Trump Republicans care nothing about America or the Constitution. Without the Constitution, there's no democracy or republic. They only care about the wealthy.

Just after President Barack Obama was elected, Mitch McConnell pledged to see that Obama got nothing done. In other words, the Republican Congress intended to hold the American people hostage until they elected a Republican president.

They supported Donald J. Trump despite the fact that in the late 1990s, he said if he ever ran for president, it would be as a Republican because you could tell them anything and they would believe it.

During his campaign, Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of New York City and the GOP would still vote for him. As long as he had the “R” in front of his name, he could do anything he wanted and Republicans would back him.

The Senate impeached President Bill Clinton for having an affair. Trump has abused the power of his office, obstructed justice by not letting his staff testify in inquiry hearings; lied to the public about virtually everything, then bullied and insulted anyone who challenged them with the truth. Now they want to cover up his lies with more Republican lies.

Wake up America and vote.

L. David Bond



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Carlos Ponce

L. Davied Bond - just another Democrat parrot. Oh, you'll get thumbs up and high fives from the usual suspects - all Trump haters, but there's nothing really new in your post. Instead of just attacking just Trump, however, now you are attacking those who will vote for him. Did you really think any Trump voter would read your post and think, "Oh, I've been wrong all along so now I'll vote for someone else"? That's stupid, but shows you really do not know nor understand WHY people prefer Trump to those other candidates. You believe Liberal anti-Trump propaganda ignoring his accomplishments, the reasons why Evangelicals and Church going Catholics voted and will vote for him in 2020. We like the originalist judicial appointments who go by the intent of the Constitution and laws as written. We want the president to protect the borders of this country, support our men and women in uniform: armed forces, police and border patrol. We want our president to allow businesses to flourish with just enough government oversight to see no one gets harmed. That and other reasons are why we support Trump.

Trump is an affront to the old guard who liked and got rich from the status quo - the lame-o same-o. And that's good!

You wrote "Mitch McConnell pledged to see that Obama got nothing done". "Pledged" is a bit strong. It was said behind a closed door meeting of GOP Senators reminiscent of a coach's speech in the locker room to rouse the players when they're behind at halftime. If you don't understand that, you don't know diddly.

"Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of New York City and the GOP would still vote for him" Uh, huh, that's the best you could come up with? A bit of hyperbole and as many said, if Trump shot somebody he'd have a darn good reason, maybe to save someone's life. It reminded me of what Obama said in his , "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun" speech. Both are rhetorical statements, nothing else.

You post, "Trump has abused the power of his office, obstructed justice by not letting his staff testify in inquiry hearings..." Now that's hyperbole considering many modern presidents can be accused of precisely that using the low bar you've assigned to Trump - and they were not impeached.

There is no Federal law violation cited in the Articles of Impeachment. Why? He did not do anything wrong. With that I'm certain we'll hear from Trump haters who will parrot the unsubstantiated Liberal propaganda and not any facts. "Go ahead, make my day".

Charles Douglas

Good thing McConnell was in the right place at the right time! Like he is Now! Obama was the man who stood flat footed and boldly proclaimed that he would fundamentally change America and the World BEFORE, he left office! He might have done irreparable damage to both, if it had not been for people like Mitch McConnell! Obama like others ON the LEFT, wanted to ship our jobs overseas, by shutting down factories, and fossil fuel production in America in order to do China and India's bidding as they reaped untold benefits by doing nothing in emission control, and Climate-change! America under Trump is the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, and is leading the world in clean air, and clean water initialtives! Obama took his pen and his phone and did what he was not allowed to do per the constitution, like signing into law, DACCA! He even admitted he could not do it....but did it anyway! He systematically relegated our military from being second to none, to being on it's way to being one of the pack along with everybody else, by budgeting needed funds away from it! He weaken our standing in the world by negotiating bad trade deals like the Paris Accord, and NAFTA. Obama stepped on the Due Process Initiatives of the Constitution by illegally unmasking, using Counter-Intelligence against, and forging FISA WARRANTS against American citizens. He either knowingly okayed these horrible acts, or he possessed culpability by being incompetent in supervising people who worked for him like Big Jim Comey, Lorreta lynch, Susan Rice, John Brennan, and James Clapper who performed them as members of the DEEP STATE! The LEFT has this grand scheme of turning America into being a little "PODUNK" country which will be wide open to the poor of the world, terrorists, and the worst the world can send our way! Many of the LEFT champion legalizing abortion because they know proportional to groups here more African-Americans are killed in the womb than any other group. They disguise the intricate logistics of this practice by calling it WOMEN'S HEALTH! Under Obama, our faiths were attacked, our second amendment rights were and are still being attacked by the LEFT! "You Got A Successful Business?" "YOU Didn't Build That!" See his vision was for the government to run everything, and control everything, from Heathcare, to schools, EVERYTHING!!!! Mr. Obama's vision for this country was for it to be tied into a GLOBAL network, where 20 or 30 leaders sat around a table being led by one man like the European Union is being operated now. Refugees, and illegals could cross in and out without a passport, at will. Thank you MITCH for being in the right place then, and Now! We love you man!

