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Carlos Ponce

Christina claims:

" It removes safeguards against gun carry at schools, polling places, bars, courthouses and more. "

Did you read the bill? I don't think so.

Texas HB 1927

SECTION 16. Section 229.001(b), Local Government Code, is amended to read as follows:

(b) Subsection (a) does not affect the authority a municipality has under another law to:

(6) regulate the carrying of an air gun or firearm, other than a handgun carried by a person not otherwise prohibited by law from carrying a handgun , at a:

(A) public park;

(B) public meeting of a municipality, county, or other governmental body;

(C) political rally, parade, or official political meeting; or

(D) nonfirearms-related school, college, or professional athletic event;

(7) in accordance with Section 411.209, Government Code, regulate the carrying of a firearm by any person;

(8) regulate the hours of operation of a sport shooting range, except that the hours of operation may not be more limited than the least limited hours of operation of any other

business in the municipality other than a business permitted or licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption;

(9) regulate the carrying of an air gun by a minor on:

(A) public property; or

(B) private property without consent of the property owner; or

(10) except as provided by Subsection (d-1), regulate or prohibit an employee's carrying or possession of a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition in the course of the employee's official duties."

"SECTION 23. Section 46.03, Penal Code, is amended by amending Subsections (a), (c), (e-1), (e-2), and (g) and adding Subsections (a-2), (a-3), (a-4), and (g-2) to read as follows:

(a) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly possesses or goes with a firearm, location-restricted knife, club, or prohibited weapon listed in Section 46.05(a):

(1) on the physical premises of a school or educational institution, any grounds or building on which an activity sponsored by a school or educational institution is being conducted, or a passenger transportation vehicle of a school or educational institution, whether the school or educational institution is public or private, unless......"

There's a lot more, Please read the bill before commenting on it.


Norman Pappous

Right now people carry guns without a permit. We call them 'criminals' and they do not abide by our community's laws. Decent law-abiding citizens should be armed against such people.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Pappous> Sir, you have a way with words, and that is for "SHO" ..(..sure ), ..as the old East Texas down home folks use to say!

Bailey Jones

I think it's eminently reasonable to apply the same restrictions we have on our constitutional right to vote to our constitutional right to bear arms. Gun ownership should require registration - at least 30 days before you can purchase a gun, and you have to reapply every two years. Guns can only be bought in person, and only at government-sanctioned locations (like a licensed gun shop). And only with valid registration and government-issued ID.

I think it's eminently reasonable to apply the same safety standards we require for vehicles in a public place to firearms in a public place. Carrying a gun in a public space should require a license that documents a demonstration of proficiency in the operation of that particular type of gun, and a knowledge of gun laws and safety practices. Renewable every 8 years.

Bailey Jones

Or, alternatively, make exercising your constitutional right to vote as easy as exercising your constitutional right to bear arms. Vote in person, or by mail, or online, with easy same-day registration.

Mike Zeller


Raymond Lewis

There you go again Mr. Jones; being reasonable.

Bailey Jones

Just trying to stimulate ideas. [tongue_smile]

Brian Tamney

where can you buy a gun by mail or online? as far as the rest of your analogy you have to have an ID and background check to buy a firearm so technically you registerd when you got your ID. and just like voting it is no one elses business what you bought with that ID anymore than it is who you voted for.

Bailey Jones

I'm no expert, but here's a step by step guide -


Brian Tamney

and Bailey, if you bother to read the link you posted the gun must be delivered to a licensed dealer, where you go complete the paperwork and show your ID.

Bailey Jones

I actually did read that, Brian. And when you mail a vote it has to be counted at an official polling place and has to pass the ID requirements - whether a signature match, a copy of an ID, or a digital signature.

I make credit card purchases every day protected by 256-bit encryption - which is unbreakable. These things are doable if one has the will to do them.

Again, I don't claim to be an expert on gun laws. My first gun came from the Sears catalog when I was 12, a half-century ago. My query remains unanswered - why shouldn't it be as hard to buy a gun as it is to vote?

Carlos Ponce

Run! Bailey Jones has a gun![scared]

Brian Tamney

well Bailey because it is actually easier to vote than it is to buy a gun, to vote you show your ID and sign in one place, to buy a gun you show your ID fill out a long form and wait to be processed by the system. last time i voted it took 2 minutes, last time i bought a gun it took 20 and that is with a carry license which reduces the time required.

Bailey Jones

Brian, have you ever had to wait in line to buy a gun? For hours? Did you have to wait a month after registering to get your gun? Could you buy your gun anywhere that's convenient, or at one particular place?

But back to the question. Would you support same-day registration so voting would be as easy a buying a gun? Would you support extended early voting with multiple polling places open extended hours so no one has to wait in line? If so, then I think we're in agreement.

Brian Tamney

Bailey, there is no need for same day registration, it is not like the election sneaks up on you, in all honesty if you are not smart enough to register ahead of tyime i probably dont want you voting. I have no issue with longer early voting, though we have a fair amount of time already, havbe never had a problem voting and never had to wait in a long line, cuple elections ago the line was long so went to the next pollong place and walked right in.

Dwight Burns

Funny, if those entering Dodge City, according to the old T.V. Westerns , had to check their side arms in with the sheriff's office, how is it going to make us safer with everybody packing? By the way, automatic weapons were not invented then. Think!!!

