In response to the story ("Isle could be home to first powdered alcohol maker," The Daily News, May 7): As a person who works in prevention I believe that there's a real danger to our children when it comes to powdered alcohol.

There's already a real struggle when it comes to alcohol and underage drinking that’s not powdered. Alcohol is illegal to sell to minors, but some do. It’s illegal for adults to provide alcohol to minors, yet some do.

With this being a novelty item, it would appeal to youth. This product would be easier to conceal, and if all they have to do is add water, what could be easier?

Another real possibility is the concern that children may try to even snort the product.

Today’s youth are inundated with so many new products and ideas such as vaping alcohol, and e-cigs such as Juuls that lead to addiction; let’s please not legalize yet another one.

Other states have decided to protect their youth by banning this product. My wish is that our legislators in Texas care enough about our youth to do so too.

Shari Phillips


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Randy Chapman

We should outlaw gasoline as well. Kids could inhale that too.

Carlos Ponce

They will be as successful at keeping powdered alcohol away from children as they are in keeping regular alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and other illegal substances away from them. [rolleyes]
In my 32 years of teaching I caught children (high school, junior high, middle school) with alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana on campus.
My nephew who currently teaches in Fort Bend ISD catches students who are vaping.
In my last year of teaching, kids ingesting "powder" was common. Asides from the high sugar content, the most popular powder (Lucas - imported from Mexico) also contained lead.

Jim Forsythe

You can discuss the right or wrong of powered alcohol, but some are already making it at home. Below is a review from one person that made it. From the review below, I do not think many will be snorting it.
"We found a recipe online, ordered (I redacted the name of the ingredient) from Amazon, threw in some grain alcohol and, yes, obviously snorted it. Kids, here's a guide to making your own powdered alcohol. "
The Taste
"Indeed, it would take a lot of this stuff to mess you up. The bit that I pounded up my smell-hole burned like the time I snarfed Goldsclhäger at the 13th Step. I ended up with a righteous headache that made the proposition of a second round extremely unappetizing. The taste though? It was like powdered sugar's convicted sex offender cousin. It dissolved quickly, but burned like... well, alcohol."

Miceal O'Laochdha

"It was like powdered sugar's convicted sex offender cousin. " I hope Lt. Blender will consider using this quote in his marketing brochures.

Kitty Allen


Connie Patterson

While I share your concern for underage drinking I think there are some misconceptions in your statements. Snorting for powdered drink by volume is much larger than 1 oz of alcohol. It would take an hour to snort just one drink and be very very painful vs just shooting an ounce. Because the drink in only sold in 1 drink quantities, larger in volume than a liquid and comes in the 4”x6” pouch for mixing this is already larger than a little liquid bottles. To “sneak” enough in to a venue to “ get drunk” would be a challenge. Mixing takes about a minute of vigorous shaking in the pouch so spiking someone’s drink isn’t going to be easy either. As far as flammable... I’ve searched this question about 5 different ways on google and can’t get one article that even addresses it. If you have one, I’d like to read it. What I’m finding is that in its dry form it’s actually less flammable than the liquid... suggesting that it doesn’t become flammable until it’s activated by a liquid and the encapsulation dissolves. In the end, the novelty may peak their interest but it doesn’t appear to me to be as easy to abuse as the liquid form nor as available. A substance abuser will look for easy,cheap and readily available.

Gary Miller

What is produced when a pouch of powdered alcohol is desolved in a beer? Or a couple ounces of Wild Turkey? Buzz or poison? Kids will try it. I remember a party of kids with a pint of Everclear (98+%) ended up in emergency room.

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