The other day I was bombarded with calls and texts about the mounted police officers leading a prisoner with a rope while handcuffed in my hometown of Galveston. Once I viewed the photos, I immediately recalled scenes from numerous slavery movies where blacks were chained and tied to the rear of horses; not to forget the James Byrd incident in Jasper.

I don't want to believe that the incident in Galveston was racially motivated; however, I can't imagine this happening to an Anglo American. Police officers are commissioned to use proper judgement in the performance of their duties. Their actions must be accountable — not ignored. The two officers should be terminated. Poor judgment by law enforcement could result in the death of a citizen.

We don't need police officers who couldn't see the wrong in their actions.

Robert Blake


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Carlos Ponce

"however, I can't imagine this happening to an Anglo American." No need to imagine, Robert. It has happened to "Anglo-Americans".

See Channel 2's link:

"GALVESTON, Texas - Two mounted Galveston police officers handcuffed two white men and escorted them using a blue leash, or rope, just like Donald Neely, the men told KPRC 2 on Wednesday."

Is your outrage only reserved where "people of color" are involved? That's not right.

David Smith

If you see images of people being dragged by a horse

Or by a truck for three miles until there was nothing left to drag...

From a picture of a man Walking BETWEEN 2 horses

You need some serious therapy..

But you admitted to one problem we have in America

The differance between a MOVIE and REAL LIFE

Bailey Jones

lol @"I immediately recalled scenes from numerous slavery movies "

Tony Tillman

Actually he should have been chained.

Randy Chapman

??? "Poor judgment by law enforcement could result in the death of a citizen."???

What? How? Care to elaborate on this silly statement?

Wayne Holt

In this instance, an honest person would have to admit the greatest chance of a citizen dying would be at the hand of someone who keeps returning to a place that he has criminally trespassed before, and who has a history of mental illness dating back over two decades. Why this is not obvious to anyone who has taken the trouble to read the context of this arrest is beyond me.

As someone who has personally witnessed Mr. Neely at the Park Board location late at night, I can assure you his behavior is not what anyone would want to be around. I was about 20 yards away and got out of there as fast as I could.

We appear to have reached the point of political correctness where the only way to prove your bona fides is to wait until someone comes completely unhinged and then try to shelter in place until the police arrive. Hopefully they won't be walking to the scene to avoid the negative optics.

Emile Pope

You make the assumption that someone faced the chance of death with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. So now we’re in Minority Report where people are punished for pre-crime? If following the Constitution is political correctness then I’m all for it...

Gary Miller

Emile Repeated crime is not pre-crime. Has Neely learned trespassing is not permitted? Cops treating him nicely hasn't taught him anything.

Emile Pope

Treating people nicely isn’t designed to be a training tool.

Carlos Ponce

"Treating people nicely isn’t designed to be a training tool." Then why is it incorporated in training??????

Wayne Holt

Between the chance of a long-term mentally ill repeat offender doing something unexpected, and police officers being charged as overt racists who might trample a black suspect to death with their horse...yes, I'll go with the first probability, absolutely.

Please point out, in as much detail as you can muster, exactly which constitutional right is infringed by noticing mental illness is involved in an inordinate amount of senseless violence in our society and wanting to lessen the chances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While you're at it, point out which violation of a law, rule, policy, prescription, guideline, precedent or protocol that these officers violated. Because if you can't and you still are out for blood, you are no more for constitutional protections than the man in the moon.

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