Several people report they know individuals who tested positive for COVID, even though they were fully vaccinated. Reports like this constitute anecdotal data. However, COVID cases are up 97 percent. Texas is one of 34 states where COVID cases have risen over 50 percent.

In a few weeks, students will return in-person to campuses and classrooms across Texas where there aren’t mask or vaccination mandates. This despite the fact that the delta variant appears to be so contagious that, from some accounts, even momentary exposure can be a cause of transmission. 

Too many people foolishly believe the pandemic is over and they can forget about prevention measures. That is wishful thinking. I hope those who haven’t been vaccinated will care about others and get one, and those who are vaccinated will be vigilant, wearing masks and taking precautionary measures. 

Moreover, it's essential that Gov. Greg Abbott allow those areas in the state experiencing a COVID surge and low vaccination rates to mandate vaccinations and require mask wearing. 

Doesn't it seem strange and ridiculous that institutions like the University of Texas require a meningitis vaccination yet don't require one for COVID?

Richard Cherwitz


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Carlos Ponce

You can thank Joe Biden for the super spread. They don't test the latest arrivals:

"Covid on the Border: Migrants Aren’t Tested on Arrival in U.S."

"The people coming in who are released immediately almost. They're not tested at all," Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska said.

And those who sneak into the country because CBP is tied up? Without going through proper channels there's no way to insure they're tested.

But not to worry, Biden is spreading the disease throughout the United States by the busload!

Carlos Ponce

While we cannot know where those who sneak in to the country go, I wonder if Biden is busing those we do know to "Republican" cities and counties - like Galveston County.

Bailey Jones

OMG!!! Sounds like everyone needs to get vaccinated against the Biden Virus!

George Caros

Hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare like last year where we had 600,000 deaths because of lack of concern from trump

Carlos Ponce

Without President Trump's guidance they would still be working on a vaccine, a year or so AFTER one was produced.

Wayne D Holt

The only true nightmare is that people have been so unwilling to do their own research that they actually believe this claptrap.

Here are your key phrases to look up and learn before you mumble more nonsense, George: appropriate PCR test cycle threshold; dying WITH and not OF Covid--CDC data; total statistical evaporation of normal flu cases worldwide while "Covid" raged; what a "case" is; how the UK is seeing a huge uptick in "Delta variant" cases while hospitalizations show only a slight tick up; how Sweden saw a 1,600%+ increase of Delta cases in ONE MONTH...because the previous month had one case; how we went from the elderly are dying of Covid to seeing youngsters with no past health history dying after taking the shot; and on and on and on and on and on.

It's only a nightmare because the people who control the media narrative want YOU to believe it is a nightmare rather than something that we should take normal measures to avoid, just like you should do every flu season.

They have destroyed the economy, permanently damaged the psychological health of an entire generation of children, increased suicides/alcoholism/drug use with their solitary confinement lockdowns and now tell you you can look forward to a future of endless boosters and injections for yet unnamed tiny terrors...and you've bought the whole thing hook, line and sinker.

Congratulations! You are hereby recognized as a true Branch Covidian Believer.

PS Trump has lost a not inconsiderable amount of support among thinking conservatives because of his push both for the vaccine rollout as well as allusions to the military being involved in an inoculation campaign. He apparently believed Herr Fauci was only in it for the public health...what a joke.

Craig Mason

Yes Richard the meningitis vaccine for college admission has been around for at least 15 years. Not a peep from anyone about that. All of my kids had to get it ti enroll.

Ron Woody

My assumption is that the meningitis vaccine went through normal five to ten year FDA Approval protocols before being introduced and required. Significant difference than an experimental drug rushed through protocols and still not approved for a virus that has extremely limited affect on those of college age.

All my children are old enough to make there own decision, but there is no way I would vaccinate a minor child.

Wayne D Holt

"Moreover, it's essential that Gov. Greg Abbott allow those areas in the state experiencing a COVID surge and low vaccination rates to mandate vaccinations and require mask wearing."

Mandate vaccinations? Richard, you've spent way too much time fantasizing with your Fauci Youth Movement buds. That may fly in Beijing on Town Lake but in Normal Texas, not so much.

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