We were saddened, but not surprised, that the commissioner's court voted to waste money and resources at the border ("Commissioners uphold judge's immigration disaster order," The Daily News, July 3).

Thinking people realize there's no "disaster" there and that the wall doesn't deter or prohibit people from crossing. We all saw the photos of children being dropped over the wall.

In addition to destroying animal habitat, it's a huge drain on the United States — and now Texas wants to jump into the insanity.

The midterm and 2024 elections will be very interesting as people see the nonsense of those in power who are wasting our funds and attacking voting rights. Guess what, folks, I predict people will be more anxious to vote and get these idiots out of office.

Locally, Joe Giusti has lost our vote. Oh, and watch out for Henry — he's an Abbott wanna-be.

Sharon Tipton



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Carlos Ponce

No money has been spent. That's yet to come pending another vote and circumstances.

Note how Liberals raise the upcoming elections with the threat "I'm not going to vote for you!" Vote for whomever you want but realize the intelligent well informed voters will vote different than you.

Charles Douglas

I John 4: 3 states that the spirit of the antichrist is already at work in the earth. When you see mass killings every week, in Chicago, Detroit, Houston, and around this country, with all the drugs & illegals flooding unimpeded across our borders with no repercussions, or concerns coming from those in power, what are we to do? They have become immune to the calamities, death to babies, toddlers, old people and others innocent individuals who are falling victims to the policies inflicted on this nation by the LEFT running the White House, & possessing an unquenchable thirst for power!

In the mist of all this,.. we have massive racial division, and strife continually growing amid our citizens stoked & perpetuated by Joe China and his party! We have Radical Black Congresswomen claiming that America was stolen from African-Americans, and that BLACKS still are not free, insinuating African-Americans have made no gains from the days of Jim Crow, Segregation, and Slavery! I never in my life expected this kind of party rule and overt, divisive rhetoric to come out of the mouths of paid Congresspeople, or public servants of this country!

I expect this nation to fall when I saw how the DEMS stabbed Bernie Sanders in the back, and behind the scene, pushed an old washed up, racist, over the hill, mentally challenged candidate like Joe Biden as President, but I never dreamed of the amount of destruction which we see crashing down upon us now, because of the LEFT'S socialist policies and disastrous decisions! If nothing is done, this nation which so many from many different generations have worked, sweated, and died for will be destroyed. Just to inform some and remind others, ...a nation with no borders or walls protecting it will soon ..CEASE TO BE A NATION! CALL THE CITY & CITIZENS OF JERICHO, FROM THE DEAD, & CHECK IT OUT!

Gary Miller

Good or Bad? Spending county taxpayers money on border control can be debated. But no debate on it being wasted. Any thing spent on national security can never wasted. Lib Black women say black men are not free? Black men are in every level of society including government from bottom to top. The lib black women were free enough to be elected to the US congress. Could they get any freer?

Ted Gillis

There is no limit to the amount of characters you can post Gary, so please spell out the word liberal, liberated or what’re you are abbreviating there. I reads like home schooler wrote it.

Bill Broussard

Ted. It also looks like Gary has a big issue with black women since the topic was and is commissioners spending of our money. Why I bet 49 out of 50 Libs know the topic was commissioners court financing the boarder wall

But Gary thinks it has something to do with black women.

Charles Douglas

Ohhh come on Mr. Broussard, now you know better than that. It was two BLACK women who jumped out there preaching hate and division, using race & racism in accordance with the primary methodology the Radical Liberals are using now to divide this country with! I respect you as a smart, fair man, so I know you know that. I don't trust Representatives Cori Bush, and Maxine Waters myself, and will never believe a word preceding out of their mouths! Cori Bush stated that America was stolen from African-Americans. Do you believe that, or do you believe that is BS? Maxine Waters, indicated that BLACKS are not free, it sound to me like she was doing what RADICALS do, stirring up hate and division through the use of lies and malicious speech! Oh by the way I don't like either one of them. They both seems to be trying to tear America down for political reasons!

I like Beyonce, and Pam Grier, Cadence Owens, and Gayle King just fine. No problems Ah -Tall with either one of them, and they are all BLACK! I will be willing to bet Mr. Miller feels like I do! Amid all the lies and untruths which are being told today, ..somebody needs to start standing up for the truth and God! Can't no man or woman tell me I am as bad off today as my slave fore-parents who are resting in their graves in a cemetery located in East Texas on Hwy 30...during their time of life on earth! Some of us are not falling for that Hokey-Doke! Lolo. Here is the truth, ..it is past time to call out "Race Hustlers" weather they are BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, BLUE, or POKA-DOT without color of skin becoming an issue! I can't speak for anybody else but me,... I intend to do that ..every chance I get, ..."EVER" "CHANCE "I" "GET!!" Lololo

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