Gary Miller

Carlos> Bond forgot to mention America's poor are benefiting more from Trump policies than the rich. More jobs and higher wages were what the poor needed. Obama gave them welfare and food stamps.

Bailey Jones

"in the late 1990s, he said if he ever ran for president, it would be as a Republican because you could tell them anything and they would believe it." Trump never said this. It's fake news propagated by fake news sites intent on sowing divisiveness in America. Please don't repeat it.

It's only the most ignorant type of person that believes anything and everything they hear. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine how many Trump enthusiasts fall into this category.

Gary Miller

Like most Progressives Mr. Bond keep reciting old lies they know Republicans never believed even when they were new. Clinton wasn't impeached over a sexual affair. Not one word in his articals of impeachment about sex or his lying about it. All 12 violations were about real crimes he had committed. All violations of the constitution in the last 11 years have been by Obama and progressives. Trump protects the constitution by appointing supreme court and federal court judges that are originalist judges. If he appoints one or two more Supreme court judges it will be decades before progressives can abuse our constitution again.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller, all those constitutional judges and justices being appointed is the chief reason the LEFT is fighting like %#ll to frame Trump and push him out! If they could have facilitated that, they they would've started lying on and perpetuating a hoax on Mike Pence! They wanted that fundament "Hope and Change" ..the last President promised! They did not and still don't realize who that man was really work for. I can't talk, he fooled me too, the first time! However, my dad taught me years ago, "Son when you know better- DO BETTER!"

Gary Miller

Charles> Your Dad was right. We followed his advice.

Maris Helfrich

Thanks to Mr. Bond for his letter which is right on about the hypocrisy of Mitch McConnel and his total disregard for fairness, justice and his oath of office to defend our U.S. Constitution. He is not alone, of course! The GOP base and Congressional supporters of Trump are in that category with little regard for the foundational principles of the Constitution as the Cult of Trump continues! Mystifying!! God help us!

Carlos Ponce

"hypocrisy of Mitch McConnel and his total disregard for fairness, justice and his oath of office to defend our U.S. Constitution" No hypocrisy here. Did you see a different impeachment hearing than the rest of the world, Maris. Mitch saw the same one the rest of us saw. There was nothing there except hearsay and their interpretation of the phone call which anyone can read on-line. Now tell me what specific Federal law was violated? The other presidents facing impeachment hearings had violations of specific Federal laws specified in their Impeachment votes but not here. Why? Because he did nothing wrong. Hatred of the president is not a legitimate reason to impeach. If Nancy releases it to the Senate and names her impeachment managers then they can proceed. But she's holding onto it because she knows it was a sham investigation and hearing. She wants to set the rules for the Senate which is really going outside Constitutional bounds. She is abusing her power and wanting a quid pro quo.

Jim Forsythe

Just because you do think he was impeached by a fair process, does not make it go away. The Constitution lays out impeachment is done but not how, and gives the House the duty to proceed as they see fit at the time when the impeachment is happening. As it was down party lines, the Republicans were not going to like it no matter how it was conducted and the opposite is true for the Democrat's.

Carlos Ponce

And the country is looking at how the House railroaded this sham of an impeachment. Democrats will pay for it dearly. Now it's the Republican's turn but Nancy is throwing a hissy fit because she cannot tell the Senate how to proceed so she's holding it back.

Jim Forsythe

As the House has impeached Trump so the time for rule setting in the House is over and will not be changed this time. It is now up to the Senate to do it's job. They will set the rules they are going to go by, just as the House did. If they can not handle outside the Senate forces, they have a problem, as they set the rules.

"The process seems very fair to me," said former Republican Rep.Tom Campbell, who served in the House during the Clinton proceedings and voted for impeachment. He called the current plan "very consistent with how the House operates in the two previous impeachment matters."

