In response to the article ("Johnson: Ad 'racist,' 'discriminatory' and 'a lie,'" The Daily News, Feb. 23): What do the undocumented people of Galveston County look like? They look like someone’s daughter, son, or Mom or Dad. They look like parents who love their children so much that they smuggle them across horribly dangerous borders to escape the violence in their countries.

They look like men or women who willingly leave their families and friends knowing that they may never return, to provide a better life for their families. They look like the children in my classroom who went on to graduate from Harvard. They look like people I love and who enrich my life.

They look like I would, if I hadn’t won the birth lottery and been born on this side of the border. But most importantly they look like human beings and should be treated as such, not vilified by hate-mongering politicians.

David Delmenhorst



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Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

"Birth Lottery"? Anyone can immigrate into this country. But there are rules to follow, laws to obey. And one of those rules is to come in LEGALLY. My parents did.

Susan Zapalac

I do not live in Galveston, but my family and I visit every chance we get. We were in Galveston the second week-end of Mardi Gras, and I read this article. Does the challenger know what the budget is for this office? Does she know how many people work in this office? Does their duties allow for enough time to verify every voter's legality? Why post a picture that she should know is not a true reflection of the people of Galveston?

Jose' Boix

Let the ballot be the best tool used to convey our wishes! Just my thoughts.

James Lippert

Definitely do not need another hate mongering politician on the scene, especially the local scene. While we do not know what possessed Peden to publish such a hate filled ad, we do know that public debates (which she refused to participate in) and public elections form the crucible of democracy. Looking forward to a final verdict on candidate Peden, to be delivered by the public, when the poll results are published.

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