Bailey Jones

In Dodge City, and other towns in the new west, they knew the consequences of lax gun laws.


Carlos Ponce

Checking fire arms came on the books in 1878 in Dodge City, Kansas when it became a city.....and largely ignored. Reading the Dodge City Times there were numerous shootings and killings with a firearm after the law was enacted.

Interesting line from the November 1, 1979 Dodge City Times, page 5, "Every Indian in America ought to be disarmed, and it ought to be made a capital offense for anyone to sell them a gun or ammunition."

Astudy of US History shows gun control laws were enacted to keep guns out of the hands of Black Men.

"Gun control historically has meant prohibiting blacks from owning one"


"Gun Control Laws in the U.S Were Created To Disarm Black People"


"The Discriminatory History of Gun Control"


"The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons"


"The Racist Origin of America’s Gun Control Laws"


Bailey Jones

Hey - look who's pointing out systemic racism in America's justice system! And in the NRA!

There may be hope for you yet, Carlos.

Now tell us about our history of using voting restrictions to disenfranchise black, brown, and indigenous Americans.

Carlos Ponce

NRA??? Bailey - that was HALF A CENTURY ago.

"Now tell us about our history of using voting restrictions to disenfranchise black, brown, and indigenous Americans."

Yes, in Fort Bend County, Democrats declared themselves a WHITES ONLY organization. Blacks could vote in the November elections but not in the WHITES ONLY Democrat Party Primary aka Jaybird primary.

Poll taxes were enacted by the Democrats in power. For example Texas imposed a poll tax of $1.50 - $1.75 from 1902 to 1966. Note Texas was run by Democrats in those decades.

Dwight Burns

Well, Carlos Pounce, thanks for sharing a bit of real American History with the readers. So much of American History has been distorted to purposely leave out the contributions of people of color and the Indigenous people who lived in the Americas, long before the Anglo Saxon set foot on this land.

Bailey Jones

Hmmm... so what the NRA did a half-century ago is irrelevant, but what the Democratic Party did up until a half-century ago is VERY RELEVANT.

That's the hyper-partisan hampster wheel for a brain Carlos we all know.

Whew - had me worried there.

Carlos Ponce

"but what the Democratic Party did up until a half-century ago is VERY RELEVANT."

What about what the Democrat Party is doing in 2021? Funding Planned Parenthood which kills a disproportionate number of Black babies. And now they have expanded using American tax dollars to kill babies throughout the world? That's in 2021, Bailey!

Bailey Jones

Enough with your sniveling lies, Carlos. You know good and well that tax dollars cannot be used for abortions. And your suggestion that black women somehow lack the agency to decide for themselves whether or not to have an abortion is racist.

Kudos to the Dems for funding contraception, HIV and STD testing, and women's health services in areas where these services are hard to come by.

(This is where you tell us how what the NRA did a half-century ago isn't relevant, but what Margaret Sanger did a full century ago is VERY RELEVANT. Also - https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/21/nyregion/planned-parenthood-margaret-sanger-eugenics.html)

Charles Douglas

"In the People's Republic of China, access by the general public to firearms is subject to some of the strictest control measures in the world. With the exception of individuals with hunting permits and some ethnic minorities, civilian firearm ownership is restricted to non-individual entities."

Now what does, non-individual entities means in China as it pertains to guns? Well sir, it means that an individual citizen there cannot own a gun for the most part, except as noted by the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party ). Whenever tyrants began to take-over, one of the things they do first is confiscate firearms and other weapons. Another thing they do is throttle and take control of the police, and the military, and we see the LIBERAL LEFT doing all these things, and America is quiet about it for the most part.

We Now see assaults on our Democracy and our freedoms being conducted openly by the LEFT, and people seems fine with it. There is no SHAME in their GAME at all! They are attacking out Constitution, seeking to stack the Senate, and the Supreme Court! They are dividing the nation by skin color, opening up our borders to the world, seeking to take our guns, attacking God in America, vilifying White Kids as inherently RACISTS, and taking over what can be taught in American schools from K-12! Now you tell me, what business should any political party in this nation have doing these things in a free Democratic nation? So, You tell me what are they after? What were the Communist Chinese after when they used these sane "JACK-BOOT" tactics when the Communist took over in CHINA! Wake up people, take your heads out.of the sand, and wake up before it is to late!

Dwight Burns

To the contrary Bailey Jones. I refer you to President Clinton's attempt to take guns from poor people living in Federally funding Housing during the 1990's (Bill:t3838) which failed as an example. This was another attempt at furthering "Jim Crow Laws" against Black People. However, I feel that common sense gun legislation is necessary in a "Law in order society."

Bailey Jones

Oh, I don't doubt the racist intent of early gun laws, Dwight. Just as I don't doubt the racist intent of restrictive voter laws. Attacking the rights of citizens almost always has a racist element. But the rhetoric around gun laws these days is about mass shootings, domestic terrorism, armed militias, etc., not "Negro uprisings" or "super-predators". Mass shootings, domestic terrorism, and armed militias are mostly the purview of white men. I suspect that's why we see conservatives pushing for voting laws and complaining about gun laws.

Dwight Burns

When one refers to Black people as Negros, I, for one , question your understanding of racism, past and present.

Gary Miller

No permit carry puts honest citizens on an even level with criminals. Criminals have never needed a carry permit. Any politicion who votes for penulties on honest citizens but not criminals deserves to be kicked out of office.

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