Shams are not new.

California Superior Court Judge James Rogan, Republican , a House impeachment manager during the Senate trial of President Bill Clinton. Rogan, also served two terms in the House of Representatives, talks about the Clinton scandal that led to impeachment, says that Senate trial was a “sham,” .

Trump Republicans are never going to be happy with anything to do with impeaching Trump. The opposite is true with Democrat's.

Dalton Logan

You like Mr. Daniels supports a party that supports the destruction of innocent unborn and sometimes some born babies and then you want to call upon God for help? I don't think that is going to go over to well with the One who breathed life into those babies, What do you think? So your right about one thing, Lord help us.

domenico nuckols

President Trump is a con man. Numerous bankruptcies and not paying his contractors. At least 2 trillion dollars to the nation’s debt. I’ll believe him HA.

Carlos Ponce

"Numerous bankruptcies and not paying his contractors." They got paid. If they want more they can sue in court. Even after the court settlement they still will complain.

"At least 2 trillion dollars to the nation’s debt." Fine. Get a Fiscally responsible House if you don't want the debt to increase. The last omnibus bill had so much pork in it.... what to do? Veto it or pass it so everyone will have money for Christmas? He signed it. But if he had vetoed it, domenico nuckols would be throwing a hissy fit for shutting down government. No pleasing domenico nuckols!

Gary Miller

Pelosi said impeachment must bi partizen. This one is. Against it.

domenico nuckols

It also takes the Senate to pass a bill. Taking money from dod schools and housing is responsible to build a wall that you can cut with a $100 saw isn’t

Carlos Ponce

' Taking money from dod schools and housing..." The Pentagon offered that money.

"build a wall that you can cut with a $100 saw" Have you tried to saw your way in or are you just repeating Donkeycrat talking points. I doubt you'd get far with that $100 saw. [rolleyes]

domenico nuckols

Offered more like ordered

domenico nuckols

The truth

domenico nuckols

The Government knew it was flawed before they started building the Beautiful wall

Carlos Ponce

Shhh.... don't tell the illegals but the walls have sensors to tell when tampering is occurring. There are also motion sensors on the new walls. I doubt you'd get far with that $100 saw.

domenico nuckols

Shh they won’t be installed until next year if ever

Jim Forsythe

Of late, smugglers have been cutting through the wall — which is made of steel bollards that are partially filled with concrete. To do so, smugglers are reportedly using a reciprocating saw that can be bought for as little as $100. The tool can cut through the wall’s steel and concrete in minutes when fitted with the appropriate blades, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have said. After cutting the steel bollards, smugglers have taken to returning them to their original positions in hope of reusing the passage without being detected by border officials.

Reporters asked Trump if he's concerned that people are able to cut though his new border wall. "I haven't heard that," Trump replied. "We have a very powerful wall. But no matter how powerful, you can cut through anything, in all fairness."

Over the top! :Rick Weber, who co-founded the Muir Valley rock climbing park in Rogers, Kentucky took up Trump saying that the wall can not be climbed as a challenge. Weber says that he decided to construct the smaller, 18-foot dimension to save money. However, Weber says that since the top panel is the same size regardless of the wall’s height, the experience of climbing the higher wall should not be much more difficult, as climbers would only need to “shimmy” a bit further up the pillars.

Free climbing! Not using any ropes or anything else.

Several people have already managed to climb up the wall replica, including 8-year-old Lucy Hancock. Hancock didn’t use any ropes or other tools to climb the wall, but wore a belay, a safety device designed to catch a falling climber. An adult climber, Erik Kloeker, was up and over the wall in about 40 seconds

“I’m not making an argument that we shouldn’t have a secure border. I’m not doing that at all,” he says. “What I’m trying to do is to make sure that we’re not blowing a lot of money on some silly nonsense of putting up something that he thinks can’t be climbed. Because it can. And will be.”

Apr 13, 2016 · A Mexican news crew happened to be filming on the Arizona side of the border when two young Mexican men scaled the wall.

Just got fun.-- SR 1373 – Mexican Wall Climbing is Now a Competitive Sport--

Carlos Ponce

domenico nuckols, the sensors and motion detectors are installed at the same time the wall/fence/border barrier is built.

Carlos Ponce

“We have a very powerful wall. But no matter how powerful, you can cut through anything, in all fairness.” Breaches are “easily fixed,” Trump added. However, the amount of illegal entry is down to zero where the new wall is constructed. "Drug smuggling along that border entry point has also fallen dramatically."

