, the SARS epidemic in 2003 - maybe you remember that. The 19 in COVID-19 refers to the year, 2019. I sincerely hope that the Trump Troop will take advantage of their self quarantine to get some education.

Carlos Ponce

Corona viruses include previous outbreaks like SARS, MERS. It also includes rhinoviruses (aka the common cold). Recent Coronavirus outbreaks include:

2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak

2012 Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus outbreak

2015 Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak in South Korea

2018 Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak

"because there haven't been 18 previous coronaviruses" - There were a lot more than 18 in history.

Bailey Jones

Rhinoviruses are not coronaviruses. You might be confused by the fact that, while most colds are caused by rhinoviruses, they are occasionally caused by coronaviruses. But they are not the same.

You are correct about the previous outbreaks. In the worst of these, the 2003 SARS outbreak, a total of 8,098 people worldwide became sick and 774 died. There were 29 cases in the US, and no deaths. The MERS outbreaks were even smaller in scope, never more than 500 cases in a year. Here's a handy right wing guide to the viruses -

MERS is caused by the MERS-CoV virus. It's a different family from the SARS virus. The 2003 SARS outbreak, and the current COVID-19 outbreak, are both caused by SARS family viruses. The 2003 virus is called SARS-CoV (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus), the COVID-19 virus is called SARS-CoV-2, since it is only the second coronavirus to be associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Carlos Ponce

"Rhinoviruses are not coronaviruses." "The key difference between coronavirus and rhinovirus is that coronavirus is an enveloped virus which possesses a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry and crown-like projections on the surface while rhinovirus is a non-enveloped virus which possesses a nucleocapsid of icosahedral symmetry." But they are related in that "coronavirus and rhinovirus are two viruses that are known to cause respiratory illnesses."

Bailey Jones

Let's get some reality here. China had its first case of COVID-19 in November. Even with draconian measures, the city of Wuhan has had about 80,000 cases, and 2400 deaths, so far, with the rates leveling off. Wuhan is about 2X the population of the Houston metro area.

Italy has about 13,000 cases and over 1000 deaths so far with no end in sight, Italy is about 2X the population of Texas.

Wuhan and Italy are examples of what can happen even with extreme measures. If you extrapolate the Wuhan numbers (a 0.022% death rate) to the US, you get 80,000 deaths. That's with extreme measures in place, basically a shut down of the whole economy - we've yet to see those measures here.

Maybe Mr. Christie and the Republican Party don't think 80,000 American lives are worth saving. Maybe that's just a Democrat ideal.

I don't believe that. I believe Mr. Christie simply needs to get off his partisan high horse, and get with the program.

Casey Alan

I only wish the Democrats had so much power. If so Trump would’ve been out along time ago. Better yet he never would’ve been elected. People who think the Democrats are causing this hype don’t watch any kind of news not even Fox. I’m not blaming the Republicans for doing this. I’m not saying it’s the presidents fault. Could he have handled things better possibly. I would like to know why he’s not being tested after being exposed to people who have coronavirus. But not my call. All I can do is hope he doesn’t spread it to other diplomats if he should have it. It’s people who believe in conspiracies all the time without any facts to back it up are the ones that are causing havoc in this country. So sad that Some people feel the need to blame others because they don’t want to face the facts.

Carlos Ponce

"I only wish the Democrats had so much power." They have the Leftist Media on their side. And they promote a lot of things that just aren't so. Some of the forum contributors still believe in Russian Collusion. Now, THAT'S power! To still believe in that myth despite findings to the contrary by the FBI under James Comey, the Senate, the House and the Mueller Report. People otherwise assumed to be intelligent believing Democrat Party talking points bending truth.

Bailey Jones

If Republicans need a boogieman to blame all of this on - and apparently they do - the simple answer is the stock market. Everything Trump has done, from his initial lies about it "I think the financial markets are very upset when they look at the Democrat candidates standing on that stage..." to his latest plans for corporate bailouts, is an attempt to shore up the market.

The stock market is not a rational beast, except in the long term. In the short term it feeds off the fears and hopes of the millions of investors who drive it. That's an unfortunate byproduct of a capitalist consumer driven economy - the economy, like soylent green, is people.

Without the collapse of the markets, COVID-19, as conservatives keep pointing out, is just another disease killing off the elderly.

