As I sit at home on Monday afternoon, I wonder exactly what went wrong with the provision of power to so many of our homes. I’m fortunate. I have power but worry about the elderly, the children, the sick and those who can’t care for themselves.

We should learn what happened here.

Why is the island without power to almost 95 percent of residents? Why haven’t power companies planned for such an event? What are plans for future such events?

Inquiring minds really want to know.

Charles Wiley



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Curtiss Brown

I can deal with rolling black-outs but 40 hours of darkness is just too much. People freezing to death in their homes is not acceptable. I know Galveston Island usually gets higher temperatures than the mainland and that one million people in Harris County were similarly affected but we need a thorough and complete investigation. I don't have a great deal of faith in our elected state leadership or our representatives to do the job. We should have a proper investigating panel.

Charles Douglas


Bailey Jones


Robert Braeking

There is blood on the hands of ERCOT

Don Schlessinger

Maybe we should start spending more time and money on infrastructure than tourism. Galveston is a small town without resources to properly support the hoards of tourists using our power, water, streets, and sewers. Our neighborhoods on the east end are full of STRs where

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Remember this comment when your power bills go up. What happened here was a result of shortsighted economics and the constant pressure to keep power costs low. Why pay to winterize the generation infrastructure for an event that hasn't happened since 1989? I'm sure that sounded like a good idea at the time.

Don Schlessinger

OOPS: I was going to say: our streets and homes are surrounded with strangers that don't respect them.

Emilio Nicolas

Did Galveston city government open ANY warming shelters? Any?

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