Charles Douglas

Jim! Jim! Do not lay all this on Trump right now! He got enough to deal with.......FOR RIGHT NOWWWWW! We will fix all that little stuff doing his second term! Okay? Alright then. If you agree, .....DO!!!!!![beam]

Jim Forsythe

Trump being reelected is far from a done deal. He had a hard time last time winning the Electoral College and lost the popular vote by over 3 Million votes. Remember the votes against Hillary and not for Trump. As always 4 or 5 states will determine the winner, which could also be determine by a 3ed party candidate this time. It's lining up as Florida, Arizona, and some rust belt states will make the difference. Do not forget the biggest number of voters are Independent voters.

Carlos Ponce

"He had a hard time last time winning the Electoral College" You must be joking !

304 EC votes to Hillary's 227. He did not have a hard time. I wonder what excuse Democrats will use this time when they LOSE.

Gary Miller

Jim> The fastest growing group of Trump voters is black and Hispanic. What Trump gets DNC looses.

Jim Forsythe

Trump won the below states by a small margins. The votes listed are the amount he won that state by. The total number of EC from these states were enough to have lost the race for Trump, if they had gone the other way. At this time Florida is to close to call for 2020. “Contrary to the conventional wisdom that the presidential race is down to only four swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida polls makes it clear that Arizona is wide open",. Arizona is emerging as the new battleground for 2020. Arizona has 11 EC votes.

The usual swing states.

2016---Florida 113,000 votes Trump won by and 29 EC votes , Michigan 11,000 votes Trump won by and 16 EC votes , Pennsylvania 44.000 votes Trump won by and 20 EC votes Wisconsin 23,000 Trump won by and 10 EC votes.

Charles Douglas

Jim! Jim! Stop it! You are better than this! Lolo, You are beginning to Wish, And Wish! That won't defeat Trump! What the LEFT, SOROS, THE FAKE NEWS, and the DEEP STATE has in mind for this country, and the way they are perpetuating the downfall of this nation is why Trump was elected in the first place Jim! Wake up man! We have a Democratic Candidate tonight who said we should start letting criminals out of jail for crimes such as possession of heroin, cocaine, and meth! One candidate wants to pay everyone in the country a thousand dollars a month, another one want to pay illegals reparations along with reparations for slave descendents! Don't forget those who want to provide everything free to everybody, I mean what the &#$$ is going on here JIM? What are yall selling? What do yall want? You got people in this country mad at Trump because he stopped NATO, CHINA, MEXICO, & CANADA from robbing us blind on stupid trade deals signed by other Presidents who cared ZERO, about forking over taxpayer money to foreigners! I'm not going into the spiritual significance of all this because I'd probably lose many people, but this is all lining up this way for a reason, and I have to watch other people trying to tear this country down from it's roots and even it's history! Free speech going! Right to bear arms, going! Right to a presumed innocence, going! Due Process going, .. I mean what is going on here? I mean we have intelligent and smart people in this country who will swear CROOKED did nothing wrong by destroying thirty thousand subpoenaed emails and setting up a crackerJack Data Server with classified secrets on it in her bathroom! What's going on! Have we been attacked by aliens, and given some kind of injection by outer space creatures or what?

Carlos Ponce

Jim, now you've switched from Trump having trouble in the EC to having trouble in individual vote totals by individual states in 2016. Jim is the one having trouble, not Trump! Not to worry. in 2020 his victories in each state will be higher! 2016 was a hard fought campaign he won DESPITE a constant barrage from the Leftist media, Leftist Hollywood in addition to the political Left. And this hasn't stopped. The Left continues to LIE.

LIE- Trump called the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville "good". Only a stupid person would believe this lie.

LIE- Trump urged the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden to undermine the 2020 election. The transcript is there for anyone to see. Only an IDIOT would believe that's anywhere in there.

LIE - The Articles of Impeachment says Trump falsely claims the Ukrainian government took efforts to support Hillary in the 2016 elections. Leftist parrot the phrase "debunked" but the Ukrainian government admits they did precisely that.

LIE - The claim Team Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 campaign. The Mueller Report says NO but Leftist still believe this LIE.

Add to that hundreds of Leftist LIES that are clearly shown to be LIES with just a little research.

