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Kelly Naschke

Newsflash to Paul.....the Galveston economy survives on TOURISM. But just to humor you...how about building a moat instead?

Patricia C Newsom


Joe Flores

yeah mon

PD Hyatt

Some people do not think before they speak. It would seem as if the people who live on the island, hate tourism. I wonder if they have spoken to all of the business people who need the tourism to survive....

Joe Flores


David Smith

Im sure the people that fill those hotels along Sblvd will love the idea of toting their luggage from the newly developed parking garage along S road.. or do you furnish golf carts? Geesh

Larry Grissom

Did your Mother drop you on your head?

This is the craziest thing I’ve heard lately.

They would still come but would park in our neighborhoods. Since I live in one of those neighborhoods? THAT would infuriate me.

As for tourist not paying for maintenance? Have you bothered to take into account the monies day trippers spend while here? That helps the economy, the taxes DO contribute to the maintenance.

We would be better of with high rise parking.

Priscilla Files

My husband and I took advantage of the Broadwalk in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood FL on vacation a year or so ago. All the parking was behind the hotels and restaurants. Thousands of folks enjoying the miles long biking/running/walking/skating/bike-buggying pathway that was at least two traffic lanes wide. We had the beach on one side and a myriad of BUSY restaurants, hotels and shops on the other. Yes, even though we were only there overnight to catch a flight the next day, we dropped some significant dollars. We could do this here, with a little bit of will, for at least a portion of our beautiful Seawall.

Ron Binkley

Paul.......think before you drink!

Connie Schnitger


Joe Flores

I have lived there and the beach side has parking for autos all day long and they charge 7 days a week all day and most of the nights ... thanks

Connie Schnitger

Letters to the editor have a maximum word limit and Paul would have liked to provide more details to clarify his idea (which was not to close Seawall Blvd as some seem to think).

1) He grew up in Houston and we came to Galveston all the time on weekends when he was a child. Generally we bought everything we needed in Houston, packed it up and spent the day on the beach before heading home. We almost never spent money in Galveston. His idea is to capture dollars from people who follow the same pattern.

2) Other tourism-dependent towns have already done exactly what Paul proposed for the same reasons. Miami Beach is just across the causeway from a conglomeration of cities with a population over 6 million. Instead of having a highway on their beach to accommodate 6 million day-trippers they have Ocean Blvd (3 lanes like Paul proposed) and a lot of parking garages that people pay to use.

Are there trade-offs? Sure, people will want to park in the neighborhoods but that’s where the city can introduce permit parking to reduce the risk. It could hand out free permits to residents in a way it can’t on Seawall because of state law. Ultimately this would enhance tourism not end it. I feel sorry for those who are too short-sighted to recognize the benefits that change can bring.

Don Schlessinger

Restricted parking in neighborhoods is barely enforced. I very rarely see a code enforcement car on my street. Yes the city will send someone by during the week, but never on weekends. I've given up.

Gary Miller

Paul> Without tourist spending most of Galveston wouldn't exist. One lane each way would be more than needed and free parking would be the norm.

Rick Jacobi

I'm not sure closing down traffic lanes on the Seawall would be a good thing. But, it did make me wonder if there are dedicated bicycle paths throughout the city where bicyclists, Islanders or tourists, could leisurely view the historical district, beachfront, harbor, etc. I think that would be well-received by tourists and Islanders, alike. Has that already been done?

Lisa Keeler

I am just dumbfounded by this idea. 1. Galveston is about tourism. If you don't like it, then move back to the mainland. 2. This is not going to make fewer people come to the island. It is just going to make the traffic that much worse.

We only have the major tourist season for a few months of the year. This just doesn't make any sense at all.

Carlos Ponce

Let's see: May, June, July, August, September for beach, December for Dickens, February or March or Mardi Gras. And that doesn't include the biker rallies.

domenico nuckols

Graduate of Trump University no less

Kelly Naschke

Mr Nuckolhead, your injection of your Trump Derangement Syndrome into this commentary is demonstrable of your inability to think properly. You must be tore up from the floor up with TDS.

Bailey Jones

If you want to keep tourists away, just stop cleaning up after them. In a couple of weeks no one will want to come to Galveston.

Kelly Naschke

Another FANTASTIC idea from Beetle Bailey....

Robert Booth

A better way to reduce traffic on seawall would be prohibit golf carts, especially the ones that drive at night without headlights.

Don Schlessinger


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