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Bailey Jones


































Carlos Ponce

And no galvnews.com articles!

Carlos Ponce

Until today. Hmmmmmmm.

Bailey Jones

It's been the top story on NPR every hour today. I guess Pete is more influential than I thought.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey is the only person I have heard of who listens to NPR.

Bailey Jones

'Bailey is the only person I have heard of who listens to NPR."

Hence the term "echo chamber". (noun - an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered.)

Carlos Ponce

Bailey is STILL the only person I have heard of who listens to NPR.

Gary Miller

Bailey. Your list of media comments on Biden story should be a lot longer if you included all the media stories trying to protect Biden.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, Pete wrote "See how it's being covered by the newspapers, this one included." You cite more non-newspapers than newspapers. And only a handful of newspapers.

jimmy winston

Does that really matter? Newspapers are becoming more and more irrelevant. Or is it you having to argue about everything?

Carlos Ponce

Duh, Jimmy! The Letter was about NEWSPAPERS!

Bailey Jones

Why can't it be both?

Carlos Ponce

Because it's not in Pete's letter. [offtopic][offtopic][offtopic]

Jim Forsythe

Very few people do not know about the story. If someone has not, they do not read the news on the internet, read a newspaper, watch TV, or on Facebook.

For Pete and Carlos, how did you find out about this if you did not hear it from the news? It will be covered today on the national news on TV.











news paper bidensexaul asssult

Carlos Ponce

"For Pete and Carlos, how did you find out about this if you did not hear it from the news?" Because I watch something other than Liberal news media.

Jim Forsythe

Just as others did. How much coverage is required for an issue that everyone knows about?

Carlos Ponce

Information must reach the gamut of political ideology.

Gary Miller

Watching both I found the liberal media was protective of Biden and conservative media just offered facts.

Gary Miller

Jim> Having seen or heard liberal comments about this subject I'd say most of them were trying to excuse or deflect blame from Bidden. Most were offering opinions about why the charges shouldn't be believed, not factual information about it.

Stuart Crouch

No one ever wins an argument with a crazy person, nor an imbecile. Seems the tribe is getting a bit edgy as of late. [whistling]

Charles Douglas

Allow me to sorta amend what Mr. NANOS wrote in is Op-ed to say, " Look at all the "Me Too"crowd and those who said a woman must be believed when they bring such an accusation of sexual misconduct like Ms. Reade did, and go check the same ones who have turned 180 degrees now. What happened? Oh, they believed the bad things against Justice Kavanaugh even though the accuser had no direct memory of times, places, and peripheral happenings or evidence to back her story. Ms. Reads filed a police report! She reported the incident to Senate Staff people when it happened and they reassigned her for her troubles and did NOTHING! She told friends and family members who were, and are still members of the Democratic Party, and her mother made a telephone call live to the Larry King show, asking his advice concerning what actions could her daughter take in opposing one of the most powerful politicians on Capital Hill at the time! They found it on You Tube! Now, somebody tell me that is not bias, or political. I'll wait! ...while I'm waiting, who out there would like for a daughter, a wife, a mother, sister of any female member of your family to be treated like this with this much evidence, or a son treated like Kavanaugh was treated ..without a smidgen of evidence? I rest my case. One of the reasons people cried when I left law enforcement was because I got to the evidence, and sort our the lies, and put up rewards out of my own pockets for leads to either exonerate or charge! I did not care if you were Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Blue or POKA-DOT! I was there to serve and see justice done, and I did! So I don't have any tolerance for these Deep State, liars and crooks with authority...who goes around making a mockery out of Due Process which is part of the foundation of what this great country was built on!

Bailey Jones

I'll sort of agree with you Charles. All institutions tend towards corruption, whether it's the Catholic church, the Boy Scouts, or political parties. It's inevitable, because a crime that is loudly and easily condemned when it happens "over there" suddenly becomes a threat to the institution when it happens "here". It's quite a moral test for the Democrats and the "Me Too" movement. So far, given the quantity and quality of the evidence, I've been satisfied with the response, and mildly entertained by the level of hypocrisy on both sides. If there is really any "there" there, it will come to light - you can bet the RNC has hired the best attorneys and detectives on the planet to make sure.

Bailey Jones

Let me give a quick lesson in how to show media bias. Media bias exists when a media outlet covers similar situations differently. In this case, you need to prove two things. First, that the GCDN provided wide overage of the several sexual assault allegations against Trump, and second, that the GCDN hasn't provided equally wide coverage of the Tara Reade allegation. No one has yet offered evidence to prove these two things.

Carlos Ponce

You forgot the GCDN provided wide overage of the several sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Bailey Jones

True enough (I found 3 AP articles), and if either Biden or Trump's sexual assaults were the subject of senate hearings or an FBI investigation, that would be totally relevant.