Jim Forsythe

No I did not switch, as EC votes are won by winning each states total vote count( a few exceptions). The points you listed are talking points that Trump supporters care about. The people that will vote for Trump regardless is set and the voters that will vote Democratic only are also set. The vote will come down to Independents, and who they want to lead us. Are they happy with Trump or do they want someone else is what it will come down to. Will Trump be able to hang on to the farm vote or will more forecloses on farms, cause farmers to vote against him in record numbers? Will the migration from California to state like Arizona change the elections in those states? Will the influx of people from New York to Florida change the race in Florida? These question and more will be answered by who is elected .

With eligible voters participating up, changes are going to happen. The 2020 election likely to be defined by a historic surge of new voters. In last year’s midterm, nearly 120 million people voted, about 35 million more than in the previous midterm, in 2014, with 51 percent of eligible voters participating The 2018 level represented the largest share of eligible voters to turn out in a midterm year since 1914. 14 million new voters who had not participated in 2016 turned out two years later, and they preferred Democrats by a roughly 20-percentage-point margin.

Yet one of the key questions for 2020 is whether Democrats will benefit as much from the likely expansion of the electorate. With Trump on the ballot directly, Republicans hope that 2020 will produce a surge not only in the younger and nonwhite voters who increased their participation in 2018, but also the non-college-educated whites at the foundation of the president’s support, who lagged last year.

The nature of the population eligible to vote is evolving in a way that should indeed help Democrats. The number of eligible voters increases about 20 million from one presidential election to the next. That increase predominantly flows from two sources: young people who turn 18 and immigrants who become citizens.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, Jim, you DID switch. So sad to see your posts. Instead of boosting the assets of your own candidate you have chosen to belittle and demean Trump with unsubstantiated claims. Understood if you cannot point to anyone on your slate that worth backing.

Jim Forsythe

What unsubstantiated claims. did I make? I may be mistaken but this is titled:

"Trump Republicans don't care about the Constitution" . My commits were about Trump because that's what this column is about. If you wish to talk about the Democrats candidates , go ahead. As the Democrats' still have a large group still, I think it's a little early.

Carlos Ponce

Unsubstantiated claims - Let's just stick to those made in this forum. To list them all from previous forms would take a long time.

"The Constitution lays out impeachment is done but not how, and gives the House the duty to proceed as they see fit at the time when the impeachment is happening." Once precedent is set one does not veer hard Left and "proceed as they see fit". Not allowing for an initial House vote to begin proceedings is a clear violation of House Rules.

"James Rogan, Republican ... says that Senate trial was a 'sham' . In the same interview he also says, "It wasn’t a trial".

You also refer to Rick Weber, a rock climber who built a small scale replica and then note who else climbed it. Really? If you climbed the sanitary landfill off FM1764 can you claim you can climb Mt. Everest? Silly to even post the reference to Rick Weber. Special Ops Armed Forces could not climb the REAL one.

And I really loved this post from Jim, "Apr 13, 2016 · A Mexican news crew happened to be filming on the Arizona side of the border when two young Mexican men scaled the wall." 2016????? Trump isn't even president. The wall in question (watch the video) isn't the same type nor height presently being built. But Jim still posted it. SHEESH!

You post, "He had a hard time last time winning the Electoral College" Then use numbers from Florida to show the margin was "small". 113,000 was SMALL???

Jim Forsythe

"Once precedent is set one does not veer hard Left and "proceed as they see fit". Not allowing for an initial House vote to begin proceedings is a clear violation of House Rules." Since it is not in the Constitution, it is not a violation. As I said earlier, Republicans would not agree with the House setting the rules and Democrat's would. The Senate can now set the rules they want to go by. You knew the outcome before the impeachment of Trump started, and now that the House has voted, it will not be changed. What ever rule you though should have been used, would have changed what. The result would still be,Trump is impeached.

As the wall isn't the main way of people getting inside the USA when they should not , we are attacking the wrong problem.

Around 700,000 people overstayed their temporary visas in fiscal year 2017, according to a recently released estimate from the Department of Homeland Security. Six hundred thousand of these individuals are suspected to have remained in the country, according to DHS, while the other 100,000 or so simply departed after their visas expired.

CBP spokesman Carlos Díaz said the agency’s tendering guidelines for wall prototypes specified a minimum height of 5.4 meters, or 18 feet.

However, the military and CBP testers demonstrated that they were able to climb up to 6.1 meters on the higher prototypes unassisted, the official said

If you have ever watched American Ninja Warrior, you know that the wall would be no challenge to go over.

If you ever witness a Parkour championship, you would have seen that they would also be able to scale a wall like this.