Carlos Ponce

The Stock Market will rebound.

Bailey Jones

Of course it will, Carlos. It always does.

Emile Pope

When Democrats take control of the government...

Carlos Ponce

When Trump is re-elected the stock market will skyrocket.

Mike Zeller

Amen Casey [thumbup] I think I'll believe what the Doctors are saying, not the back slapping, head in the sand, Republican politicians and their media (Fox).

Bailey Jones

The CDC recommends against back slapping. Try rib nudging instead.

Carlos Ponce

"Beware of the pat on the back [PAT, PAT] It just might hold you back"

I wonder what the CDC says about old geezers sniffing the hair of women and young girls.[rolleyes]

Bailey Jones

Probably the same thing everyone else says.

Maris Helfrich

My 2 cents is: Trump needs no help from the DEMS to fail and be "destroyed"! He's doing the job himself by being his incompetent, corrupt, selfish, ignorant, hatefully partisan self! Albeit so sad and such a tragedy for our people and our country, Trump has met his match....something he can't control, manipulate, and dispose of with his blow-hard mouth! God help us!

Dalton Logan

As Emile would say, Garbage.

Emile Pope


Emile Pope

Maris understands...

Randy Chapman

Enjoy his re-election.

Gary Miller

Maris>{ incompetent, corrupt, selfish, ignorant, hatefully partisan } You make strong charges. Please identify one you can prove.

Bailey Jones

The BBC has some good info about the growth and current extent of the pandemic in graphical form -

Dan Freeman

Thanks. Good graphic

George Caros

Trump doesn't need any help destroying himself he's doing a fantastic job himself

Emile Pope

At least the market’s doing great...

Carlos Ponce

It's up today. If it stays up depends on the Democrat House bill which bears some semblance to what the Corona team requested but has a lot of unnecessary "extras".

Bailey Jones

Whether the market stays up (or when it goes back up) depends on the long term effect of supply chain disruption (mostly China), consumer demand (mostly US), the Saudi-Russian oil feud, and above all - a lowering of uncertainty. It hasn't hit bottom yet. I would not expect it to until the rate of increase in the number of new cases in the US flattens out, indicating that the end of the epidemic is in sight. But you can expect a weak rally after every major dump - that's just the way traders trade. (Note that the prez is waiting until the end of the trading day to announce his next whatevers.)

Wayne D Holt

[thumbup] This is just about as succinct a summary of where we are and what it will take to begin to see light at the end of the normalcy tunnel as you will find. Setting aside questions around the president's handling of this issue, it should be a huge wake up call to America about the extent we have allowed ourselves to become dependent on foreign sources for so much of our needs.

China doesn't just supply a tidal wave of frivolous gimcracks for our diversion starved populace. We have outsourced much of the materials we need to remain a viable society. And we have done it so a relative few at the top could maximize profits that enrich them while impoverishing communities all across America.

Right now, about the only thing that keeps China from cutting us off entirely and bringing us to our knees is the destruction it would bring to their own export dependent economy. We are in the position that Japan was prior to WWII as they were locked out of access to resources that were vital to their economy, Whether one cheers or vilifies President Trump, we should be supportive of the idea that we need to find a way to bring manufacturing and broad industrial strength back to the US. This health crisis and the supply disruptions it brings shows us our life may depend on it.

Bailey Jones

"we need to find a way to bring manufacturing and broad industrial strength back to the US" We have a way - it's called "making stuff here". Unfortunately that doesn't maximize stockholder dividends. In a capitalist economy, "securities" trumps "security".

But the good news is, it's a two way street. China needs us to buy their stuff (not just gimcracks, although I do love a good gimcrack, but raw materials and manufactured components of all kinds) just as much as we need them to provide it. And in the larger scheme of things, intertwined trade is a good thing - it gives us a reason to care about each other.

Carlos Ponce

"We have a way - it's called 'making stuff here'.[thumbup]

Trump created an atmosphere to retain and bring back jobs by lowering corporate taxes. But some claim that was "tax cuts for the rich".[sneaky]

Jeff Patterson

You don’t need the media to tell you that Trump is the wrong man at the wrong time......all you have to do is re-watch his “reassuring” speech from the Oval Office last Wednesday night. Blaming others and making multiple mis-statements/mis-truths that had to be corrected after he finished, and delivered with no compassion and no empathy by a man who seemed like he was reading it for the first time. At a critical time that calls for real leadership, it’s pretty clear we won’t get that from this White House. A classic case of it’s better to keep your mouth closed and be perceived a fool than to open it and remove all doubt……

Rick Altemose

I guess all the venture capitalists and other billionaires dumping their stocks are lying Democrats, willing to lose huge sums to take Trump down. Who knew?