Casey Alan

I don’t know why some people didn’t hear about it on the news because it is on the news it was on the news yesterday it’s in the paper today and it’s on the news today. So that part is a irrelevant. As far as Brett Kavanaugh, he was under oath and on trial. So far Biden has not called her derogatory names like Trump did with all of his multi accusers. Maybe he should. Republicans seem to like that sort of thing. I would think Biden would be more appealing to Republicans now. After all they did vote for Trump. It’s a he said she said type of thing. Republicans have no problem circling in supporting Trump. So why should Democrats?. I don’t understand why Republicans hold Democrats to a higher standard than their own.

Carlos Ponce

"Media bias is alive and well."

Michael Flynn - Any story of how he was set up and exculpatory evidence cast aside?

GCDN search shows "Your search did not yield any results" for 2020.

2019: There's a Letter to the editor written by Mike Allison where he says Michael Flynn is going to jail.

2018: A letter written by Gary Miller wondering why Michael Flynn was indicted but not Hillary despite overwhelming evidence laws were broken.

2017: Guest Columns by NEIL G. BARON and ROBERTO TORRES condemning the decorated war hero.

Despite all the current news on how Michael Flynn (called Crossfire Razor) was set up to make him lie, anything in the paper? No.

Any article why despite FBI field agents wanting to drop the investigation because there was nothing there, Peter Strzok insisted the SEVENTH FLOOR (James Comey) wanted it to continue? No.

Not the GCDN fault since the AP will not give them these stories to print. I wonder why not. Plenty to report.

Fits the narrative of this Letter to the Editor: "Media bias is alive and well."

Mike Zeller

[offtopic] [offtopic] [offtopic]

Carlos Ponce

Poor Mike! He's desperate to contribute but forgot the topic is "Media bias is alive and well" AND IT FITS!

George Caros

Carlos scrub.scrub. rinse.rinse oh what a good job

Carlos Ponce

Once again, George Caros has nothing to contribute.

Pete Nanos

Liberals will always seek to justify the lies about the media that is an arm of the DNC. Examples abound here. But let's take a closer look, even though I wanted to keep it simple. I wasn't just referring to GCDN, I was referring to media in general. Let's start with Television. How many Programs reflect conservative values? Maybe one, but if you watch long enough you will find most entertainment belittles conservatives and makes it seem as though the world revolves around liberal values . Look at Hollywood. Ever see a conservative receive an Oscar or pontificate on conservative values? How about cable news. With all the cable news outlets there is one that is number one in the country and a smattering of lesser outlets, but for the most part the cable networks are carrying water for the uberleft better known as the Democrat party. And if you doubt that what I'm telling you is true, all you have to do is listen for a short while. It's not just what they are saying, it's that they use the exact same words as Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Schiff, just insert your favorite democrat. They speak with one voice. It would be comical if it wasn't so tragic. Let's look at the internet. Who gets taken down by these giants? The conservatives. You never here of liberals being silenced. The fact that someone puts out "proof" that there's no bias, as you can see above, is laughable at best, but that's what liberals do. I can cite so much more, but to what end. The fact remains. You can't fix.......well you get my point.

Gary Miller

Pete> When stupid thinks it knows everything it thinks there is nothing else worth learning.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Nanos> [thumbup][thumbup]

Gary Miller

Pete> I don't think the Democrat media is biased. They are loyal members of the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist party that owns them. Bias would be evident if they sometimes made Conservative statements. Never happens.

Jim Forsythe


These are the 15 of Best Conservative News Sites on The Internet as of Apr 2012. If they went under it would be because of the lack of support. If people do not use them, they will go away. Why are you reading liberal news and not using them? I like the name, Weasel Zippers.

The Drudge Report, memorandum, Instapundit, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Lucianne, Daily Caller, The Right Scoop, Bad Blue, Free Republic, Weasel Zippers, Doug Ross and Twitchy.

If you into blogs, try Linkiest.

When a conservative movie comes out, do you support them? If you do not go to the movies, then it should not make any difference to you.

Carlos Ponce

Of your list, I've only heard of 4. My friend in Illinois sends me PJMedia links.

Jim Forsythe

The sites that I posted were big in 2012, and some are now gone because people did not help them to stay in business by using them.

This falls on conservatives because they were for conservatives to use.

Carlos Ponce

Slap the title CONSERVATIVE on them and you think Conservatives should flock to them? No. Caveat Lector. The best survive, the not-so-good and the pseudo-conservative do not.

Jim Forsythe

Just as with anything, you must decide if it is right for you.

Not every conservative is the same. What others like you may not. Besides these sites, there is more to explore.

If you can not find one that fits you, you have not looked enough.

Bailey Jones

It must be terrible for you to have ONLY the top rated cable news network and all the top rated radio talk show hosts, and the president of the US, and most of the supreme court, and a huge majority of the county you live in, and probably everyone on your street agreeing with everything you believe.

And even more terrible for you that the rest of us also find outlets for our beliefs.

When did conservatives become such whiners?

