Texas Republicans once again lead the way while Democrats slink away in the night. Why did Texas Democrats refuse our legislative body a quorum to vote on an election integrity bill?

The new bill still offers two weeks of early voting (President Biden's home state of Delaware has never offered early voting at all). The bill increases the number of hours counties must keep their polls open. Meanwhile, mail-in ballots must be secured with the request that the voter provide the last four digits of their social security number or state identification.

The Republican bill increases a citizen's ability to vote, while providing an increased level of ballot security. President Biden believes it's an assault on our democracy yet couldn't name one part of the bill he disagrees with.

Linda Burton



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Mike Zeller

Thank you for pointing out this massive problem we have in Texas, with voter fraud. "The attorney general’s office has successfully prosecuted a total of 155 persons for voter fraud, since 2005." That averages out to about 10 cases per year, "TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE." How can anyone accept any election results, knowing these figures.

Carlos Ponce

Like fishing, it's the big ones you don't catch that get to you, far greater than the small number you quote. Problem with Liberals is they can't keep their mouths shut and brag about how they got away with it.

Norman Pappous

@Mike - remember that logic the next time the left complains about voter suppression.

Gary Miller

Mike> Would you agree it is fraud if someone votes twice or more? Voting once in person and again absentee in another state? This is done millions of times every election but can't be prosecuted because liberal judges say if they are registered in both places their votes are legal. You know that is wrong, the double voter knows it is wrong, the liberal courts know it is wrong but will not charge it. Solution is making sure every registered voter isn't registered some where else. Not so fast? Liberal courts have ruled only the voter can remove their name from outdated registrations. Knowing this "community organisers" tell people to keep names on as many registrations as possible and vote as many as possible. It is illegal but can't be prosecuted.

Ted Gillis

Where did you hear all of that hogwash from Gary, Sebastian Gorka?

George Laiacona

We must realize that the Republicans actions regarding voter suppression has been going on for years. The latest version is just another ingenious idea as to how to effectively reduce the number of potential Democratic voters. As we step into the future we can expect many more ingenious attempts to bring about gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Carlos Ponce

Allow me to rewrite your post to reflect REALITY, George Laiacona:

We must realize that the Democrat actions regarding voter fraud has been going on for years. The latest version (HR1) is just the latest idea to effectively increase the number of votes for Democrat candidates without increasing the number of voters. As we step into the future we can expect many more ingenious attempts to bring about voter fraud from the Democrat Party.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, continuing to demonstrate the many different ways to say “I know you are but what am I”.

Carlos Ponce

Looks like Ted Gillis needs to be introduced to reality as well.

Ted Gillis

Yes Carlos please do. I however will have to raise an empty glass in toast to you, as I can’t seem to locate the cork screw feature on my AR15.

Carlos Ponce

If it has a cork screw it's a toy replica. But that's about your speed.

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