Carlos Ponce

Too many traders nowadays are using lemming apps to do their thinking for them which leads to either huge gains or huge losses. Currently it is driving the Dow up over 900 points.

Bailey Jones

Just like a lying socialist communist democrat to own a hedge fund. Or two.

Charles Douglas

Owning a hedge fund is NOT the problem Mr. Jones. The problem comes when the LYING Socialist Democrat is owned by the hedge fund! [wink]

Gary Miller

Charles> Well said.

Charles Douglas

I don't think all those individuals dumping stocks, and losing money are lying DEMOCRATS, on the contrary, I think they have been LIED TO, BY lying DEMOCRATS. Lets face it, people are running scared, they are RAVAGED with fear! Fear of losing money, and fear of DEATH! To say they are Democrats would be a mis-statement in my opinion but all the lies floating around in this country that TRUMP is the cause of this CORONAVIRUS, or that he is doing a bad job is just another opportunity or attempt coming from the LEFT destroy or discredit President Trump, which will fail just like all the other devious, evil, dastardly attempts they have bought forth did! "He who diggeth a pit ..shall fall therein, ..and he who rolleth a stone, it shall return onto him again"......Proverbs 26:27. Years ago somebody said Bill Clinton was the "TEFLON KID" ..because nothing hurt him or bought him down! Well compared to Trump, ....Clinton was High School, where Trump Diesel is an ALL PRO! Hey, but keep wishing, because hoping isn't going to work! Hope is of the Spirit, and wishing is of the SOUL.

Jim Forsythe

Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster Friday over the coronavirus pandemic, making it the latest state of 35 to do so.

Ted Gillis

Charles, quit using all caps to emphasize your anger. We get it, and most of us get you.

Bailey Jones

Trump declares a national emergency -

"No, I don’t take responsibility at all. Because we were given a set of circumstances, and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time. It wasn’t meant for this kind of an event with the kind of numbers that we’re talking about."

The buck doesn't stop here anymore - I don't know where it stops, but clearly it's NOT here.

Emile Pope

3.4% mortality rate as opposed to a 0.1% for the flu...

Carlos Ponce

That is from the World Health Organization (WHO). In reality they don't know since in the majority of those who get the disease it is a very mild case and most get over it not knowing they have it. A lot of people would be surprised to know they had it.

From Time Magazine:

"That means the total number of reported cases is very likely an underestimate—and by not counting many mild or asymptomatic cases, we’re likely overestimating the disease’s overall mortality rate. President Donald Trump, for one, told Fox News he has a 'hunch' that the actual mortality rate is likely below 1%."

See: "The WHO Estimated COVID-19 Mortality at 3.4%. That Doesn't Tell the Whole Story"


"Early mortality rates for coronavirus are likely misleading, experts say"

Bailey Jones

Yeah - when we get enough test kits to test a good fraction of our 330 million peeps, we'll get a better idea of both the actual spread of the disease, and the mortality rate. All we know for sure is that it spreads, and it kills. We'll know more in 3-4 weeks.

Michelle Aycoth

What the Democrats are trying to do is equivalent to burning down your house to get rid of roaches !

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones

I see it now... PANIC + DEM = PANDEMIC.

Charles Douglas

Now, now, Mr. Jones. We are not blaming you, we are blaming those in the seat of POWER, Those in DC, and around the country who seizes every opportunity to PERPETUATE fear & PANIC in order to gain power. Just this morning I watched CHUCK SCHUMER, stand at a press conference and boldly told the people there, "It is Nancy Pelosi and I who are looking out for you!" Nancy did very much the same thing Yesterday. Why can't it be just " WE" or "Congress is working with the Administration to get you the help you need?"This is a time for teambuilding and teamwork, not division and grandstanding. This is not a time to be calling other Americans out because they oppose China, our greatest threat.

