America had a president that struck fear in our enemies. Now, we have a president that strikes fear in our allies.

Paula Smith



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Carlos Ponce

Very true, Paula Smith.

Paula Flinn

Before this, we had a president who cuddled up to the Saudis, wrote love letters to Kim, and became Putin’s puppet. Trump also lied to us everyday, and put off telling us about the Pandemic for a month, which aided the spread of the virus. One cannot trust a person like that for President. I’m sure our allies would rather deal with President Biden, in the long run.

Carlos Ponce

Our allies disagree with you.

Don Schlessinger


Charles Douglas

Some people thrive on sour grapes!!!!!! Trump is the best and that drives some to the point of issue fabrication! [beam]

Charles Douglas

Nobody has seen Hunter Biden in months! Could it be that Hunter is the real voice in the Oval Office? Whoaa- mannn! Hunter running the free world? Joe China did say Hunter was the smartest man he knew!!!! I wonder.......! Having the Taliban to act as security for our American troops seems so stupid that maybe it was a Hunter declaration! Maybe leaving TEN PERCENT of Americans to be tortured and killed was another Hunter move,...he loves to operate in TEN PERCENT areas, as I recall.

Paula Flinn

Talk about fabrication. Trump is the only one who has had some of his grown children and son-in-law as advisors in the Whitehouse.

Carlos Ponce

President Kennedy had his brother in his cabinet.

Carlos Ponce

"U.S. Is Turning Some Allies Away From Kabul Airport, Official Says"

"Biden's Handling Of Afghanistan Has Angered Some Allies"

"Biden administration owes the American public and American allies straight talk under oath about the tragic evacuation from the Taliban takeover"

"Biden Says 'America Is Back,' But US Allies Aren't So Sure"

"US allies deeply concerned by Biden's detachment"

"US allies tear into Biden administration over Afghanistan ‘failure’"

"Leaked Memo Shows Why So Many European Allies Are Pissed At Biden Over Afghanistan "

"The Real Reason U.S. Allies Are Upset About Afghanistan"

Gary Miller

Paula> You are wrong. Your month was ten days after the first case was identiied. The UN and NATO have expressed concern about Biden's conduct. China and Russia act like they have free access to what Trump locked up. You really need to read your posts before you post them. Your biases are all over them. Try exchanging you biases with truth. You and we would be more likely to believe them.

Paula Flinn

Your bias has been evident ever since you’ve posted, Gary Miller. I would look at myself before I would be “the pot calling the kettle black.”

I do tell the truth. Trump was briefed on the Corona virus in late Dec. or early January. We were asked to not come back to school at GISD after Spring Break, in March, 2020. What part of “a month” (or more) don’t you understand? Trump admitted his reluctance to tell the American public, when he first found out about the virus, on the tapes that he allowed Bob Woodward to make for his book. I guess Fox News left out that part of the news.

When Trump closed the country, the Asians flew to Vancouver. Canada, then to the US. The Europeans flew to London, England, then on to NYC and Newark. It’s all the truth. All you had to do was change the channel.

There were so many lies Trump told the AP had trouble keeping up with the list.

Carlos Ponce

"Trump was briefed on the Corona virus in late Dec. or early January." True. Dr Anthony Fauci told him there was nothing to worry about.

“This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now."

January 2020

John Catsimatidis asked. "Should they be scared?"

"I don’t think so," Fauci said. "The American people should not be worried or frightened by this. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States, but it’s something we, as public health officials, need to take very seriously." January 2020

So when the so called medical experts say there is nothing to worry about.... Paula blames President Trump.

Gary Miller

Paula> I'm proud of my bias. America first and always.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller> Spoken like a true American! When it comes to GOD & America, NO MAN OR WOMAN can command my loyalty away from those two! I dont give a "RIP" who they are!!! If you hurt America are hurting me! Joe China and that partner of his that is on lockdown, and nobody sees anymore are destroying America! Their enablers, ..The SWAMP, Big Media, Big Tech, CNN, CNBC, ABC and all The rest are complicit with their efforts to destroy America! They conspire, cancel out, censor, lie, cover-up, lambast, excorite, vilify, all in an effort to circumvent the rules and processes of legal government, & established laws we live by!

Paula Flinn

Gary, if you believed America First & Always you wouldn’t have supported Trump. I believe in All Americans First . That means all Americans deserve Healthcare and a life above the poverty level. We are a rich country. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Have a great Labor Day!

Carlos Ponce

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” Under Biden, the boat is sinking.

Gary Miller

Paula> I'm proud of my positions on things. After reading your posts I understand why you aren't proud of yours.

Stuart Crouch

I was gonna say....I guess so, since you all think our allies are Russia and North Korea. Clearly, the 9th grade was the hardest four years of your life. Lots of the usual chatter & babbling, still no factual substance. Could y'all just stop being so scared of everything, even if only for a little while? Honestly, Chicken Littles, the sky ain't falling. Having a mentally competent and emotionally mature president is a big switch for you folk, so I get that it will take y'all some time to adjust.

Carlos Ponce

Our allies are Great Britain, France, etc., Stuart Crouch. Seems like you've been reading, listening and looking at Liberal propaganda.

Charles Douglas

I don't ask for much from the LEFT, but I demand that they let Kamala Harris out of lockdown! What ...she is a prisoner now? Is she in the WITNESS PROTECTION program like Joe China? Will she get in trouble if somebody ask her a question? Turn Kamala loose,...y'all engineered the both of them in office, and I want to see both of them perform!!!! Lolol....Joe China hiring the Teliban to be his security, and they (TELIBAN) .. allowed ISIS to infiltrate close enough to kill thirteen good Americans! I can't afford to keep losing people like this!!!! Losing people out of stupidity & incompetence!

Let her out!!! ( Voice Quivering ) ...Let Kamala go, she can tell us about Christmas Shopping!!!!

C. Patterson

That ol saying that “you can’t negotiate with terrorist and two year olds” has aged well here...

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