In response to the letter by Matt Fleming ("I'm voting for Jackie Peden," The Daily News, Dec. 24): Term limits can be debated where no special prior knowledge is needed. This is different with positions like the sheriff, judges, district attorney and more.

They can be opposed if considered ineffective or in violation, but term limits shouldn't be applied. We can discuss city council. I favor four-year terms. It's difficult to do a good job in two years.

In the coming election, I see no need to change. We have an excellent sheriff, great judges and clerks. For Cheryl Johnson, tax assessor/collector is the wrong title. It should state “multiple tasks office fighting for the taxpayer.” That's what Johnson does. And when you analyze how she does it, you come to the conclusion that a lot of knowledge is needed, gained in part from experience.

For Jackie Peden, I give her the tenacity of running marathons is remarkable. I ran a few. However, to “run” the tax office needs a different training. That’s what I suggest. Before applying for this position, get the real training needed — until Johnson retires.

We need to vote for Cheryl Johnson.

Willi Luthy



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Carlos Ponce

Cheryl Johnson is doing an excellent job and is worthy of re-election. Keep up the excellent work, Cheryl!

Gary Miller

I suggest a different title for Cheryl. "Taxpayer Defender". Better than any before her it's unlikely any after her will be as good. When we have the best we should vote to keep the best.

David Hardee

From one who had a direct confrontation with Cheryl Johnson over an issue, I can assure the voters that the office of Tax Collector is in the control of a person with the intent to do best for the public and knowledge of how to do it. She is not the typical scheming politician, typical self-serving bureaucrat or high minded pseudo-public servant. It would be beneficial to the public if Cheryl Johnson acquired even a more powerful position in the governance of “we the people.”

Vote wisely!

James Lippert

Good points Willi. Galveston County is VERY fortunate to have at least one honest, hard working, tenacious, honest politician being paid by we the people. And that person is the honorable Mrs. Cheryl Johnson. If a more local politicians took a few tips out of Chery's playbook it would remove a big workload over at the Galveston County's District Attorneys Public Integrity Division.

Charles Douglas

Wow,...Ms. Johnson comes highly recommended! I think I'll vote for her too, and lobby my family to do the same.

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