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Gary Scoggin

As the understanding of the science behind Covid has evolved, so has Dr. Fauci’s. That’s a good thing. We should all be in a learning mode and react accordingly.

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Charles Douglas

Mr.Ponce> You said that " A*WORD" which sets me off! I'm trying to hold it down today! [thumbup][thumbup]

Bailey Jones

I'd pay good money for a letter from someone who understands how science works. I suppose we should all be drinking mercury and getting bled by leeches.

Norman Pappous

@Gary @Bailey - the 'science' behind PPE was the same a decade ago as it is today. Face it - Fauci misinformed the public. His reasons are immaterial to that fact.

Gary Scoggin

The understanding of the science behind the PPE is the same. The understanding of the science behind the virus is not the same. It has evolved and continues to do so.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Pappous> You are so kind! That is not a bad thing ..to be sure. However, that one you described is just a plain old liar, who loves to deceive and get rich! He tells more lies than the criminals I use to observe going to jail!

Bailey Jones

Dr. Fauci can defend himself, and he has. (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/fauci-says-he-doesnt-regret-telling-americans-not-to-wear-masks-at-the-beginning-of-the-pandemic/ar-BB16P84e) The issue was never the efficacy of wearing masks, but the shortage of PPE available to front line healthcare workers. Considering what happened with toilet paper, it was a wise decision at the time.

I do find it a bit disingenuous to be condemning Fauci for "misinforming" the public while giving Trump and the seemingly endless army of Qidiots a pass for their real, and actual, misinformation.

Carlos Ponce

The "misinformation" you claim Trump gave came from Dr Anthony Fauci Mengele.

Gary Scoggin

(Note how Carlos has twice used a silly Nazi reference to try to change the subject and nobody is taking the bait.)

Carlos Ponce

The comparisons between Dr. Josef Mengele and Dr. Anthony Fauci need to be noted.

Bailey Jones

wow - I did NAZI that coming.

Gary Scoggin

I'll be here all week! And remember to tip your waitresses.

Carlos Ponce

And what about the waiters, Gary Scoggin?

Gary Scoggin

Tip them too of course.

Ted Gillis

The Special Coronavirus Advisor to Donald Trump was Dr. Scott Atlas Carlos, not Dr. Fauci. I looked it up.

You want a link?

Carlos Ponce

And that came HOW LATE in the administration?????

Oh, let me look it up for you: August 10, 2020.

And he resigned on November 30, 2020

That's less than 4 months, Ted.

Dr Fauci was a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force beginning in January 2020.

On January 21, 2020 Fauci said, " But this is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about."

George Laiacona

For those of you who do not know Carlos, he is still infatuated with The TV celebrity that was the last Republican President. You know , the Russian puppet. Well we all have seen on real TV what really took place back in January 2020 when The wannabe Dictator had the power to stop the Chinese Virus from entering America. He chose greed so we are all paying for the Republicans mistakes

Carlos Ponce

I'm not infatuated with the Russian and Chinese puppet Joe Biden.

Russians knocked out an American pipeline. Joe finds no problem.

Russia starts construction of a pipeline to what are supposed to be our allies. Joe finds no problem

China has been shown to be the origin of the pandemic and has stymied efforts to investigate. Joe finds no problem.

President Trump stopped incoming flights from China to stop the virus and Joe called him xenophobic.

Charles Douglas

The way it looks to me all those millions of dollars Hunter and Joe China managed to extract as payoffs out of Moscow, and Billions they managed to extract out of Beijing are paying off for Putin and XI JINPING! This is what happens when you allow poor, RACISTS run your government! They will sell you out for a dollar! I feel sorry for the Ukraine and for Taiwan, because they are expecting Joe to help them when the trouble starts, but they are in for a rude surprise!

Charles Douglas

If Mr. Ponce was infatuated with Trump, he would have been infatuated with a man who:

1) Rebuilt America's military back to be second to none.

2) Who created one of the best economies ever in this nation.

3) Who got rid of one of the worst deals in American History, The Iran Giveaway.

4) He got rid of the job killing treaty NAFTA ..A betrayal of American Workers by Woke Liberals.

5) He created more jobs for minorities than any President in U.S. History.

6) He helped more Historical Black Universities than Any President in U.S. HISTORY!

7) He built a wall and controlled the Southern Border ..protecting America better and more effectively than anyone.

8) He earned respect by putting America First & by demanding that allies like NATO Countries to stop leaching off the American Taxpayers and pay their share. Until Trump came they expected Americans to pay their bills and die for them on the battle field! Germany is a prime example, of one who backstabs America and cahoots with Russia and China!

9) He came in cutting unneeded, and burdensome regulations which helped small businesses to thrive along with larger corporations too.

10) He got three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work and by influencing treaties between Israel and several other Middle East Countries! He also had Abu Baghddadi, Soleimani, and Osama Bin Laden's son, all who were tied to ISIS, or TERROISTS KILLED!

11) Mr. Trump was a real President who came in and worked from sun up to sundown and did not hide-out in a basement, and let refugees run his Presidency for him.

12) President Trump was feared by the world and those who did not fear him knew they had better respect him! Nobody respects a RACIST, who can't even read off a teleprompter, and he has to ask "NAN" ..Speaker Of The House what his next move will be! Trump was his own man!

13) Trump receive more African-American & Hispanic votes than any Republican President in American History, and that scares the [censored] out of the Radical LEFT!

14) Trump worked with Congress to help form legislation to release minorities who were locked up unjustly by laws formed and made by Beijing Joe and his KKK DIXIECRAT friends in the Senate xurimg the nineties! Laws use by Kamala Harris to send African-Americans to prison unjustly too, from her position as California Attornia General!

15) If Mr. Ponce is infatuated with a man like that, I don't think a reasonable person would hold that against another individual, but maybe a Radical trying to make political points might. I certainly would not! Look at what we have now! We have a President who gives money, comfort, and encouragement to our enemies and terroists! He takes credit for what others writes and do,...& he is ruled and controlled by a "Radical Junta!"

This his What the LEFT conived, plotted, conspired, lied, cahooted with the Fake Media and others in order to get control of this nation! " Are we having fun?" I AM! We haven't made six months yet, and my expectations for Beijing Joe have been everything I imagined! I hope we have a country worth saving after we get this clown out of DC!

Don Schlessinger

"wow - I did NAZI that coming."


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