Diane Turski

Trump began his own slow motion self destruction as he rode down the escalator to announce his candidacy. No help was necessary from Dems or anyone else for Trump, the self described "very stable genius", to eventually self destruct.

Carlos Ponce

Trump's ride down the escalator led to the Presidency not self destruction.

George Caros

Trump is doing a fantastic job destroying himself he doesn't need any help. The most incompetent president the US has ever had. For two months all we've heard was hoax it's a hoax now we declares an emergency and it's too late

David Hardee

This thread contains many comments that have no semblance to reality. The incompetence of individuals to quantify and qualify the results from good people working hard to make us safe is shameful. These malcontents feed on each other's irrationality. Ignorance, irrational and incompetence are the products of a malcontents mind,

Bailey Jones

Well - you voted for him.

Carlos Ponce

Wonder what George Caros will do when Donald Trump is re-elected?

Jim Forsythe

"No, I don’t take responsibility at all." in Nixon's voice.

A leader takes responsibility and non-leaders blame others.

Carlos Ponce

If he took responsibility for what was asked in that question he'd be lying.

Jim Forsythe

Here are 10 leadership lessons from Donald Trump:

Own the Narrative - Be hyper-aware of the stories swirling in the media and say and do what's necessary to shape and re-shape the narrative toward one's own agenda.

Exaggerate for Emotion - Use exaggerated language to frame issues in big, grandiose ways to elicit emotion in others.

Polarize Language - Infuse polarizing words and language into debates to rile up opponents so they're more likely to respond emotionally and with equally polarizing language.

Amplify Anecdotes - Use specific examples and stories to make problems appear much grander in scope and scale than they may really be in order to advance one's ideology and agenda.

Flip Criticism - Deflect criticism by re-directing the focus onto a problem with, or deficit in the criticizer in order to put them on the defensive and shift attention away from the original issue.

Personalize the Issues - When debating issues, criticize the personal qualities of others to discredit their viewpoint on the issue at hand.

Avoid Apologies - Never admit absolute fault. Respond to mistakes with qualifiers like "If I did..." to avoid fully acknowledging unacceptable behavior and minimize the risk of being perceived as less than perfect in the eyes of your followers.

Dump Data - Use intuition to drive decisions. Ignore "facts" that refute your personal convictions.

Push Aside Precedent - Don't allow traditions and standards to influence one's agenda, but rather forge a new path that breaks from how it's always been done.

Hire and Fire for Loyalty - Surround oneself with a team that will remain loyal throughout thick and thin, without questioning assumptions or pushing alternative viewpoints and ideas.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, you know you're taking credit for Soren Kaplan's work. That' plagiarism.

Bailey Jones

Here's what I find so interesting about this whole "Democrats want to use COVID-19 to defeat Donald Trump" narrative.

The narrative operates on the assumption that the pandemic will hurt Trump's ratings. But typically a national crisis has just the opposite effect - our president rises to the occasion, calms and reassures the country, takes some sort of decisive action, and his numbers go up. One could think of Reagan in the aftermath of the Challenger disaster, or Bush after 9/11, or Obama after the Charleston church massacre.

It's as if republicans know in their heart of hearts that Trump isn't up to this.

I think they may be right.

Carlos Ponce

"It's as if republicans know in their heart of hearts that Trump isn't up to this."

No, it's knowing that Democrats will twist the facts. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Democrats distorted the facts to make it look like the Bush administration was responsible not only for the storm, the levees failing, the loss of life and lack of quick response. I'm willing to bet some Leftist contributors still believe that filthy lie. Result - GW Bush's approval ratings went down. Already Leftist media are suggesting that this will be "Trump's Katrina" - not because Trump is doing anything wrong but because they can fool gullible voters.

Remember President Reagan? Leftist tried to portray him as anti- gay because he did not immediately jump on a cure for AIDS when the disease was not even named until his second year in office September 24, 1982.

Bailey Jones

Dance my puppet, dance.

I'll let the markets speak for your president's competence.

Carlos Ponce

The markets will rebound.

Bailey Jones

Yes, Carlos - it doesn't matter how incompetently Trump handles this crisis, at least 98% of us will get through it. #savetrump2020!

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, your response in incoherent. You are looking at the situation with a sick mind.

Bailey Jones

Oh, sorry, Carlos - must be all the hand sanitizer fumes. What I meant to say was, "thoughts and prayers for all the president's supporters".

