Hydroxychloroquine isn’t a cure for COVID-19 or any of the off-label illnesses it’s prescribed for. Doctors don’t claim aspirin is a cure for anything either. Both are prescribed to help, not cure.

Trump and most doctors think hydroxychloroquine helps COVID-19 victims by slowing the viral progress enough, so that they have a better chance of recovery. Side effects are less than those found in aspirin and are rare and insignificant.

Anti-Trump Democrats claiming Trump said it’s a cure or say hydroxychloroquine has dangerous side effects are lying. They know they're lying but are convinced some stupid Democrat voters will believe anything they say.

Truth is wasted on liberals.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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Donna Spencer

Oh, so the truth comes from the president who has lied thousands of times. Sure, give me a break.

Gary Miller


Covid 19 victims in Turkey recover 4 to 6 days faster with fewer deaths. Hydroxychlorquine (HCQ) is administered to all patients as soon as infection is identified. HCQ treatment is used as a national health policy. They’ve learned HCQ patients are less infectious than non HCQ patients. The FDA approved the off label use of another drug, Remdesivir, also speeding recovery from Clovid 19 and cutting the death rate.

Mike Zeller

Hydroxychloroquine Uses:

1. Malaria

2. Lupus

3. Rheumatoid Arthritis

4. Trump Kool Aid Syndrome? [scared]

Carlos Ponce

Sorry Mike. Hydroxychloroquine will not help your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Carlos Ponce

There's only one reason why some object to Hydroxychloroquine. Because Trump thought it was worthy of trial.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has endorsed it as treatment with a 91.6% rate of success.

Doctors throughout this country and the world have used Hydroxychloroquine with no side effects. The side effects including heart rhythm, come from studies in the 1950s with much higher amounts of dosage.

Dr. Robin Armstrong recommends using Hydroxychloroquine at the onset of symptoms. Dr. Armstrong saw viral loads diminished to ZERO in 6 days by using hydroxychloroquine in treatment. In the VA observations patients were in the final stages of life when treated. If not treated early, Remdesivir should be used. It reduces recovery time from 15 to 11 days.

See interviews with Dr. Armstrong:

With Konni Burton on The Texan Podcast


With Laura Ingraham on FOX News:


domenico nuckols

There is some merit using Hydroxychloroquine. With some side effects i.e., heart problems it’s recommended under direct doctor’s care. I wouldn’t just go out and use a prescription medication without a doctor’s guidance.

Carlos Ponce

Heart problems were not reported in the dosage amount and frequency used to treat COVID-19. Heart problems were reported initially in the 1950s for malaria patients with a larger and more prolonged dosage. Dr. Robin Armstrong only used hydroxychloroquine for 5 days.

Hydroxychloroquine is used in Africa and India as a prophylactic for malaria. The population of India is 1,377,998,265 with 1783 deaths attributed to COVID-19. Africa has a population of 1,335,182,565 with 1956 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

See "Covid-19: India Recommends Hydroxychloroquine As Prophylaxis For Healthcare Providers, Patient Family Members"


Gary Miller

Dominico> The Heart effect refered to is after higher doses for long time use. Usually 20 years or longer.

Bailey Jones

It's irresponsible for any president to recommend any medication to anyone for anything (what have you got to lose?) It's exactly the same idiocy that we see with Hollywood celebrities tweet about the dangers of vaccines. Just another example of how science has been relegated to the back seat - behind retweets from the "famous" and scientifically illiterate.

But, I do agree that the backlash from the left, and the enthusiasm of the right, are entirely fed by the fact that the president felt compelled to give medical advice. Just another reason why he should sit down, shut up, and leave science to the scientists.

domenico nuckols


Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, "It's irresponsible for any president to recommend any medication to anyone for anything." Democrat Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett disagrees with you. "Asked if she thought Mr. Trump saved her life, she said, 'Yes, I do,' and 'I do thank him for that.' 'It has a lot to do with the president … bringing it up,' Ms. Whitsett said. “He is the only person who has the power to make it a priority'.”

Bailey Jones

I guess if I was a partisan I'd have to wrangle up some faux-logical rationalization to defend her statement. But I'm not. She's wrong. Possibly a zombie.

Also - here's how a president makes something a priority, "hey, science guys, go do science and tell us if this works", not "try it - what have you got to lose?"

Carlos Ponce

That's what happened Bailey. But when Dr. Anthony Fauci says on Jan 21 not to worry it's good but when Trump repeats it on Jan 22 it's bad in the eyes of the Liberal Left. The Left seems to say, "No matter what Trump says, let's say it's wrong and make fun of him, even if doctors and scientists gave him that information."

