In response to the guest column by Bob Fields ("Trump's failures far outweigh his accomplishments," The Daily News, Dec. 2): Trump has had almost four years of bad press from all media. Attacks on his wife and children; even his 11-year-old son.

Trump has done so much for the American people and our country. Much more than any other president since Ronald Regan.

1. The wall cannot be built without Congress appropriating funding.

2. The Affordable Care Act; Congress has failed to replace this law.

3. He's working on this North American free trade agreement; redone China tariffs making progress.

4. What are you talking about? No more missiles launched.

5. Russia/Putin will be a long road ahead for any president.

6. One and done. Military still needs more funding; again, Congress job.

7. Congress needs to change laws to drain the swamp.

Presidents sign bills into law — they cannot make law. Therefore, Congress has to write the law before Trump can get things done. I will not use names, but the opposition in Congress for any president to accomplish anything positive for this country is impossible.

President Trump was voted into office to carry out the will of the American people, and he's doing exactly that.

Maureen Hertenberger

Santa Fe


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Carlos Ponce

Thank you, Maureen! Nice to read someone who has done research, knows what they're talking about and is not rattling off DNC talking points.
It looks like County Democrats are running scared. In 2018 they lost ALL Galveston County elections and won ZERO, ZIP, NADA at the state level. They're starting their political rhetoric two years early for the presidential run in 2020. Galveston County Democrats - few but vocal. But may I suggest they move to a more POSITIVE approach in their rhetoric. Printing all this HATE, HATE, HATE against Trump won't win any votes. It just reinforces their Liberal base.
Good post, Maureen! People need to read the truth about Trump in their local paper.

Bailey Jones

"President Trump was voted into office to carry out the will of the American people" Until "the will of the American people" includes the 53.9% of Americans who voted against him, he will never be the great man he imagines himself to be.

Paula Flinn

President Trump has already called all Democrats “evil” and people who disagree with him, like Rex Tillerson “dumb as a box of rocks.” It’s really difficult to even like him, since he refuses to listen or work with people who have different views of the issues.

Paul Hyatt

Like Obama worked with people who had different views and listened to them? ROFLOL @ that comment. If you actually knew your history you would know that he even stated that HE won the election and that HE would decide what was good for this nation as he tried to fundamentally change it into a socialist nightmare....

Gary Miller

Paula! Since it is difficult to find a democrat who isn't "evil" Trump may be correct.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, Trump did not call ALL Democrats "evil". Just those who attacked Brett Kavanaugh with no justification, no innocence until proven guilty.

Casey Alan

It is humorous how when Congress did not want to work with Obama everybody on the other side was OK with it. And when the Republican said if Hillary got into office they would not work with her and yet again everyone on the other side was OK with it. One of the reasons the wall has not been built is because Mexico refuses to pay for it. Remember Trump said they would? And the swamp is being drain every day. Just turn on the TV and one of Trump’s people is being fired by him, or going to jail. And let’s not forget about the four Chevrolet plants that are being shut down in the United States, and 14,000 people losing their jobs. Yes these are some of his accomplishments. But on the bright side it looks as though you may have finally learned the president signs the bills into law they cannot make them. At least you will remember that when the next Democrat is elected into office.

Jim Forsythe

If you are talking about Bob Fields attacking Trumps family in the column, he did not. Unless Trump had another child, which is possible, Barron is not 11.
The date of Bobs column is Dec 1, 2018 , in case anyone want to reference it to be able to know what points of Bobs, you were answering.

Trump not getting what he wanted done, boils down to lack of leadership. When a President is in charge and his party is in control of all 3 branches of the Government and still does not get it done, he is lacking leadership. Leadership is not working with your party only but working both sides. Now that the House will be controlled by the Democrats, Bipartisanship will be more important.

As far as the WALL , the President said he had financing in place with Mexico.

China tariffs making progress. Depends on what you mean progress.
After 90 days, if there's no progress on structural reform, the U.S. will raise those tariffs to 25%. China also agreed to boost its purchases of agricultural and industrial goods to reduce its trade imbalance with the U.S.
If after the 90 days it is not resolved, we will start seeing the impact of the tariffs. At that time we will be in a full tariff war.

North Korea is still very Dangerous.
October 2, 2018 “North Korea is continuing to expand its facilities to produce nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles,” said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. “We have never had a deal. The North Koreans never offered to give up their nuclear weapons. Never. Not once.”
James Acton, co-director of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, added, “If they were serious about unilaterally disarming, of course they would have stopped work at Yongbyon. There is a huge gulf between what the administration apparently thinks North Korea is going to do and what they intend to do, and that’s exceptionally dangerous.”

Miceal O'Laochdha

The only modern president to whom it is appropriate to compare Trump is Richard Millstone (sic) Nixon, although that comparison is actually somewhat unfair to Tricky Dick. For 45 years or so, I had never thought I would consider any comparison unfair to Nixon but, here we are...2018 at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

George Caros

Nixon was just a common crook Dump is a Russian puppet

Carlos Ponce

Who was caught colluding with the Russians during the 2016 Presidential election? They were members of Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Who signed off on selling American Uranium reserves to the Russians? That was Hillary Clinton.
Who ordered the bombing of Russian troops in Syria? They were Generals under Commander in Chief Donald Trump.
Who asked Germany to stop buying Russian fuel and switch to American? Donald Trump.
Who placed sanctions against Russia? Several presidents including Obama and Trump.
If your reference to "Dump" is a veiled reference to to Donald Trump you are way off track.

Jim Forsythe

When the investigation into Hillary colluding with the Russians is complete, we will know .
Once the Muller investigation into Trump and group is complete, we will know.

Jarvis Buckley

Great article Maureen. 👍

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