Carlos Ponce

"Thoughts and prayers" are good... if you mean it.

Interesting Democrats aren't so flippant about "thoughts and prayers" when Nancy claims them.[whistling]

Emile Pope

Simply made up. None of that happened...

Carlos Ponce

All of it happened. You weren't paying attention.

Jim Forsythe

Not today, "Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were off by more than 1,000 points, triggering the limit down level. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures were also at their downside limits."

Mike Zeller

Did I miss it? Friday, I saw where the President did an, end zone dance, and sent a signed Stock Market chart to supporters and some members of Congress. What time is the signing today, another record (Dow -2997). [ohmy]

Bailey Jones

Trump says there "might" be a recession and all this "might" last until July or August. Truth? Lie? Hyperbole? There is literally no way to know if he's telling the truth.

Carlos Ponce

Trump was asked whether the country was heading for an economic recession The president said “it may be,” although he also said he expected the economy to bounce back strongly once the health emergency passes. He did not refute the possibility of a recession which is defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) as a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. It used to be defined as two consecutive quarters of decline in real GDP.

“We’re not thinking in terms of recession. We’re thinking in terms of the virus. Once we stop, I think there’s a tremendous pent-up demand both in terms of the stock market, in terms of the economy.”

Carlos Ponce

The July, August comment was not part of his answer of the a possible recession but how long he thought Covid-19 would last.

"During a White House briefing on Monday, Trump was asked whether the administration had any estimate of how quickly the country would “turn this corner.” Many Americans have been working from home, and states are increasingly closing schools, businesses and prohibiting large gatherings of people. 'People are talking about July, August — or something like that,' Trump told reporters, were spaced every other seat in the White House briefing room to practice distancing."

Bailey posts, " Truth? Lie? Hyperbole? There is literally no way to know if he's telling the truth. " NONE OF THE ABOVE. Bailey misheard it. Get your hearing checked.

Bailey Jones

Or you could just reread my comment - it has words in it, and I know how they can confuse you.

Carlos Ponce

No confusion.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

President Trump...bless his heart. He is not a man of Faith and it shows. This is not about the media or partisan politics. This is about true genuine leadership. We must pray for him and pray that God gives him wisdom during these uncertain times. I hope he is a praying man. Who you really are will show up during a Crisis. And what we are seeing is real ugly and unprofessional. As a Pastor's wife for 25 years, if I treated people like they treated me I would be going to hell with gasoline panties. We must have a standard of decorum and professionalism as leaders at all times but especially in times of Crisis. So I will pray for our President.

Carlos Ponce

"He is not a man of Faith and it shows." Only GOD knows what is in his heart, Kimberley. Far be it for you to sit in judgement. You are placing yourself on God's throne when proclaiming "He is not a man of Faith".

David Hardee

Pray silently - your non-judgemental judging is harmful. Only you can control the condition of your panties.

Carlos Ponce

Here's a partial list of what Speaker Pelosi wants added to the Coronavirus Emergency Relief Bill:

-Publication of corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards

-A bail out on all current debt at the Postal Service

-Required early voting

-Required same day voter registration

-Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

-Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

-Publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

-Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

-Federal $15 minimum wage

-Permanent paid leave

-Study on climate change mitigation efforts

The provisions will apply to the companies and business rescued by bill.

Carlos Ponce

Here's a similar list of Democrat demands.

The 11 Democratic demands include:

$300 million in funding for public broadcasting;

Expansive new tax credits for solar and wind energy;

New emissions standards for airlines and a requirement for full carbon offset by 2025;

Required same-day voter registration and early voting;

Bailouts for the U.S. Postal Service, the union pension fund and student loans;

Retirement plans for community newspaper employees;

Publication of corporate pay statistics by race, and race statistics for all corporate boards;

A $1 billion “Cash for Clunkers”-style program where the government buys planes from airlines;

$1.5 million to study climate change mitigation efforts in civil aviation and aerospace industries;

New and burdensome OSHA requirements on hospitals; and,

$1 billion to build on a program expanded by President Barack Obama that provides discounted phone service for low-income consumers.

Will this help fight COVID 19 or help those affected?

If you don't believe these items are in the bill, read it. Caveat lector: It's 1400 pages in length!

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