Democrats have done something no other nation could accomplish.

Countries took turns, one war after another, but America always came out on top because of brave men and women who stood up for and defended it.

We were the undisputed, strongest nation in the world. Now we’re looked at as the weakest group of disoriented, gutless politicians around, who’ve turned into a band of “yes” men to any group who whines the most about everything in America.

People are attempting to destroy our history and reshape America to their liking. History is history. It’s what shaped this country and to erase it is a slap in the face of brave Americans who gave their all to preserve this great nation.

They didn’t run around with their hands stuck out for everything this government would give them. They went to war to preserve the right for these freeloaders to live off the taxpayers' money.

Killing, looting, arson and theft aren't building a nation, but tearing it apart, piece by piece.

Stand up and stop this mess politicians, or step aside and let the citizens of this country do your job and clean up this mess you’ve let happen for the sake of votes.

Franklin Godek

Bayou Vista


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