Carlos Ponce

Interesting. Joe Biden said they could search the National Archives for Tara's complaint. Problem. It's not there. If it still exist, it's at the University of Delaware.

"Joe Biden said that Tara Reade's complaint could only be at the National Archives, at what was then called the Office of Fair Employment Practices. But, a National Archives spokesperson told me that they do not hold records from that office." - Nicole Einbinder, Business Insider reporter

Bailey Jones

If you listened to NPR you would have heard this today:

But on Friday, the National Archives said in a statement to NPR, "Any records of Senate personnel complaints from 1993 would have remained under the control of the Senate. Accordingly, inquiries related to these records should be directed to the Senate."

Later on Friday, Biden released a letter to Secretary of the Senate Julie Adams, asking her office to take "whatever steps are necessary to establish the location of the records," adding, "I would ask that the public release include not only a complaint if one exists, but any and all other documents in the records that relate to the allegation."

Carlos Ponce

Chances are they are at the University of Delaware - if they haven't been sent to Mr. Shredder.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, if you are upset about Joe, I'm sure you will be upset about this.

Journalist E. Jean Carroll Becomes 24th Woman to Accuse Trump of Sexual Assault.

E. Jean Carroll shares for the first time her violent encounter with Donald Trump. The coatdress she was wearing that day has hung in her closet ever since. Maybe they can find DNA on it.

Carlos Ponce

I saw her picture - very doubtful

Jim Forsythe

Rape is not always about beauty, but power. But in the case of E. Jean Carroll, she has beauty.

Carroll attended Indiana University, where she was a Pi Beta Phi and a cheerleader and was crowned Miss Indiana University. She represented Indiana University when she won the Miss Cheerleader USA title.

Carlos Ponce

"Rape is not always about beauty" I never said she was not an attractive woman. But the women Trump has had relationships fit into parameters. And she doesn't fit. This is an OLD accusation. 24th woman? New York Magazine lists her as number 16. She's just looking for publicity to sell her book. Nothing here of note.

Carlos Ponce

Interesting that the allegation which appears in a book she's trying to see appears virtually identical to a 2012 plot line of a "Law & Order: SVU" episode down to mentioning Bergdorf's. Carroll admits that she's an avid watcher of "Law & Order", loves "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" but doesn't watch "Law & Order: SVU" because of it's violence. To comment on it she must have seen it. She tells CNN the similarities are just a "coincidence". [rolleyes]

Carlos Ponce

What's weird is E. Jean Carroll's interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN

E. JEAN CARROLL: I think most people think of rape as being sexy.

ANDERSON COOPER: Let's take a short break.

E. JEAN CARROLL: Think of the fantasies.

ANDERSON COOPER: We're going to take a short break. If you could stick around we can talk more.

E. JEAN CARROLL: You're fascinating to talk to.


Jim Forsythe

Rape is not a relationship!

E. Jean Carroll has accused President Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her and is asking for a DNA sample from Trump to compare to male genetic material found on the dress she says she wore during the alleged encounter.

"Reade said she described her issues with Biden but “the main word I used — and I know I didn’t use sexual harassment — I used ‘uncomfortable.’ And I remember ‘retaliation.’”

Your point about the years that have pasted, 27 years have passed since what Tara Reade who is accusing Joe of, is also an old accusation. What E. Jean Carroll has accused Trump of, was 25 years ago or less.

Does it matter if it is the 24th woman or the 16th?

Carlos Ponce

So you believe a woman who says "I think most people think of rape as being sexy."

Jim Forsythe

Think of the fantasies. If you are a writer, that's what you do.

This just wait for the DNA.

Carlos Ponce

I didn't ask about the "fantasies". Does Jim Forsythe agree with her statement ""I think most people think of rape as being sexy" ?

Pete Nanos

Wow , that conversation turned on a dime. Thanks for all the suggestions. Guess we settled the fact that there is bias in the "MEDIA". Sorry Dolph, even your ardent followers had to give in.

Charles Douglas

Thank you Mr. Jones, but we'd rather have those records at the University of Delaware which are locked down! They are more prone to have substance without having been purged![beam]

Ted Gillis

Charles, those documents at the University of Delaware were donated to them by Joe Biden himself. Do you really think he would have given them something that incriminating? He’s not obligated to show us things that make him look bad. These documents are for his future library. What do really think you are going to find, his confessions?

Can we also search through president Trump’s papers at Trump University?

Carlos Ponce

"Do you really think he would have given them something that incriminating?" Joe (or one of his handlers) was way ahead of you, Ted. They are probably no longer there!

"Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has reportedly sent campaign operatives to the University of Delaware to go through his Senate records after he was accused by former staffer Tara Reade of sexual assault."

“Andrea Boyle Tippett, a spokeswoman for the University of Delaware, confirmed to Insider that individuals from the campaign have accessed the collection since Biden announced his presidential campaign in the spring of 2019.” Business Insider


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