Council should approve Artist Boat’s PUD request

In response to the letter by Alan Baezner (“Please deny zoning change in neighborhood,” The Daily News, Oct. 25): It’s hardly a “zoning” change. The property is located at 2627 Avenue O, but actually fronts on 27th Street.

In well over a hundred years, there’s never been a residential property on it. The current one story brick building, built in 1976 as a church, still looks from the outside about the same. The building was converted for educational use in 2002 under a Special Use Permit.

It would’ve needed a demolition and a rebuild to put a home there.

Current owner purchased the “school” under reasonable expectations that Artist Boat could lease and use it. They complied with all requests to improve its looks and privacy.

The Planned Unit Development would permit Artist Boat to continue to operate there. One cannot fairly depict this nonprofit as a commercial operation (it never rents kayaks), but it does need them to be ready to roll, with equipment, once out and in, and safe from theft.

Artist Boat’s operations aren’t noisy, its hours are normal, and the exterior is kept tidy.

Setting aside all the verbal history, surely a way can be found to let them continue to use 2627 Avenue O and do its good works.

Please ask all council members to vote “for” the PUD.

Mort Voller


Proposed coastal spine would be a disaster

In response to the story (“Ike Dike plan released, corps now turns to details,” The Daily News, Oct. 31): If they were to actually move forward and build a coastal spine as currently being proposed down state Highway 87 on the Bolivar Peninsula and down FM 3005 in west Galveston, then you will immediately be making sacrificial lambs out of the thousands of folks who have homes or businesses trapped on the Gulf side of this massive levee system.

You might as well burn those structures to the ground if this ill-conceived coastal spine is built because those thousands of seaward structures will be history in the first storm surge to come along and pile water up against that levee, whether it be a big surge or just a small surge.

The Severe Storm Prediction Education and Evacuation from Disaster Center’s mid-bay “Galveston Bay Park” plan can be enhanced to protect the refineries and the communities along the west side of Galveston Bay, much like the levees along the Texas City dike protected that area from the storm surge in Hurricane Ike.

It’s a brilliant plan that’s much less expensive and more environmentally friendly — and clearly better than the proposed coastal spine.

Matt Pace


Thanks for supporting our veterans

Galveston Island, with its spirit of helping, has an active veteran community. Two jewels on the island are the Gulf Coast Center, with Heather Melton as its veteran volunteer coordinator for veterans services, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 880 with Cmdr. Michael Caballero at the helm.

Honoring them this veteran’s month is so appropriate. They do so much, so quietly, for our veterans. Heather works diligently seeing that veterans are connected to the many services offered by the Gulf Coast Center. Michael has brought the post into a community gathering place with Tuesday night hamburgers, Friday night steaks, and Tejano Saturday Nights during the month. These activities are open to the public.

If you’e a veteran, get to know the both of them. They’re privy to so many services of which we’re unaware. They can help maneuver bureaucracy, share information, and access benefits for you.

Lots of activities available for us to honor veterans this month, attend and participate whenever you can.

Marilyn Harris


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