Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Equality Act,” which is a revision of the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.” I believe that the Democrats in Congress used the title “Equality Act,” rather than “LGBTQ Rights Act,” to purposely mislead the public. This act has nothing to do with equality.

The act broadly defines the phrase "sexual orientation" to include "gender" and "gender identity" as new federally protected classes and will require, among other activities, co-ed bathroom sharing. This will be the death knell for women’s sports in America.

In addition, this law would force Judeo-Christian business owners to choose between violating their consciences or going out of business and thus be unable to provide for their families.

Members of Congress who support the “Equality Act” should be impeached and voted out of office because they violated their oath of office, “… to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This act neither supports or defends our Constitution.

Do your own research about this act and then contact your U.S. senator and urge him or her to resoundingly reject this so-called “Equality Act.”

John Hatch

League City


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Carlos Ponce

Before the Liberals sell you on a terrible bill with a nice name read the text:

Like most bills passed by Liberals they never consider the consequences.

"7 Reasons Why the Equality Act Is Anything But"

"Against the Equality Act"

domenico nuckols

"all men are created equal" If we lived by this, the US would not need protected classes. Every American should have the same rights and protections.

Carlos Ponce

Every American has the same rights and protections.

domenico nuckols

That's NOT true.

Carlos Ponce

It is TRUE under the law, domenico.

Gary Miller

Carlos> Not true! If it were true dozens of Obama Democrats would be in prison. If HRC were a Republican she would have been convicted years ago.Under Democrat control Democrats are more Equal than Republicans.

Carlos Ponce

Under the law, HRC should have at least been charged. Her day will come.

Charles Douglas

If Domenico thinks all Americans should be equal... then he needs to tell Nancy Pelosi'nem to move out from behind those big, tall fences and gates protecting those big pretty mansions in BEVERLY HILLS and neighborhoods for the rich, protected by armed guards & move to the Ghettos with the forgotten men and women they manipulate regularly for their votes!

I am speaking of those who they systematically keep in poverty holes, existing on government subsidies, & attending bad schools! Those they brainwash by using racial overtones constantly, destroying our cultures, and histories by pulling down statues, and spending millions of taxpayer dollars to change names of schools & public places just to keep minorities on their knees for LIBERAL support! Now they are after Dr. ZUESS because he is supposed to be a RACIST after all these years!!

Who will it be next? Maybe Davy Crockett, for being a great Frontierman and Indian fighter? These people act like they have been vaccinated with some sort of "SATANIC" drug which has rendered them helpless and void of common sense! Please, I don't want to hear it!! When you have a situation where little "WHITE" KIDS are shamed institutionally because they were horned "WHITE", then many of us old segregated, educated, plow-boys from East Texas, knows spiritual evil, is at work here, because we have allowed it to take hold, and it is consuming and destroying us from within!

What about Margaret Higgins Sanger? Was she a RACIST? Did she perpetuate Black Genocide? Ahhh huh! I see!

domenico nuckols

Bigotry is alive and flourishing in Texas. This editorial was about gender equality and we should have it in the federal law

Carlos Ponce

Bigoted acts are already against the law. But you cannot outlaw bigotry.

What does domenico mean by "gender equality"?

Does it mean letting male born athletes compete in women's sports and dominating them since they have an edge over those actually born female?

Does it mean allowing boys and men into girl's and women's dressing facilities and restrooms?

I'm all for removing questions such as "gender", "sex", "race", and "ethnicity" so applicants will be judged not by the color of their skin, their genitalia and where their ancestry lies but on the content of their character. Does that make me a bigot?

Carlos Ponce

What does domenico mean by "gender equality"?

Does it mean forcing churches who don't recognize same sex marriages to perform a wedding between two men or two women?

Gary Miller

Charles> Say it true again.

George Laiacona

Of coarse the Republicans like Carlos are going to be against anything the Democrats bring forward. So it’s only natural that the Republicans will interpret the writings in the Constitution to be of their likings and not that of ALL Americans. All of us are supposed to be created equal, but the Jim Crow idea still exists. But today’s version covers all of those who are not White Supremest.

domenico nuckols


Charles Douglas

Jim Crow still exists?.. [censored]..the Anti-Christ spirit still exists, and so do the spirit of SLAVERY! It was the Democratic Party who perpetuated those spirits in the Ole South, and their descendents are doing the same now by a different methodology, although CONTROL is & was the foundation of both systems back then and today! Thank you Lyndon Johnson, and Margaret Higgins Sanger for setting the systems up for vote harvesting through minority control used by LIBERALS, & RADICALS today. I am waiting to see when Beijing Joe China, will offer up Reparations as a control tool for African-Americans! Can't wait!!!! What is that? Division? Control? Lies? What is that? Is it another tool of Control like the Open Borders we have now thanks to the LEFT? OH talk back to me if you can!!!!

Carlos Ponce

We should go by the text of the Constitution and original intent. If that needs to be changed then do it through amendment.

"interpret the writings in the Constitution to be of their likings" -You seem to be confused, that's what Liberals do.

domenico nuckols

We will hear Trumpers cry for next four years

Gary Miller

Dominico > Us Trumpers don't have time for crying. We spend our time working on permanent extermanation of progressives in government. With a smile for plesant work.