Apr 13, 2016 · A Mexican news crew happened to be filming on the Arizona side of the border when two young Mexican men scaled the wall. I gave the date so you would know that it was before Trump. Maybe I was giving you to much credit.

Just as I said "James Rogan, Republican ... says that Senate trial was a 'sham' which highlights that the first use of sham for a impeachment was not for Trump impeachment.

Florida vote.

Trump had 49.0% of the popular vote and Clinton had 47.8% . A 1.2% difference between Trump and Clinton is small when 9,122,861 vote were cast. As the difference in votes was 112,891, it is a small difference.

Carlos Ponce

Jim posts, "Since it is not in the Constitution, it is not a violation."It is in the House rules which they ignored - a clear violation.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, your reference to Mexicans climbing a fence in 2016:

2016 ! 2016! 2016! Using a video made before he was President to denounce Trump's Wall is ludicrous.

Jim Forsythe

"Since it is not in the Constitution, it is not a violation. As I said earlier, Republicans would not agree with the House setting the rules and Democrat's would. "

You just proved the point, that Republicans would not agree.

Jim Forsythe

It was listed under "Free climbing! Not using any ropes or anything else" Unless Trump free climbs, it was not about him. It was clearly labeled with the date and I was upfront that it was about free climbing.

I guess I will need to break each point into a new post, so you can keep up, without confusing you.

Listed right below " SR 1373 – Mexican Wall Climbing is Now a Competitive Sport" is Just got fun.-- SR 1373 – Mexican Wall Climbing is Now a Competitive Sport- which also is not about Trump! DO you need me to alert you when it is not about Trump?

Carlos Ponce

Ignoring precedent and Hose rules. Reason to cast then out.

Carlos Ponce

Sticking to your story using an old wall made before Trump's presidency is pathetic, Jim.

Jim Forsythe

This is about impeachment.

The House did not ignore House rules, as they are allowed to set the rules for each time that they take up Impeachment. Can you show where in the Constitution that it spells out the rules for impeachment. You can not because they left it up to each House that is dealing with impeachment. The next impeachment the House deals with, will have different rules.

You do not like the fact that Democrats are the majority, and as such they set the rules. The Senate now can set the rules, for Trumps impeachment process as they are the majority.

Jim Forsythe

This is about the "Free climbing! Not using any ropes or anything else" and not Trump, as he does not free climb.

What is pathetic is your thinking what is the most important of all the issues that has been posted, is the time (Apr 13, 2016) when a clip about climbing a wall was filmed, when what it to shows. walls can be climbed. This was not about Trump , but you do not care as you see it as a important issue. If you can not comprehend that I Clearly posted when it was posted and you still think that it was about Trump makes it your problem. Again, Trump does not free climb.

Carlos Ponce

"The House did not ignore House rules..." So the Democrat snake oil salesmen got to Jim. I am not surprised.

Carlos Ponce

"walls can be climbed." Now TRY climbing a border wall/fence/ barrier made during the Trump era. "walls can be climbed" - Those old walls need to be replaced.

Gary Miller

Jim> The increase of Trump support by Hispanic voters looks to put New Mexico and Colorado in Trump's win list. Minnisota looks like another Trump win this time due to increased black and independent support. Just three states where DEM power is slipping.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, Trump has a lot of ground to make up from his showing in New Mexico and Colorado in 2016. Nothing suggest a shift in those 2 states that would lead to a win for Trump in either . But you never know.

New Mexico has not voted for a Republican in the presidential election since 2004. Trump captured just 40% of the state vote in 2016. Hillary Clinton with 48% support . Total number of EC votes ,5 EC votes.

Colorado 2016: Clinton 48.16 percent of the vote . Trump 43.25 percent of the vote, Total number of EC votes, 9 EC votes.

The last Republican to win Minnesota was Richard Nixon in 1972. It's generally considered a blue state, but in 2016, Donald Trump barely lost Minnesota by roughly 44,000 votes. Was it the Clinton effect, or is Minnesota going red. We will see in 2020. Minnesota has 10 EC votes.

Will Texas not vote the 38 EC votes we have for Trump. At this time it is looking like a very close race in Texas. It will become clearer when the Democrat's have a candidate. Texas has 38 EC votes.

Charles Douglas

If the Alien thing is true, is obvious that some of us did not take the injection or the vaccinations!

Charles Douglas

[offtopic] AAhhh is LSU a Republican School? [offtopic]

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