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Gary Miller

Work on the Island, spend on the mainland? That's been the norm for as long as this 85 year old can remember. I remember some inlaws living and working on the Island but shopping on the mainland until they saved gas money by moving to the mainland. Smart BOI's?

Bailey Jones

It was loud, for sure. Up and down Rosenberg until late in the night. Both the somewhat unavoidable motor noise and the entirely avoidable music. I just kept repeating to myself, "$115 million, $115 million..."

Wayne Holt

Bailey, let's ask where that number came from, who compiled it and cui bono. $115 M in NET benefit sounds about as credible as "500,000" motorcycles. Did anyone here notice TEN TIMES our normal population that weekend, all of them on motorcycles? Pull my finger.

As was stated in another letter in the GDN, this should be a case of re-examining an old habit and asking if we want to continue it. There have been many activities in Galveston's history that were acceptable at one time that later became an impediment to the development of a better, more ethical quality of life in our community.If that were not the case, pirates would still lay anchor in the bay, slave auctions would be held on the Strand and Postoffice St would be lined with bordellos.

This in no way can be considered an "event" the way Dickens, Mardi Gras , Grand Operas festivals or any number of other activities that fill our calendar are. It is a free-for-all on wheels, audio systems set to Stun, with the apparent inability to see trash barrels a few feet away. And we're the hapless clowns who follow the circus and sweep the streets.

We gained $115M from this event? Really? I want to see how that number was arrived at. I will publicly admit I was wrong if shown so but that figure has the appearance of counting every penny earned, ignoring all the associated costs involved and hoping the rubes don't notice the sleight of hand.

Anyone reading this want to run the numbers for us so we can see for ourselves?

Paul Harrington

You're going to move over one weekend of noise?

Don Schlessinger


Mike Zeller

"Get off my lawn" - Clint Eastwood [scared]

Wayne Holt

How many motorcycles should we allow to drive across our lawn?

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