Ron Shelby

Yep George! Totally agree. And this has brought a section of them out into the daylight where display their true Jim Crow nature. Not all fall into this group, but there is a bunch of them posting on here today. I wasn't alive in the 40's, but these are the type of people I'd expect to have seen. Just change the descriptor for the people they want to hold their foot over.

Kenneth Diestler

"If Domenico thinks all Americans should be equal."

That isn't what he said. All are "created equal" and what you do after that is up to you-- fate, luck, hard work, opportunity, etc will determine the rest. Some politicians want us "to follow the science" in some things but not others.

Charles Douglas

Radicals can say what they will or may, but all of you have been OUTED! You modus operandi is out there now for all to see! More and More minorities are aware of what the LEFT is doing to them with your bad schools, crime filled ghetto cities, and no opportunities or equal playing fields! TRUMP got more African-American and Hispanic votes than any Republican in the history of this country last election, and after Beijing Joe and his handlers get through (#&="/) ..this country up in the next four years, Trump will stroll back into office in 2024. I imagine that will cause nightmares for the LEFT, just thinking about that!

Gary Miller

Charles> For a long time inner city minorities thought a "free" education was good. Then some figured out their free education was worth what it costs. Nothing! Over 90% of black Americans want universal school choice with their school taxes paying for their choice. Democrats oppose school choice because they know educated voters don't vote for Democrats.

Gary Miller

Black Americans figured out the price of their ISD schools is poverty.

Thomas Carpenter

The howls from the radical right crescendo in melodic swells.

"Democrats oppose school choice because they know educated voters don't vote for Democrats." That explains why the disgraced Fat Dotard said "I love the uneducated." Of course, that may be a bit difficult for Mr. Miller to comprehend.

I hope the three lollipops keep sending their money to Don the Con to stop the steal. Be careful about using the Mango Maniac's name ... he'll want royalties.

Jim Forsythe

Former President Donald Trump has told the largest GOP fundraising entities to stop using his name.

Carlos Ponce

WE thought President Trump was living in Florida. But it seems he lives in Thomas Carpenter's mind as well.

Charles Douglas

Notice how RADICAL LEFTISTS will revert to trashing Trump when somebody start discussing how they manipulate & control minorities with handouts, government subsidies, bad schools, poor educational opportunities, crime filled ghetto, lawless neighborhoods, and how they are constantly playing the race card in order to keep this nation divided? What has TRUMP got to do with all that?

How does Trump tie in with what is going on in this nation concerning how LIBERALS control minorities for their political support and votes? That is all they got! The few low paying jobs they hold for Hispanics and BLACKS, they then flood the borders with illegal Hispanics & BLACKS coming from South America, and the Caribbean in order to compete with those of us who are residents here, already subdued, and deprived by their VOTE harvesting control doctrines, & methodologies!

It is all very despicable and unconscionable! They do it all in the name of Control & Power! They figure if you don't don't KNOW! They are busy right now with "Reparations" ..." Debt Forgiveness" based on COLOR OF SKIN! I cant believe these people!!! This is why HELL is making herself ready by enlarging her borders, and opened her mouth without measure.......... ISAIAH 5:14.

George Laiacona

If you bother to take the time to read history books not TV you will discover that the Republicans took a 180 turn right after Lincoln’s assignation. His own Vice President ignited the discrimination policy that the Republicans have entertained for over 150 years. Today’s Republicans are no different, their voter suppression goes on and on. For now we have a President that truly wants to be of value to the lower classes. It’s only natural for the Republicans to be against their attempts to suppress anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The division of our nation will continue to exist as long as the two sides refuse to compromise.

Carlos Ponce

"His [Lincoln's] own Vice President ignited the discrimination policy that the Republicans have entertained for over 150 years."

Lincoln's first Vice President was Hannibal Hamlin. He was replaced on the 1864 ticket by DEMOCRAT Andrew Johnson.

Lincoln's Second Vice-President, Andrew Johnson, DEMOCRAT.

From Wiki: " [Andrew] Johnson was a Democrat who ran with Lincoln on the National Union ticket, coming to office as the Civil War concluded. He favored quick restoration of the seceded states to the Union without protection for the former slaves. This led to conflict with the Republican-dominated Congress, culminating in his impeachment by the House of Representatives in 1868. "

After Lincoln, there was Democrat President Andrew Johnson. He had no vice president.

After Andrew Johnson came Republican Ulysses S. Grant.

Do you mean "Lincoln's assassination" instead of "Lincoln’s assignation"?

Charles Douglas

You take the time to go read if you want to. Another LEFTIST excuse for what they are doing and have done! Now they want to lay it on the other man! I know who I was up against in the SOUTH doing JIM CROW, and I no longer reside on yall's Plantation! I don't have to read what I have lived! You go read! It was not Republicans working with Joe Biden in Congress for 47 years writing laws detrimental to African-Americans was it? You are an example of who minorities need to be aware of! Y'all change history so much or try to change it just to fit what yall want history to say That is happening right now! Throw that trash out for somebody else to nibble on because I'm not buying it!

Charles Douglas

Another thing, who are the "LOWER CLASSES" here in America that BEIJING Joe is trying to be of value to? Lower Class? See this is what I have been harping on for months on this forum! Out of his own mouth, he revealed his true feelings about how he thinks it should be here in America! The "LOWER CLASSES" vs the "UPPER CLASSES." "MINORITIES vs MAJORITIES!"

Your Honor, If it pleases the Court - I rest my case! ( Dropped Mic!!!!).

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