At 6 p.m. July 12, I was coming home after visiting a friend who lives off Avenue S. There was a golf cart full of people coming east with a line of cars behind it with no way to pass.

Farther on, I crossed 81st Street on Stewart Road and a side street by the brewery and a golf cart with multiple people on it pulled out onto Stewart Road heading west in the center lane. We all hit the brakes not knowing if they were going to pull into the right lane heading west.

They continued west in the center lane. When I went by, I honked at them, and I received yells and gestures.

These golf carts belong on the golf course and not on our streets and roads. It's quite apparent that they aren't obeying the laws and rules concerning golf carts.

Golf carts aren't acceptable to operate simply because the people who rent them don't obey the law. Do the rental companies provide instructions on the law? Or do the people who rent them just don't pay attention to them?

As a resident of Galveston, I'm sick and tired of it.

Jim Benz



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Welp, this is one of my favorite topics and I feel Jim's annoyance. Once upon a time carts were not a problem and the residents were able to enjoy them absent a lot of fuss or risk. Then came the city tinkering. So Mr Mayor how about fixing what the city broke. The residence voice I hear is an ask to return to where we were.

Bill Broussard

I saw the Stewart Rd cart also. To rather large folks absent seat belts sitting in the back as the cart lumbered along

But careful in your complaint: With this council they might signal “we hear you!” by charging all residents a per-wheel tax and require all rear wheels be doubled

Michael Jozwiak

Last Saturday I encountered 4 along Seawall on the East End. Only one had people using seat belts. One was on the north sidewalk going in reverse. One was in the left lane. The last had a mom & dad in the rear-facing seat holding a 2-3 y/o. None of the last three wore seat belts. Days later on the Strand, two carts were parked facing into the curb in a handicap spot! There is another disaster just waiting! Who, what authority, is supposed to be on the streets enforcing the rules??? And where are they???

Don Schlessinger

To bad we can't tar and feather people anymore. I think that would be the perfect way to say thank you to our mayor and city council.

David Schuler

TxDot's work on Broadway should provide plenty of tar, and with all the neighborhood chickens there should be no shortage of feathers. Just saying...

Bill Broussard

That’s pretty good Dave

Charlotte O'rourke

I thought it was funny as well. But a little harsh. It’s why I would never run for political office .... I’ve never looked good in feathers.

T.W. Day

Golf carts have no headlights, tail lights, brake lights or signal lights. And no side marker lights. All of these lights are required by state and federal motoring laws on vehicles. Even bicycles are required to have front and rear lights. Golf carts should stay on golf courses and off all streets, roadways and highways.

Christopher Norseworthy

Face it the golf carts are here to stay, and they're not going anywhere. it is up to Galveston PD and Marshall's office, to be properly educated, and to inforce the law as it is written. it is also the responsibility of the rental cart companies, to inform the renters of the consequences for not following the laws. the majority of owners of golf carts in Galveston, follow the rules laws and guidelines, because of a select few, mainly tourists and a few outlaw residence they are giving the carts a bad name. enforcement is coming, step back take a breath and everything will be all right. the revenue that the carts bring in for both the city and rental cart companies, is a win-win for Galveston,

and the people doing the loudest complaining are people who don't actually own a golf cart. I say let the carts roll, and Galveston enforcement to step up and write the tickets, and that means more revenue for Galveston.


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