Bailey Jones

Welcome to the rough and tumble world of politics, Rip van Winkle. Glad to see you've woken up.

Kelly Naschke

The drug companies don’t want a 50 year old solution that’s CHEAP. They want a brand new drug and the exorbitant price tag that goes with it. Consequently, many politicians are anti hq. Follow the $$$.

Bailey Jones

"Follow the $$$" is always good advice.

From opensecrets.org -

"A conservative “dark money” group that received funding from the pharmaceutical industry’s largest trade organization pushed President Donald Trump to use unproven antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 and make it more widely available.

Last month, the conservative nonprofit group Job Creators Network collaborated with health care nonprofit Physicians for Reform to launch an online petition, a series of Facebook ads and a mass text message campaign urging Trump to make hydroxychloroquine available to treat patients battling COVID-19, Sludge reported. These groups do not disclose their sources of funding.

“There is clear and ever-mounting evidence that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine can significantly help patients who contract coronavirus,” the petition read.

One of Trump’s most influential supporters, Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus, founded the Job Creators Network in 2011. Marcus gave $7 million to outside groups supporting Trump’s 2016 presidential run. He also gave $100,000 to the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action in 2018 to further support Trump’s second presidential bid and plans to spend even more to support Trump’s reelection.

Physicians for Reform often works with conservative advocacy group Freedomworks to influence the deregulation of health care policies.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America gave millions in grants to conservative groups in 2018 that pushed industry-friendly policies to Trump, according to tax returns analyzed by OpenSecrets. The industry’s top lobbying group gave FreedomWorks $100,000 in 2018. It also gave $500,000 to the Job Creators Network in 2017."

(OpenSecrets.org, is a nonpartisan, independent, and nonprofit website that tracks federal campaign contributions and lobbying activities.)

Carlos Ponce

When used in a proper and timely manor, hydroxychloroquine will reduce viral levels to ZERO within 6 days according to Dr. Robin Armstrong and many other doctors.

Bailey Jones

Anecdotal evidence isn't evidence of an antidote. Refer to my earlier comment about scientific literacy. But you miss the point - it's fine for a trained physician to recommend a treatment to her patients. It's not OK for any Joe Blow to go on national television and tell people to take it - especially if that Joe Blow is the president.

Carlos Ponce

"Anecdotal evidence isn't evidence of an antidote." It's never been an antidote but a treatment that gives relief to the patients and reduces the viral level. And Trump just repeated what the doctors told him. A "possible" treatment that may or may not work. Did he ever say to give everyone with COVID-19 the drug? No. He left that up to the doctors. What he offered was a hope for those wwho were infected or could be infected. When Obama said "hope", Bailey was ecstatic. When Trump offered hope Bailey said he was a Joe Blow not qualified to say that. Your prejudice is obvious, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

Yes, Carlos - we all remember how Republicans embraced Obama's suggestions about our healthcare. [whistling]

I do miss that rhetoric of "hope", though. (Heck, I miss rhetoric of any kind.) "What have you got to lose?" is a sad similitude.

Carlos Ponce

Obamacare still is TERRIBLE!

Gary Miller

Bailey> Is this list of "best Americans " complete?

domenico nuckols


Gary Miller

Kelly> You are correct that the drug industry would prefer a new and costly treatment. Some Polls are paid by the industry to oppose HCQ because it is cheep.

Dalton Logan

The doctors at United Memorial Medical Center were on the local news channels this week. They are using hydroxychloroquine on all their covid-19 patients and have not lost a single patient.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, John Cornyn just stated that “the good news is” if you loose you employer provided insurance because of Covid 19 layoffs , you can always “purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare)

Just terrible.

Carlos Ponce

Obamacare still is TERRIBLE!

Ted Gillis


If Obamacare is sooo terrible, why is John Cornyn now claiming it to be “good news” for those who have lost their employer provided health insurance due to Covid 19 layoffs. This is the same guy that led the vote to kill it in the Senate umpteen times.

And Gary, why did Donald Trump start touting Hydroxychloriquin (see I can’t even spell it) the day after Gregory Rigano, who falsely associated himself with Stanford University (They’ve never heard of him) appeared on Fox News Tucker Carlson, promoting the medical benefits of the drug. He’s not even associated with the medical profession for heavens sake. Trump stated that sameday that “he’s was always a big fan of the drug”. What a bunch of who’re. He probably couldn’t even say the name of the drug beforehand.

Why does this lack of credibility not concern you at all?

It’s an anti malaria drug.....period. Use it for such.

Carlos Ponce

So Ted Gillis is now going to vote for John Cronyn in November. Who knew?

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