In response to the column by Bill Tinsley ("The argument for intelligent design in Psalms," The Daily News, Jan. 25): The information in human DNA would be equivalent to 12 sets of encyclopedias or 384 volumes, which would fill 48 feet of library shelves. But the size is only two millionths of a millimeter thick (1 inch equals 25.4 mm). A teaspoonful of DNA could contain all the information needed to build the proteins for all the species of organisms that have ever lived on the Earth and there would still be enough room left for all the information in every book ever written.

To believe that the genetic language code gradually evolved in Darwinian-style would break all the known rules of how matter, energy and the laws of nature work.

Carbon is made by merging three helium nuclei. Oxygen can be formed by the combination of a helium and a carbon. If resonance (energy) of carbon had been 4 percent lower there would be no carbon. If oxygen had been 1/2 percent higher all the carbon would have become oxygen. Accident or design?

We live in four dimensions, but according to Quantium physics there may be 10, 11 or 26 dimensions. This could show where heaven and hell are.

Robert Hart



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Richard Illyes

Maybe, or maybe we are living in the ultimate virtual game as Elon Musk and Dilbert creator Scott Adams believe. Several years ago an engineer named Robert Monroe started having involuntary out of body experiences. He founded the Monroe Institute to explore them. One of his students Tom Campbell travels the world explaining that we actually are and provides descriptions of it. Good piece here

Gary Miller

Without C02 earth is a cold, dead planet.

George Croix

Years ago there was a cartoon in the newspaper of two astronauts standing on the moon, with a giant golf club teed up in the background, and a big font 'FORE' in the caption.....
'Could be'......

George Croix

Heaven is where my favorite deer blind is located.
Hell is on Capitol Hill.


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