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Mike Zeller

Cmon Becky Fuller Capestani, you can't be that thin-skinned if your a Trump lover. Your President ridicules, mocks, taunts, derides and insults 24/7.

Carlos Ponce

The President is a "counter-puncher". Say something nasty about him and he'll retaliate in a like manner - a trait common among among most. That reminds me of you, Mike - not that there's anything wrong with it.[innocent]

Bailey Jones

I've never considered him to be pink. He's more orange - from the spray on tan - except around the eyes. He's like a photo negative of a raccoon.

Carlos Ponce

So he must not spend too much time golfing if he has a "spray on tan" as Bailey alleges.[whistling] As to his eyes, one wears sunglasses with UV-A and UV- B protection which leaves the eye area untanned.[cool] Do a web search of Trump wearing sunglasses. You will find quite a few.

Far be it for Bailey to poke fun at someone because of the color of their skin. Bailey recalls the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Bailey might be a harsh critic when it comes to a a man's character but skin color? Say it isn't so!

Bailey Jones

I would never make fun of the color of someone's natural complexion. I will forever make fun of people whose "character" requires them to choose artificial means to change their skin color. (A natural tan typically fades in the winter time - not so with Perma-Tan Cheeto Man.) And yes, I have also resorted to artificial tanning, in my younger days. The vanity of youth fades with the wisdom of old age, or at least it should.

Carlos Ponce

"(A natural tan typically fades in the winter time...." If one lives in a Northern climate and avoids the sun, yes. However I know many in Galveston County who do not "fade" in the winter because they are out in the sun working even in the winter.

Gary Miller

It's easy to identify a liberal/progressive. They call anyone disagreeing with them a racist or worse. I know many conservatives. If anything they are not racists. I, judging by my experience, don't think a real conservative can be a racist but are called racists because we don't agree with progressives. Do conservatives hate? Yes, we hate being called racists. Black and Hispanic conservatives are called racists by progressives.

Emile Pope

Apparently the author has no earthly idea what the definition of racism is...

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Agreed. Smh....

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